Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • Assimilater

    @Stelard are you really arguing against the use case of something that EVERY major social media app considers a BASIC FEATURE?

  • Audhumbla

    Also, to append to my last comment.
    There are a couple extra cons I wanted to point out with one acc multiple profiles solution.

    1. Security: if my one singular account got breached with my work profile on it, it would compromise my companies content. Where as me having multiple accounts if one got compromised there is a high chance the other is fine.

    2. To implement from a programming perspective multiple profiles is adding features to ui and changes the structure of an account (in code and database).
    Where as simultaneous accounts doesnt change the structure/architecture of a singular account. It just changes the UI a bit (i would expect it to be a lot less ui work than multiple profiles but not 100% sure) to allow simultaneous switching of said accounts and code work is focusing on how users are signed in. No real back end adjustments needed.

  • DeathVirus

    @Audhumbla I don't really have much to add to the argument, but just a small mistake I noticed in yours-

    You mentioned that simultateous switcing of accounts would need more backend adjustments... but that's not completely true.

    For 'Fast Account Switching', you'd need to make changes to a database. It's just, rather than the server database (which contains information about every user), they'd have to change the client database. If they didn't, there wouldn't be any way for the discord client to know which accounts it can switch to. Without changing any databases, it would essentially be a 'Quick Logout' button instead :)

    Meanwhile for 'MultiAccounts', you'd need to make changes to the server database, otherwise Discord wouldn't know which accounts are linked to each other.

    If we forgo any security, this would be the basic concept:

    Multi Accounts:

    Server side would need:

    • Registering alternative username
    • Registering alternative password
    • Registering number of alternative accounts (They'd obviously have to limit it... can't have a single person having 100+ accounts).

    Switch Accounts:

    Client side would need:

    • Registering alternative username
    • Registering number of alternative accounts (The UI would need this in order to make the switching box.. might require a scroll bar for example).
    • Request user to type in password then send request to Discord server to verify the password is correct

    Both would require more or less equal amounts of backend work... If we implement security, such as Auth tokens etc, both sides would need work in regards to that too.

    As for the whole switch accounts/multi accounts thing, in my eyes, there is practically no difference... Switch accounts would still require a username, password, profile picture and userID. That's more or less a brand new account anyway. The only difference would be that the switch account wouldn't need a email, since that would link the accounts together.

    As for the personal/business issue, implementing something akin to YouTube's channels would be best. Same username, password and email, just multiple channels attached to it. That wouldn't work for families though, since nothing prevents you switching between those channels freely.

  • DeathVirus

    @MarsMehlo for your case, having Discord and DiscordPTB installed would solve the issue right?

  • Audhumbla

    @DeathVirus (simultaneous would need less*) in my experience and my intended use of the term backend is typically server side work. Maybe this is wrong however, if you change my comment from backed to "less server side changes" then my comment is still correct.

    To rephrase what I was intending:
    Having a client side that stores information about which accounts can sign in is less difficult than a server side change to all accounts plus everything else on top of that.
    Multiprofiles change the way a single account object is viewed so would require a significant rework of the server database and code to reflect the structure.
    Simultaneous users may need authtoken or some value (if it doesnt already exist), but this is still one thing added not a restructure.
    Client side you would store the information in a binary config file/ cache it you wouldnt use a "database" for it - itd be like how cookies on websites work.

    And in regards to UI, yes they both need those things. And it would depend on how they visually wanted to execute it.
    However, the main difference is the concept of multiple profiles. They would then have to have all the current "account" ui separated from what we are now calling "profile" since you now have account stuff and profile stuff. So thats extra interfaces. Also development of the new profile class. Functionally/conceptually there are a lot of similarities I agree - things like considering which is active, switching server lists, switching friends lists and such. But, in comparison with simultaneous all the current UI would pretty much stay the same. They would just need to add / tweak the inteface to have an "alternate accounts" panel. And adding an alternate account would/could still use the same sign in ui.
    If you had multi profile they would need to keep the create account, sign in to account ui and have to make a new "create profile" ui. These differences (unless I am overlooking a simpler solution) is my basis on why I said simultaneous accounts would be less work.
    Multiple profiles has the pro of one email, which is why I see a validity in both functions (but this is the most amount of work solution)

    And at the end of the day, both ideas give a solution to personal and work splitting. But not the solution to multi user switching.

    And saying "have discord and discordptb" is the microsoft approach of if there is a work around you're good. Work arounds are a lame excuse and dont make "discord" better, thats what we are asking for. One app, that does this. MarsMehlo and her bf dont need to download both chrome and mozilla to have ease of use with Facebook, google acc, etc. So why is it a valid point here?

  • Assimilater

    @Stelard multiple user accounts is a thing for company computers or public computers...not for home computers. In most family situations it's simply not worth the extra time or resources to setup multiple users and log into all of them every time you reboot.

    Besides it doesn't address mobile users at all 

  • Stelard

    @Assimilater I disagree, my family had our own windows accounts on shared computers for as long as Windows has supported it. It's a good idea for security and privacy, and MS is still pushing it. It could stand to be made a little more user friendly, perhaps.

    I will concede mobile support for multiple users is not really there yet, but that's because the presumption is that a mobile device will not be shared.

    @Audhumbla I think we might actually be arguing for the same thing, after reading what you said. Allow me to take a step back and clarify.

    What I want is a way to be simultaneously logged in to multiple accounts, so that you can see all the servers and friends of all logged in accounts, and messages coming in on any of those accounts show up. Ideally it would let you change the colour scheme of the app to match whichever account you're about to send a message with, to prevent any accidents. And if they made it easy to log some of those accounts in and out to suit the 'hey mum I just need to send a message to Jon real quick' use-case, so much the better. This would suit me, and I think most of the people in this thread.

    What I do not want is for Discord to give us a way to log out and then log in to a different account slightly faster, and then call it a day. We already have ways to do this, albeit not an ideal way; Windows accounts, launching Discord as a different user login, password managers, etc etc. If you're okay with cutting off account A to check on account B, then you can do that. If you want to keep 2 or more accounts open at once, that's difficult to do on Windows and impossible on mobile (unless you use Android islands, which only lets you do 2 accounts at once and involves installing Discord again, and your keyboard app, and other stuff).

  • DeathVirus

    @Audhumbla Obviously, this isn't a solution, but if your workplace contacts you via discord often, you may want to look into a app cloner for whatever OS your phone is running. Should Discord ever sort out a proper means themselves, you can always change to it then!

  • Mark

    I have a personal account and a company account. I'd like to log into both simultaneously, with one set to active at a time. Please consider a UX update to the native desktop app that would allow me to sign in to multiple accounts (saving the passwords too) and allowing me to switch within 2 clicks to one of those accounts at any time.


  • ThiagoLA92

    My solution was using the app


    I still want discord to support multiple accounts but i will use this app for divide work and personal

  • Gideon

    Activation of PTT notify depresses me :D

  • SaberPatriarch

    It would be great , because i always need to enter in settings and set up Hotkeys for comfortable using discord again.

  • tabrisael

    This would be incredibly helpful, especially on mobile

  • Peter Bedford

    How has this not been added yet? Please Discord devs! Using the pre-release or multiple browsers sort of works but it's so clunky. Please build it into the app!

  • JonathanK

    This is a critical missing feature. It's the make or break point on deciding to move our organizations from Slack and Teams into Discord. People don't want to use their gamer profile at work and switching between profiles is not seamless enough.



  • Lassesjov

    I have solved this by having both the standard Discord installed and Discord Canary installed with a different account.

    But a native solution would definitely be better.

  • Cazrep

    Thinking about this, it could be easily abused. I've seen larger servers get new users that are only there to spam or post obscene images, when they get banned they just join under another new account. This feature would make it easier for them to do that. Would do you need multiple accounts for? I suggested a "view server as user" feature which would allow you to view a server as a user with certain roles and such to test permissions, which is my reasoning for having a second account. 

  • Commander GreyFox

    What would even be the Point in having more than 1 account?

  • Stelard

    @MarsMehlo You guys should really have your own Windows accounts rather than sharing one. Security reasons aside, this would let you each have your own desktop background, icon placement, folder settings, window colour schemes, every single app you use could be left logged in as you and know who you are, etc etc.

    The only downside is when you turn the computer on it would ask which person to log in rather than just going to the desktop. Oh, and I guess it takes a moment to log in the other person the first time, but once you're both logged in swapping between desktop sessions is really quite fast.

  • metalspork

    Two accounts man.

    One for the wife, one for the girlfriend ;)

  • Assimilater

    @lasse raus you're welcome to try Googling it.

    There's no valid reason though

  • TBM

    anyone have anything to add to what i said?

  • Mr.Mask

    Some would raid servers and not follow discord tos
    But thats not the point of the suggestion!
    its the idea to discourage it!

  • Stelard

    @Assimilater Fast user switching would be nice, but it's not as necessary as multiple simultaneous users in one app, because fast user switching is already build into computer and mobile OSes.

    @Audhumbla Mostly the family thing. I'm of the opinion that no person should share an account with anyone else, including family members. That includes Windows login accounts. If someone wants to use their discord you can just log out of Windows, or let them log in while you're still logged in, it's a feature that's existed for a long time now. However one person with multiple accounts really needs to be a feature of Discord to work in a satisfactory way..

    Again, in an ideal world we'd have both features, but I don't think they're going to do both. I think they'll implement fast user switching into Discord (if they do anything at all) and call it a day, and that would really suck because it's a feature we already have built into our computers and mobile devices.

    (Also, if you think what I'm suggesting sounds like a different idea, I agree. But my own suggestion was deleted because it was a 'duplicate' of this. Yes, I am upset about it.)

  • Lasse Raus

    It might be that Discord adressed this request already, maybe somewhere else, maybe repeatedly.

    Also, maybe it's a design choice, pointed out somewhere.

    Anyone googled it?

  • VasInklingGR

    i was about to suggest this.

    but there is a way you can still do it , you can install discord canery (it is a super beta version of discord) for now i use canery to use my other account!

    but i have 3 accounts and i don't want to log out or launch an incognito tab to log in


    ok back to the suggestion, i think it sould be in the settings tab in discord or right clicking on the user picture where the mute button is (examples i made in 5 minutes because why not https://imgur.com/a/Iiq7oW0)  

  • KIng72

    Can tell me the steps how to do it in both devices, PC and Android?

  • DanKGooGLy

    T+Discord themselves said that you shouldnt even have multiple accounts


  • Mr. Salty Mc-Salt

    Can't you just open two tabs but log into a different account on one of them? Works for me.


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