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  • Doxorn

    also a toggle option if it should be seen while you are ingame. Along with a togglable sound effect (like blizzard do with Battlenet)

  • Skwaleks
    This should be togglabe per user or for everyone as you said.
  • bastet_of_orion
    I like this idea, and I'm curious if this would work for those who mark themselves invisible.
  • Doggoh

    Agreed. Also if you could change the sound of the online to a list of presets maybe, so that it's not the same sound as a message for example.

  • sylvee!! (she/her)

    Definitely something I'd like in discord.

  • uraruri

    yes PLEASE

  • L33

    Really dont know why this is yet to be implemented 

  • toothyfernsan

    @vortami sorry but 1. This isn't what I meant and 2. It was my very own idea

  • Chemotherapy

    Would be very convenient

  • lancu

    hell yes

  • ahla.

    as long as you have to set it on for specific people rather than having it on by default and having to turn it off for everybody

  • Aqua

    how long will this take? This would help a whole lot tbh

  • *tvin131

    Этого очень не хватает. Стало бы удобнее.

  • Weaponised Farts

    That would be really helpful. I always find myself going from YouTube or another app where I wait for someone else to Discord to check if they're on or not. It gets really repetitive.

  • willopi1kenopi

    Yes this would be extremely helpful! It does get repetitive whenever you're trying to see if a friend or a bot is back online. I would love this to be part of discord!

  • GaaraPrime

    I would really love it if this notification feature was implemented.

    I would love to know when my friends come online.

  • mal0004
    Okay, but if we have a big friend list we'd be spam notifications. This idea is a good one, but you should then be able to choose the person for whom you would like to be notified of their connection.
  • El Buro

    Could be even a good idea to implement friend filters, like favorites or something else, to solve the big friend list problem

  • IanTheInnocent

    This would be nice if you could select just some favorites that youd like the notification to pop up for

  • JoshUNBI


  • LiliOfTheVali

    I would love this! It's so frustrating when your waiting for a friend to come online and you go between tabs and get distracted completely missing them entirely. This would be incredibly helpful.

  • Az

    I honestly like that for me so I could know when it's time to open my phone in excitement...I am not a stalker....I think...

  • Fenivan

    This would be really cool, also toggles for friends so we don't get spammed all the time from all ppl.

  • Pauline R

    definitely needed!!

  • Verdigo

    A lot of my friends I have online are from the MSN Messenger days. When one of us signs on we get the notification and immediately say hi and start a convo. With Discord we hardly talk because we never know when the other signs on unless we constantly check the friends tab. A notification of a friend signing on seems like it should be a standard feature.

  • illoSnow

    Yes i feel like this is very needed... especially if you are waiting for someone and they forget to message you, you will at least know when they are online

  • Flimbo

    discord do it

  • HitCoder

    I need this so bad, please

  • egg

    P L E A S E ,   D I S C O R D

  • Tsuki

    Why is this not a thing yet? Come on guys! ICQ had this 22 years ago


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