Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • OscarScorp

    +1 on the Exe (PC) please :)

  • Screwdriver

    Support, this would be great on mobile and PC.

  • Void

    This request is years old and has tons of votes and comments,.. not to mention many other threads labeled as duplicates pointing here. Why has this not been done? This is basic functionality. We need the ability to handle multiple personal and professional accounts. People need to be able to have discreet identities based on what they need to separate. This is literally in the top 10 improvement requests by votes and one of the most commented requests too.

  • VasInklingGR

    I agree with void this feture is in 90% of all social medias and I have been trying to contact them using Twitter and email to take a look at this but all I get is that "they look at suggestions every day"

    This feture is important as some people want to use multiple accounts without having to use canary and stable or web. I personally would use it to test my servers from a member side view to see if everything is working correctly

  • Vera Accalia

    This would especially be useful during the covid pandemic. With workplaces moving online, this would be EXTREMELY useful for people who have work accounts and personal accounts, being able to switch between the two would be helpful. 

  • Audhumbla

    Im here for my annual bump of this request. Also to second @void - the fact that I can actually call commenting again as an annual thing is sad.
    I still need it, I still want it, it's annoying there is no sign of life outside this post thread. The amount of upvotes and activity this has obtained, should be enough to at least validate an acknowledgement response saying they're looking into it. i don't care if it is difficult, just say it's difficult, give us some feedback! It seems like its getting ignored at this point >.>

  • Lasse Raus

    It might be that Discord adressed this request already, maybe somewhere else, maybe repeatedly.

    Also, maybe it's a design choice, pointed out somewhere.

    Anyone googled it?

  • Assimilater

    @lasse raus you're welcome to try Googling it.

    There's no valid reason though

  • bleakraven

    I need this! I want to be able to quickly switch between my work account and my personal account on mobile (and desktop) without losing my frequently used emojis, or having to log out and back in.

  • SaberPatriarch

    It would be great , because i always need to enter in settings and set up Hotkeys for comfortable using discord again.

  • tabrisael

    This would be incredibly helpful, especially on mobile

  • Peter Bedford

    How has this not been added yet? Please Discord devs! Using the pre-release or multiple browsers sort of works but it's so clunky. Please build it into the app!

  • JonathanK

    This is a critical missing feature. It's the make or break point on deciding to move our organizations from Slack and Teams into Discord. People don't want to use their gamer profile at work and switching between profiles is not seamless enough.




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