Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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    YES! I use Discord for only one game. I have servers with my alliance and I'm "friends" with enemies who I need to make game-related political negotiations with because the in-game chat feature is terrible, but this means they can see if I am online or offline. That makes it so they can wait for me to be offline to attack me. So my choices are to try to randomize my online/offline mode, or just always stay offline. Then the chatrooms always appear dead cause everybody is offline for the same reason. 


    Help us Discord people!

  • Elias

    Yes please , per-server based preferences, visible/invis status, display social in profile or not (twitch/steam/YT etc).

  • Costpap
    I don't get how this would be useful in any way, as I'm guessing your real status would still be shown on your profile. Plus, being in multiple servers would just rip the benefits away.
  • Matthew

    Why would we need that?

  • Kalaina

    Discord's status and game activity features are great. They help people connect with each other both through Discord and through any games they might be playing.

    However, we always have variable levels of connection with other people. Your childhood best friend vs. that person in your 200-person guild who maybe makes you a little uncomfortable. Someone you're currently dating vs. an ex. Your regular gaming group of 5-10 people vs. literally anyone who wants to join the huge public server for that game you enjoy.

    Because of this, people can have varying degrees of privacy needs. Anyone who, for any reason, needs to use Discord's appear offline for privacy's sake, is excluded from benefiting from the status and game activity features even in contexts where those features would be extremely helpful in allowing them to connect with others.

  • Cien

    Ich bin absolut dafür so etwas einzuführen!

  • StlonWeb

    Yes, yes, yes !
    Would be awesome, not everyone has to see if i am online or not. On some big servers i am just a silent reader.

  • Tanoro

    My work place has begun using Discord because we love being able to text, voice chat, integrate with our apps, and screen share as needed and Discord does all of it -- on top of being highly reliable. But I don't want my coworkers knowing when I'm gaming or what I'm playing! I only want my actual gaming friends to see this information.

  • reticentrail

    God, please. I get stressed out hiding under invisible all the time in all my channels when I'm really just trying to chill out with one group for a while without being hounded on the rest!

  • AMereBagatelle

    This would be great!  Mostly when I want to lie to people to say I am offline when I am not, but also just as a general "stop annoying me" feature.

  • blini

    discord devs please, this is such a simple feature that even skype has

  • Miss Buzz

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! As I'm staff on several servers, I keep my status to invisible, as a precaution against spammers and to avoid answering questions I don't want to. However, on private servers, I like to stay online so I can chat and whatnot :)

  • Rafterman

    Just adding to the chorus.  I've really enjoyed all of the Discord innovations but am a little puzzled why such savvy programmers like they are have not realized how value added it would be to have an invisible option specific to certain servers.  This thought process of privacy is akin to the displaying of what game you are playing.  Admins of single game guilds/clans have demoted or kicked me because  I was playing a competing game.  Crazy I know. 

  • Smay

    Also per friend. Say you can set it so a certain friend could always see your real status but everyone else or whoever/whatever server you haven't set to let see will just see your self set one.

  • Regik

    Yes, please.  This would be an amazing feature for privacy

  • patch

    this would be so useful as a basic privacy measure I really hope discord does this

  • shasta

  • DarkJules

    I need this! Please make it happen!

  • firesetter

    What does that have to do with "Do Not Disturb"?
    That's the global setting. I don't want to set that. Read my request again.

  • Axstralian


  • Goldananas

    need this plz (:

  • Hywell

    Doesn't seem like Discord will make this happen since this was posted nearly a year ago... I'd really love if this was a thing. 

  • isamvp

    Yes. Please. It's so frustrating when you want to play with only certain friends at a moment and someone else asks you to hang out/ why aren't you playing with us? I understand they can get salty so it would be perfect to avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable situations like that.

  • Toefurs

    I would love this feature as well, how do we get this in front of the dev team?

  • Hurde

    This would be really useful.

  • Lubas

    Just throwing my support in for this as well. Being able to set myself as invisible and then altering the status on a per server basis/friend would be hugely beneficial. There are just some people I need a break from fairly regularly. 

  • charitwo
    Actually practical.
  • Byzanoid

    It's been a year since the original post D:
    It's kinda of disheartening, but I really need this feature more than ever.
    Please help us...

  • Why isn't this a bloody feature yet?

    I run servers, help run servers, own/ run servers, sometimes on the same account.

    Please Add This!

    It wouldn't be hard. It's just a server individual choice, like the nickname feature. Except with this the end user would have absolute control over it. 

  • Lord_Grax

    I came here after Googling if this is possible yet...... which I can see it's not :(
    Please make it so!
    Thanks! :)


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