Avatars by server



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  • Godvader

    This should have been implemented together with server specific nicknames! 

  • Capella

    Still wanting this.

  • Sassy

    Definitely need this for professional reasons

  • DJ-Z

    Discord devs - please add this functionality!

  • TimeAndSpace

    I specifically want to be able to change avatar by server, but also want to be able to change the avatar of the bots I add.


  • SketchBook

    Please do implement this. My Rabid Icon is a joke icon for a server but I don't wanna make other people uncomfortable by accident 

  • fwocvr

    God, make it a Nitro perk if you have to.


  • AelarTheElfRogue

    This should NOT be a Nitro feature. If I can get this feature with Slack for free, Discord should be able to handle it. 

  • Inferno the Dragon

    I need this

  • The Vaporeon Kid

    I really want this to be a thing! I have the same problem too and it would be awesome to do this. I would understand if they make it a Discord Nitro thing only but as long as it's a possibility to do then I'm all in!

  • Morríghan

    For someone that is on several role-play and gaming servers with love for different characters, this would be AWESOME!

  • Nomaki

    As some Discord servers are popping up for more professional groups, I really don't want to use my real face in a random game server, but don't want to use my stupid avatar when networking with industry folks.


    Server-based avatars please!

  • Captian-Cardshark

    Still waiting for this :'O Been waiting since the begining of this suggestion popping up over and over .... :<

  • Kaiser303

    In the same boat, please address!!

  • neutrondonor

    Maybe the option could be tied to your account, where you add alternate avatar images and then select which to show on each server?  Even having more-than-one would be great, and it would avoid the load of allowing a different one for every user on every server.  They would have to resolve which one to show to a user in DMs though, maybe base it on what servers are in common or allow a 'default' avatar when directly messaged?

  • Missy Hissy

    Any updates on this feature?


  • Senyuno

    This is a no-brainer. There MUST be some technical problem halting it for now. I hope it gets resolved because almost everything about your profile is customizable by server. The server distinction in general is so great... you literally have to pay to be allowed to utilize emotes from other servers... Seems like nonsense that you can't have different avatars. And the use cases are endless, as this thread shows!

  • Argus9

    +1! This would be great!

  • NovaBlood

    i'd like too !!!

  • Corn

    yes please and thank

  • ziplock9000

    It won't be a technical issue, it will be a storage issue.

  • gtflip

    "It won't be a technical issue, it will be a storage issue."

    I've seen this point raised before, and I think the extra storage required would be vastly overwhelmed by all the pictures and videos people post.  When I download your avatar, e.g., it's 2081 bytes.  I believe the limit is 8MB per photo or video upload for non-Nitro users, so you'd have to have thousands of different avatars to get close to the limit for a single upload.

  • superCamborg

    This would save me from harassment

  • Cheeky

    Shouldn't be a nitro feature but I could see something like having a set of 5 for free and more if using nitro with a default wumpus for moderation side changes if they really want a monetized angle to this.

  • actuallyasweetpotato

    This would be soooo useful

  • afurmanczyk

    I NEED THIS. I use discord for work and for gaming, my clan has a custom logo theme, but I can't use it because I also use discord for work and I can't show my clients that clan logo.

  • Flotianchroma

    This would be SUPER nice to have! Attuning my avatar to the server I'm for thematic or role-pay reasons would be a huge QOL thing. I know that on my own server I've heard the lamenting that this can't be done more than enough to know I'm far from the only one. This whole thread gives that even more power.

  • Lilith Darkbloom

    Still waiting on this to happen. Please for the love that is holy Discord, do this.

  • Addonexus

    Yes, please!


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