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  • Da Bald Eagul

    You can copy user IDs in mobile (Android at least). Long press the user icon and scroll down. If you have developer mode enabled in settings>appearance then it should say 'copy id' where you can copy the id.

  • axo | owl | owllavu

    i did not know that. thank you very much!

  • Spidey
    yes, everyone is saying this and mobile users need this!! :D
  • GhostWolfe 狼憑

    I’d really like this feature.

  • AwesomeMaps275

    This will be sooo useful for mobile users like me that have to use bots to get the colours that we need. I don’t know why discord isn’t adding this feature to mobile but its one feature that mobile users need.

  • Alf
    Merhaba Önerin için Custodian ekibi adına teşekkür ederim, fakat Tüm Custodianların anlaması için İngilizce Yazma şansın var mı? Buna dikkat edersen harika olur İyi Eğlenceler!
  • наум

    This feature is very useful

  • marcos 戦 争

    Eu concordo plenamente

  • FoxOfTheAbyss

    This is an available feature on the desktop version of Discord.


    Android and IOS :

    So far it has not been added to mobile yet but can be accessed by going into your browser and opening Discord in desktop mode (On Android, Chrome supports this for example). If asked whether you want to use discord or chrome for logging in, choose chrome and enter your login information. You will then log into the desktop Discord where you can access this feature in the role menu. Be aware that the feature is broken at the moment and will be fixed as soon as possible by Discord.


    PC :

    If you are on PC, its even easier than this. When editing a role it will show two rectangles, one for the default color, one for custom colors. To the right there are a few squares that contain the Colorpresets.

  • minodhl


  • FPS

    I also need the custom colour option on mobile.

  • MK

    I usally have to use the browser to do role colours.


    We really need this! You don’t understand how embarrassing it is to ask your friends to change your color because you’re on mobile and can’t! They need to allow this so it’s easier for mobile users!!

  • Eol Rait-Sarpa

    Of course, it would be quite convenient to have an expanded palette of colors at hand in the mobile version, just like in the PC version, if only because it would be much more convenient, because every time you run to the PC version of Discord, it is not convenient, especially given that there may not be access to the PC

  • Firehawke

    A color wheel and hex entry for colors should be available for desktop AND mobile users, for any place where a color can be specified. That means folders, roles-- the works.

    Please implement this!

  • Raisy

    now, we have custom role colour on mobile with alpha 24th version

  • Kiyoko Hachisuka

    this is a feature that was already added, and i think the label "completed" should be added!

  • @Canary, I just updated my phone and discord to the latest stable release. (iphone 5s, iOS 13.5.1, changelog 26.0) You cannot do custom colors

  • Kiyoko Hachisuka

    @「ᴼʷᴼTactical Support Furry」this was added to Android, not sure about iOS, sorry about that.

  • useCamelCase

    Mobile has this now :)

    *I don't work for discord*

  • Panicakr

    Could you elaborate?

  • Ryan | LOOKM3UP

    I think you can bypass this by hoing on discord on something like chrome on your mobile phone. Not sure though.

  • Mugen

    Agreed, in the meantime there are plenty of very useful bots out there that can update role colors a lot faster than manually. 🐢

  • Chik-Fil-A

    You're right! You can do it with Dyno bot though. In the command ?addRole, after you add the name put the hex code for the color you want the role to be.

  • coconut

    I found a way to do this.
    You need to have DynoBot


    ?rolecolor (hex value) (role ping)

  • Yeenaam

    This feature is actually very easy to do on mobile, all you have to do is log into discord via your browser, decline requests to open in the discord app, then just edit the roles as you normally would!

    Was going to revamp colours on my server today when I noticed this, there wasn’t any thread with an answer that I found, so I resorted to just trying this out and it ended up working.

    Hope this helps!

  • You can use some bot to make roles with custom colors on mobile

  • Skwaleks
    I think the whole weel would be unnefficient on mobile, but just an HEX input option would make it much easier indeed
  • Toast

    This exists.


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