Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • Freehugs

    How many votes does an idea need before it becomes reality!?!?!

  • Void

    This request is years old and has tons of votes and comments,.. not to mention many other threads labeled as duplicates pointing here. Why has this not been done? This is basic functionality. We need the ability to handle multiple personal and professional accounts. People need to be able to have discreet identities based on what they need to separate. This is literally in the top 10 improvement requests by votes and one of the most commented requests too.

  • Casey Ashworth

    I like this. I have a few accounts for different email addresses, and logging on and off to talk do different people about certain things is a pain. The problem would be the abuse. Bans/kicks wouldn't be nearly as effective. In fact, anyone who utilizes this feature would be able to get around a ban in seconds or minutes.

  • mtkuhl

    I have an account for servers with people who know me IRL and an account where I try to minimize knowledge of my IRL identity. On my desktop, I can kind of manage by using the stable version and the beta version, but I can't do the same on my iPhone. And even on my desktop, I'd prefer being able to switch between accounts on the same application.

  • Audhumbla

    @DanKGooGLy That doesn't change the fact that people need to have different profiles/accounts for different things. Mainly (as you can read in the bunch of comments) personal vs work profile differences. 
    The only way to achieve this right now is by multiple accounts.

    Secondly, as others have raised it's not just about one person having multiple accounts. It's also about one family computer having different family members having to sign in and out constantly. And what people want is an ease of life. 

    Your comment (ie their comment) doesn't change the problem nor provide a solution. And, given the amount of other platforms right now that have the ability to do this same thing it's not an unreasonable thing to ask.

    Even if you had it where one account had multiple "profiles", you still have the issue of multiple accounts in a family. If you have the ability to easily switch between accounts then having multiple accounts shouldn't matter 

  • 🔰ⅅeᏇayne🔰

    This would be very helpful for those trying to test a server. So they can switch to an alt and check for bug.

  • Chikkuri

    This feature is useful for switching between my personal Discord account and my business account.

  • bananacreamphi

    I desperately need this feature.

  • andre_ss6

    I use Discord both on work and personal. Web doesn't have all features of desktop (especially sharing screen) and having to login in and out of an account every day is very frustrating. Using PTB also isn't great as, well, it's PTB, it may have bugs (also they both have the same icon).

  • Gentlefox

    Multiple accounts would be great. I can imagine most people with a username tied to their real name don't want publicly disclose every chat they're in.

  • Richard W

    Three words, "Work Life Balance".  Some of us are _required_ to have a "professional" discord account separate and distinct from our personal discord channel.  And then there are some of us that work for more than one employer that each requires a separate and distinct discord account.  That this is not already an option is myopic and speaks volumes.

  • Assimilater

    @Audhumbla I sincerely hope the discord team gets their heads out of their asses and read what you wrote...

  • AndyClausen

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but another use case is having work/personal account. We're considering discord instead of slack at work, but it's a hassle to log in and out of accounts on all devices.
    Mostly just for mobile though.

  • L'Ogre

    I thinck this is really useful for when you have two or more account and you don't want to mix professional and personal Discord's account.

    So I made a concept of this feature, It presents like that (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125703728890026/design_1.PNG) , 

    so you have access at discord when you go to "login", you can also add an account on the "+" (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125714416107640/design_3.PNG)

    After for each account record on this computer you have somme option when you click on the three point (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125708728500264/design_2.PNG),

    you have three options, "default user" when this option is check and if the next option isn't check you have access at your discord account when you start Discord, you have the next option "Request password" when this option is check you need to type just the password at each connection (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125717712699402/design_4.PNG),

    i think this option is helpfull for more security, and the last one "Delete account of this computer" this just delete Discord's account information of connection on this computer.

  • Audhumbla

    Im here for my annual bump of this request. Also to second @void - the fact that I can actually call commenting again as an annual thing is sad.
    I still need it, I still want it, it's annoying there is no sign of life outside this post thread. The amount of upvotes and activity this has obtained, should be enough to at least validate an acknowledgement response saying they're looking into it. i don't care if it is difficult, just say it's difficult, give us some feedback! It seems like its getting ignored at this point >.>

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    I think we cannot login to multiple account on web. On mobile sure we can login to multiple accounts like: Twitter and Instagram.

  • ECC9

    http://prntscr.com/m90puc why it's not added yet??

  • 󠀀󠀀

    @Grimpeeper Ikr


  • NaiculS
    I would love this, I personally have two discord accounts, one for personal and one for everything else, this would make using both SO MUCH EASIER, as of right now it takes forever to switch.
  • warlok

    This is a very needed feature. I coach an esports team at school and would very much like to have a work account and a personal one so that students can't see my details.

  • Ki

    Yes please!

    I have a work account and a personal account (this being my personal) and it would be very nice to be able to switch between them with ease or being logged in with both at the same time and just being able to switch sessions so linking them would be great.

  • mcgroarty

    This is an important privacy feature, which even Telegram, Twitter, Google, and Slack have as a first class feature on mobile. What we share is contextual. I don’t want to share my game identity with coworkers. I don’t want to share my work identity (we use Discord with our customers) with gamers. Being able to log into both accounts in my iPhone and switch between them would make life so much easier.

    I wouldn’t mind one bit if secondary accounts had to be premium for us to remain logged into two or more accounts at once. It would be worth it for the privacy and convenience, if this helps the Discord product team sell the idea internally. It could sell a lot of upgrades. 

  • jgeekw

    My wife and I each have Discord accounts. It's annoying to have to log her out and then have to log back into my account. Please add an account switch feature. Google Chrome and YouTube have similar features.


    Hurry up with it already. This feature should be standard by now. 

  • ToraxMalu


    this feature would be very useful with chat-RPGs.

    Yes, there is still a community out there playing chat-RPGs via IRC. The main-disadvantage with this very old protocol is the handling of lost connections. The server keeps the broken connection often alive for 2 or 3 minutes. (Depends on how the admin sets the value.) So long you can’t reuse your nick, only if you “ghost” the nick.

    The main-advantage of IRC is the option to login with several nicks to play multiple rolls.

    I know, it is a very special usage of IRC and you can mimic it with multiple browser-tabs and different log-ins, but it would be great to have this option.



  • Donkey Kong

    I need notifications from a work and a personal account at the same time. I do not want to mix the two. Please support multiple accounts like all the other major social tools!

  • AgentDan10

    This would be super useful for managing a personal account and an artist profile so I can prioritize stuff better!

  • Naomi Lyle

    Yeah, I have a University account but I want to have a public one with a different aliase for my minecraft group. It would be super handy.

  • Vera Accalia

    This would especially be useful during the covid pandemic. With workplaces moving online, this would be EXTREMELY useful for people who have work accounts and personal accounts, being able to switch between the two would be helpful. 

  • bleakraven

    I need this! I want to be able to quickly switch between my work account and my personal account on mobile (and desktop) without losing my frequently used emojis, or having to log out and back in.


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