nitro the badget changes colors every year


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  • Doggo

    i think something better would be your nitro can change color depending on what you want it to be or house maybe?

  • HG

    Here is how it should be in my opinion: gray, dark purple, bronze, silver, gold (with shine animations to all of them, except the gray one). It should also be in 6 month increments instead of 1 year increments. Users should be able to select whatever ones are available to them (so if a user has silver, they shold be able to select any badge color that is lower or equal to silver).

  • ShuriZma

    if they do that they should also add a counter that shows how many month of nitro you already had. one that doesnt reset just because there were problems with your payment and you didnt have nitro for a day. just like twitch subs.

  • John_Locke

    This writing service was inspected by OEWSR. Now I know that I can trust it and delegate my assignments every time when I feel that it is too difficult for me to drop a few lines.

  • maria lopez

    I like the idea of changing the color of the Nitro badge based on the number of years of loyalty. It gives users a tangible way to showcase their support. Have you considered creating a custom APK for the Nitro badge, so users can easily access and display their current badge color? This could increase engagement and boost brand loyalty.


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