Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • Mr. Salty Mc-Salt

    Can't you just open two tabs but log into a different account on one of them? Works for me.

  • Assimilater

    If it requires a significant back-end change then the project wasn't designed with enough modularity in the first place....

  • Assimilater

    I see discord is just like every other website/program/app in ignoring feedback from their users for extended periods of time 0_o
    How many upvotes do you need before you implement something that should take all of 2 minutes to do? If it takes longer you have incompetent developers

    Does discord seriously think that with behavior like this their product is worth $100 / year?! With good service that price is laughable

  • Romit

    Please support me.

  • Assimilater

    Imaginary? Rockstar? Hell, I could do it if I was familiar with discord's code-base. It's not that special a feature....you just need to store multiple authentication tokens instead of a single one in the app, and have a rudimentary gui to switch between them

  • Just Dan

    You can use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.island to duplicate the app into the work profile essentially having two copies 

  • NOE

    That seems unsafe in the first place:

    They can just access your account without anything stopping them from just switching to your account. 


    Not sure why you have to personally attack me but you do you mate.

  • Anime production


  • Ziv

    that feature exist

  • Ziv

    U can open discord on the web and log in to another account from there,

  • Ziv

    in PC, u need to press on the wheel down left, and u can see “Log out”
    i think its the same with android.

  • NOE

    Why have multiple accounts? 


    There s no advantage to it unless you are actively developing on a bot or server.


    So the average user doesn't need that kind of stuff.

  • Alexandra ×

    Just use different Operating System Accounts and your problem is solved.


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