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  • Lady Divine Knight

    I would absolutely love to be able to organize the servers I'm in into Server Folders. It would save a lot of space on my Servers bar.

  • Ryuuou

    It is pain to scroll up and down, when you have over 30 different kind discord servers.

  • Bedy90 (Elmat)

    Yep I approve, when you have many server, it's the hell. When this option coming ?


    And not only for Nitro or Partner, for everyone.

  • Scoon

    Adding an image to each folder would be nice.  I would like to put the mod/game community discord together.

  • MiniKold

    Still awaiting this Discord, I would love this feature! I purposely don't join some servers because the list is too long already. This is almost 2 years in the making!

  • Gooseacat

    Collections or Folders + Quick Search... Discord please make this happen

  • Roberto

    I reccomend A widened sidebar that includes the names to the right of each icon, so the user doesn't have to hover each server to read the server name, as well as the ability to nickname servers, as many servers tend to change their names and icons, and make themselves difficult to find. The nickname should be highlighted and displayed above the server name, so both names are always visible on the sidebar. All of this would fit perfectly with collapsable server catagories.

    As for the presented ideas: the first and fith do not solve the problem of having to scroll constantly; the fourth is ugly and not user-friendly; the sixth,I would prefur catagorisation ofver searchability, because when searching for a specific server I believe there is already a key-combination that shows a search bar that is quite effective; finally, the second an third ideas are the best, though I would still push for the idea I described in my first paragraph.

  • Skyb0und

    I've started actively avoiding joining other servers just because I can barely keep up with the ones I'm in. That's not how Discord is supposed to work. Please implement this feature.

  • 1TapStephen

    While I do like the Collections idea, I also think the Folders idea could be redesigned to act like Folders on your Desktop. You would click it or double click it and all of the servers inside would open up and a back arrow would show up while the other servers seamlessly slide off the screen. 

    I think this would help to divide all of the servers since most people don't just play one game.

  • goldgrenade

    Over 10k upvotes and BetterDiscord already created it. Maybe you need to hire some people, Discord? Or idk... add this feature?

  • Torbjörn

    That looks great! I often find it difficult to keep my server list organized since I am in 30+ Discord servers. My only solution is to leave some of them but ultimately I would not like to manually join back when I need to use that server.

  • rushly

    This is needed indeed. No one can scroll across 100 servers

  • ZeroKami86

    I get friends unwilling to join my discord channel because they're part of too many channels. If there were the ability to group different channels it'd be less cluttered and less intimidating to join more than a few servers...

  • ChaotixRocker

    This is a WONDERFUL idea. I know myself and few other people would love to have a folder and/or quick search feature.

  • Vaemarr

    Honestly what more is it going to take for this to happen? Why are the devs so quiet as to not even acknowledge we've been seen and that hopefully something is happening? Do we need to camp outside their offices? Set fire in their hallway? I'm honestly flabbergasted that a company as big and generally transparent is so quiet on this one.

  • Firehazard159

    This is a big problem, especially since discord uses big round images instead of lines of text (takes up more space per server, and makes it difficult to know which image goes to which server, particularly when those images can change around by the server manager.)

    I have coding discords that I keep stacked next to each other, I have discords for various games/guilds, which I try to keep grouped, but whenever I add a new server, it's difficult to know which part of the "stack" to drop it in. A simple method of folder organization is definitely needed, preferably with a customizable text label.

  • AzurFoudre

    @Dan Can we get some information on this? This has been a request for way longer than 6 months and is one of the top 10 requested items. It would be a great feature to add!

  • LukeRDavis

    Alright, we're in! They asked that "server folders when" question. Let's forward our want for this by liking and retweeting this message:

  • ChildishGiant

    They started a twitter thread asking what new features they want so go request there:

  • RedDwarf

    I really need this feature.   I'm moderating 5 discords, and I've got at least 30-40 more that spam multiple games, areas of interest, etc.  =)

    The good news;  Discord is popular.

    The bad news:  We need a way to manage all these servers.  =P

  • MagDown

    If Discord eventually use any of your concepts, I really hope they choose either folders or collections, though preferably folders. I could also accept stackable groups, but only if folders and collections are out of the question. Also, the quick search should be added in addition to either of the three I just mentioned.

  • RockyHawk

    This is what we all require. I limit the discord servers I have so I can actually find them but I would really rather keep them. I have actually recently just started keeping them and it is out of control.

  • Caliber

    Well they are deleting other posts about sub categories and the like and directing us to THIS suggestion, so therefore bingo bango bish bash bosh ala-kazam green eggs and ham, this suggestion is just a sham for sub categories

  • Razael

    This should be a basic quality of life feature, not something that has a fee attached just to use it.

  • Dakushiguna

    I hoped there is a Suggestion like the one i had.

    @Nelly , you made some awesome examples, thanks for that *-*

    I would like a combination
    of "Collections" and "Folder",
    because that way you can categorize your servers as you wish
    and it would'nt be just sorted by alphabet,
    also you could have Folders inside of a Collection.

    Thanks one more time for this Suggestion
    and those awesome Examples how it could look like.

    I Hope that the Developmnet will see this someday after 7 Months tending....

    This Feature should be Free to use,
    its a missing basic feature,
    no one would pay just to have this.
    There are many greater reasons why
    to get Discord Nitro then this ;)

  • DragonWithAShotgun

    This would be an absolute lifesaver! I have so many servers on my list that it’s worrisome to scroll down, down, and down to find a certain one; it would be such a relief to be able to put servers in their own respective folders! Being able to add favorites would be convenient, too, as I am an admin of a couple servers and would like very quick access to them without drowning out my other discord servers that I equally love visiting! Please, Discord Staff, add these features to the product! And if you do so, thank you! Discord is such a lovely place to come to, thanks to it I have many internet friends - there is nothing wrong with it, just minor things that could be added to make things a little easier!

  • zerkeros

    Just how many more upvotes should this take in order for the devs to address this? -_-

  • Ruby

    I want this


  • thetechguy
    yeah we need this discord
  • Marcus.

    Any of these would be fantastic!


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