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  • Wit

    Please add middle east server, we struggle a lot and sometimes its not even possible join the discord because either my voice is lagging or my friends voice lags. Would be great if you guys add middle east server!


    Much love for Discord!

  • F4

    Unfortunately, discord is blocked in UAE.

  • 3xA_14

    In Kuwait and KSA discord is available 

  • C̷j̷4̷e̷V̷e̷R̷


  • █▬█ █ ▀█▀

     actually discord aint banned in uae

    its been lifted



  • GeT_WronG

    I will speak for the israeli people here most of us have between 75 ping in the best our to 90 most of the time.
    It's time for us to get middle eastern servers so all of us in the middle east can talk on 20 ping instead of 90

  • Voigon

    It will be very appreciated. Currently our default servers are in Russia, which will mostly not even let us connect, and even when it is the connection is very bad and so is call quality.

  • Lotter

    I agree, That would be helpful to us.

  • It izzzz what it izzz

    Cant u guys get vc unblock in UAE?

    i mean You can talk to Isps here and try to get vc unblocked, We the gamers stuggle a lot because we cant  vc with other people

  • DayColor

    The problem is, that for all the middle eastern countries to use the Discord middle east servers, Discord would have to install servers in one of the Arabic countries and one in Israel since Israel and the other Arabic middle eastern countries do not have a direct cable connection between them, so the connection would have to go through Albania (the closest european country to Israel with a direct cable connection) and then to the Arabic country users which will make the process two times longer than using the European servers.

  • Abod

    First of all, I’d like to say that new server department has been opened in KSA and UAE, Most companies that are opening servers now are amazon & some other company that Idk the name of it. keep in mind that discord isn’t blocked in the UAE and the amazon servers in KSA are linked to the European ones. So it’s actually possible for discord to make some deals with amazon and open new servers in KSA.

  • Abod

    Bump this topic.

    News: UAE VOIP calls are blocked, so even with the middle eastern servers, you won't be able to Voice-Chat or Video-Chat or even make a broadcast your PC screen from the UAE unless you use a VPN or a Proxy, you can though use a KSA VPN so your connection speeds won't be affected with the connection because Amazon has finally opened its servers in KSA and now a lot of publishers are opening VPN servers in KSA, So now you can get your VOIP apps unblocked and use it from UAE.

  • DarkSlayerX

    today i use discord calls i notes he add Dubai server 




    Thanks. Discord For Support <3


    i know he under test some time i got 60 ping or 150 

  • neeth3425

    I live in the middle eat dubai and i cannot hear my music bot properly



  • Khushi_Raven_Robin

    What server should I choose if I cant hear rhythm properly i live in UAE Dubai

  • Fazuu

    what region should we choode if we live in uae ajman pls discord i beg i want to play with my friend i beg u discord


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