Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • KIng72

    Well you can improve this that is my feedback

  • IceNinja™

    Yes please add this option as every time my son logs into his account, I have to reset my keybindings etc. It drives me up the wall. So I think each user setting should be saved to his profile and applied on log in. This will be a great addition if implemented.

  • whimsyy

    Agreed, I think that would be a really nice feature to add instead of having to use two devices or the discord app and discord web at the same time, etc. I could see where it could be really frustrating to log out & miss important messages or server updates from being on a wrong account.

  • 예나

    Great idea, because if someone reports someone being abusive in vc discreetly to an admin, if a hoisted role admin then joins, they obviously inevitably stop. 

    Being able to quick switch to a "normal" account as part of moderation, would be essential.

  • DrZombie

    Same here, 'cept that it is me and my son sharing a device, and having to change settings a couple of times per day is pretty annoying as wel. Just a dropdown menu for different users, and settings that are set by user and not by device would be a great improvement for a whole lot of people.

  • Limekilnlake

    Thus would be amazing! I use myltiple accounts for characters on dnd servers. And a feature like this would REALLY help with that

  • Plysm

    This would be a great feature because I have another account for servers I don't want to actively show up on my regular account.

  • [Soliitude] Docilia

    Note that multi account management is already embedded into Google and Facebook and allow to easy switch from an account to an other one. And Google allow multi account at the same time.

    I agree, a same thing would be nice feature into Discord for some reasons including privacy.

  • UN1CR0N

    I can absolutely speak to how useful this would be, for a lot of different reasons. There are plenty of people who might have professional discord they'd like to join, and not have silly usernames and profile pictures weighing them down. Some might want to keep some servers they join very private. Some might be developing a bot. Please add this functionality!

  • Crystal Firegem

    I'm part of an open roleplay server for D&D, and due to some limitations, were only allowed 1 character per account, however alts are allowed. having said that, I have 4 different characters I play, being able to switch between them quickly like I can switch between servers would work perfectly. I currently have to have one on the main app, one on microsoft edge, one on google chrome, and one on my phone. I'd much rather just have one window open where i can switch between them.

  • Reception123

    This would be really useful. I use one account for professional reasons and one for private. It would really be useful to be able to switch between accounts without having to always log in and log out. Many other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) have this option for this exact reason and I think it would definitely be useful to many users.

  • Enitoni

    Unless you store the tokens in the client (don't) this would require a significant backend change, so I don't think you're being fair on it being "easy and quick".

  • Suspense
    it'll be very usefull 👍
  • Stephen R. Smith

    I have a Discord login for personal use, and a different Discord login for work use, and I'd like to be able to use the app for both without mixing both accounts into a single one.

    I need to be logged into multiple different servers with different account IDs, it would be great if the Discord app allowed this. Right now I use the app for one and have to keep logging into the other via a browser, which is a PITA.

  • Audhumbla

    Just to add to the masses, I've wanted this feature for a while. I'm surprised it hasn't been implemented. I want to be able to have an easier procedure for accessing my work account and my personal. Right now having to log out of one into another means I don't get notifications for the one not signed in. Which is especially problematic for my phone where I've expected a message, and not seen anything because I was signed into the other. The best suited to me is as others have indicated toward (similar to an email client) being able to see when I have messages to check between multiple accounts and easily switch to that account.

    Yes, you can have it all on one account. But I want to separate my work servers /content from my personal servers /content. Having this feature would greatly improve the UI struggles I have with having to log out.

  • FatRedBird

    Just want to add my support for this,

    I don't want to add twitter etc to my profile if my co-workers are going to see it.

    I don't want to type in a user name and password everytime I switch between work and casual.

    I just want to be able to press a button that swaps me from one account to another on my desktop or mobile, just like I can on twitter (android)

  • apple

    No idea how difficult it is to make this, but I can guarantee there is a demand~

  • MeLlamanHokage
    Also it would be cool to be able to "pop" into an account for testing purposes. If I want to test user experience on my server, I can "pop" into my alt on mobile and stay signed in to my main one on the desktop client. This way I don't have to constantly switch back and forth just to test how a new channel looks/behaves
  • Matin

    I am a Discord server admin (no surprise), a gaming community server. So i joined many other gaming communities servers (not limited to this reason) to observe and learn more about my community members needs to bring new ideas.

    Then I passed the maximum server joins! So to make my dashboard cleaner and create more server space for my account, I needed the second account.

    I think others could face this issue like content creators that joins a lot of other creators servers for the same reason.

    About the abuses case, multiple account login could be limited to a number like 3, 4 or 5. I guess no one needs more.

    However Ad spam (As far as i know), mostly are done by human accounts which are controlled by robots (Self-Bot). I'm not sure if Discord stopped it or not.

  • SarahDark


  • Stelard

    @Perry I hope you're right, because I would not be satisfied with most of the suggestions here. It needs to be simultaneous login to multiple accounts, or better yet, multiple identities on one account.

  • Audhumbla

    @Stelard The thing with that though, is your saying the solution is to have multiple windows user for multiple discord acc/people (which is a work around, yes)... But, what about when I have a guest over? You want me to make a user on a PC that only I really use 90% of the time, just so while they are over they don't sign me out? it'd be quicker more logically to stick with the discord we have and just sign me out! 

    In the past signing out and in was the norm. But we don't/shouldn't have to deal with this now, they should be able to sign in alongside me and sign out again. Leaving my account still there. 
    Also, secondly, if they are a couple they most likely pass on information such as "hey honey XYZ person wants to know if you can raid tonight?" or "you have a discord notification want me to check it?" - meaning one windows acc + simultaneous discord accounts allows uninterrupted receiving of information. The bf could be playing a game, so they have to stop playing just to check discord? "But she could have the app on her phone" what if someone doesn't have a smart phone (a lot of people don't)? As much as the work around is a something that means you don't have to sign them out discord, it doesn't allow the uninterrupted receiving and it doesn't solve the ease of life problem we are talking about.

    ..And again, emails have been doing this for years. Social media platforms are now doing it this way. Even source control applications do it (I can have bitbucket, GitHub, etc accounts attach to my one sourcetree app for my repos). This should've been a thing already.

  • Audhumbla

    @stelard oh yeah, definitely want same thing.
    My personal use-case is being able to receive work notifications and personal on my mobile because I can only be signed into one atm.
    And 95% of the time im on my personal.
    There has been a lot of times I've received a discord work message and have had no idea until I think to check, I get into work where its my logged in acc or I get told my the person they sent it (super embarrasing). Plus there had been times I've waited for notifications thinking I was on one acc but turned out to be the other, which becomes frustrating after a while haha.

    And yes, I think this multi acc same time notifications and such is the common desire! :)

    Good to clear things up though! ... Now... we wait for your move discord *looks at discord*

  • Foxyboy

    It's a really annoying process to switch accounts quickly on mobile. Please can discord make it a button to switch accounts still receive notifications from the account while on the other please!

  • Guinea_Pig

    This feature will be useful for me because I'm admin on some servers and It's makes easier to know if the roles are working as it should (And also some of my partners use two accounts as well), considering there is a bug on PC that makes posible to use two acounts on the same app this should by posible... Please I need this please

  • FUT Mühendisi

    All of main messaging and social media apps provide this feature already for years and here discord in 2020 still not even planning to introduce it. Shame.

  • Bunnie

    Agree. This need to be implemented on both Desktop and Phone 

  • jaythefae

    As someone who has two accounts to keep things organized it would be great to have a way to quickly switch between the two without having to completely log out. I would love something similar to how Twitter works.

  • cloudboy

    this would be a smart idea.

    a button where it says "add account" you press that and it opens a login page (discord app windows)

    you log in with the correct information and go to settings and easily switch accounts from the other one to the new one.

    to prevent alts i suggest it to only have 10 accounts that u can use.

    yes or no?

  • Daetrin

    I'd love this.  Facebook has it too and it makes it super easy to move between multiple accounts. The scenario of having to toggle between work/home accounts is one use case, another is when you have an account you use for family/friends/social groups that shows your real username vs. your gaming servers where you want your "handle" shown instead.


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