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  • Saluki

    This would really help me, please add this.

  • MRnolan1030

    ca m aiderai aussi

  • Permanently deleted user

    it's great! I WANT IT!
    i also want it to be channel specific option. Let's say you want to put under maintenance ONLY the channel and not the server, you go to channel options you enable it and noone can see the channel and instead sees the under maint msg.

  • Shogun

    Yo, dude! 


    I'm telling you this, as a Server Owner who likes to modify stuff on his server, making new stuff, changes, etc

    this is by far the greatest feature i've seen around this feedback area.

    Also, would be great if you can set the specific message to inform people better.

    "Oops.. This server is under maintenance. Try again later!" here, you set what message you want.

    I agree with your feature and i hope we'll see it live. 


    Wish you the best!

  • ShadowWithoutLight

    I dont know if this thread is dead, but this is something discord should actually consider

  • Equity

    +1 for this, although you can easily just alter permissions for @everyone, i believe a option for this would be so much easier and less time consuming

  • Nathmine24

    Je n'arrive pas à le mettre

  • Spike093

    Discord really needs to get on this!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • vital13

    Guys, is it really so worse to add it?

    I mean. There are a lot of features you need to add. These ideas shouldn't been suggested by users. Discord should already have it.
    So pls, ADD IT FINALLY. It has a lot of votes. Why is it not in progress? :/

  • S_M

    This would be reeeeeeally helpful! Devs please start working on this! There are many upvotes!

  • dzlandis

    2 years later and I still really need this. I would love this feature.

  • LGA Code

    I can give you a good guess vital13 ... This is not a feature that would make Discord money by implementing and they hurting for cash-flow. All features that involve money are probably getting prioritized over quality-of-life features like this...

  • ♤alan♤

    Although bots could be used, this would be a handy dandy core feature which allows those not familiar with bots! Paired with bulk management as role assigning multiple people and clearing category permissions, moving around various channels at once and syncing all commands, this would be incredible! I feel like this feature as well as bulk management would go entirely well. For example, clearing out an entire server of channels? Or even just moving them around and renaming them. Roles, roles- and more roles/ syncing roles per channel, but instead per xx selected channels. Please make this a feature, since when moving things around while users are online sometimes poses a difficult task when people suddenly start filling in channels they weren’t supposed to.

  • Diabradical

    How is this not a thing yet?

  • patch

    I think this could be implemented in a more user friendly way using Staged Edits.

    a way for server administrators to edit the server without affecting the active community, a sort of containerized version where you can make bulk edits and do testing, before deploying it to the public server.

  • toontown0909

    This sounds like a fantastic idea! I'd love to see it. :) 

  • Lillendandie (Lillen Art)

    I need this feature for my server. The problem of setting permissions so people can't read / write doesn't work for me because I need to reset permissions correctly, and it will take a while. Discord, we need a "Maintenance Mode" for servers where no one can access the server and a little message pops up.

    Edit: The closest thing I found to this feature is various bots with 'lockdown' commands. (Dyno, Lockbot, etc.) However, this still is an issue because it doesn't take into account when a server owner needs to mass change permissions and test them.

  • Samantha Dordoli

    How is this still not implemented? 0.o

  • Austin Gaming

    Here is what you can do to make a "Muted Role" so people can't interrupt you while you are doing Maintenance

    Step 1. Make a role and name it whatever you want

    Step 2. In every channel go to "Edit Channel"

    Step 3. Go to "Permissions"

    Step 4. Go to where it says "Roles/Members" and click the "+" icon

    Step 5. Find the role that you have created

    Step 6. When you find the role click it and under the permissions click the "X" on every permission but the "Read Message History" (OPTIONAL) and the "View Channel" (OPTIONAL). The permissions that Should have the "X" On it are: Manage Channel, Manage Permissions, Manage Webhooks, Send Messages, Send Messages in Threads, Create Public Threads, Create Private Threads, Embed Links, Attach Files, Add Reactions (OPTIONAL), Use External Emoji, Use External Stickers, Mention "everyone" "here" and All Roles, Manage Messages, Manage Threads, Send TTS Messages, and Use Application Commands" 

    Step 7. Now click "Save Changes" at the bottom and now you have a Muted role so people will not be able to interrupt you while you are doing maintenance on your server, Enjoy!

  • donovan_dmc

    Declining all permissions is extremely overkill and shows a blatant misunderstanding of permissions
    the only permissions that truly need to be denied are Send Messages, Add Reactions, and Create Threads  (and Send Message In Threads if the channel already has any threads)

    that will make the channel completely readonly

    You're also missing the second half which is removing permissions from existing roles, a single tick in the green overrides any denials on any role

  • II-Rome140-II

    Je n'arrive pas

  • Thomas

    Op has been upvoted 5932 times… still nothing…

    Did anyone, meanwhile, like 5 years later found a suitable option? I did heavy maintenence last night and everybody got messages of A-lot of stuff. Which can make members leave


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