Server Organisation/Server Folders



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  • leaf
    Server folders have been released but I'll be even better if we could add dividers
  • TelFiRE

    .. What? Did you read the OP? And look at the graphic? The entire concept of this thread is about organizing Discord servers within folders... Look at the picture.. it clearly has the ability to create categories and group them.

  • enkiel

    omega jokes on you this is already added =D

  • TelFiRE

    What do you mean "categories within each of the servers"? Servers have their own category and channel organization. This suggestion is for organizing all the servers you are in. Are you saying you want sub-categories inside the categories that server owners create? If so, yeah, that has nothing to do with this suggestion and is way way less needed.

  • Caliber

    Still waiting for this :(


    I'd buy nitro for this to be implemented, upvote if you agree. Literally add it as a nitro feature you'll make 1 million dollars in 1 year

  • Vaesse

    I'd absolutely take these as a Nitro feature and this would be a reason to KEEP Nitro instead of just playing with it from time to time (the only other compelling Nitro feature for me is the emotes, and it's just not enough).  Another alternative/additional suggestion is something like the "unexpanded" channel groups where only the servers with new messages show unless expanded.

  • jedi3
    The concepts are great, I love them. I hope they are implemented soon along with as another nitro feature, they both would be great to see in the discord world, and definitely would be useful to a lot of users.

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