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  • LegendAF

    How does this not exist yet?

  • Saluki

    At this point I think this should be one of the core features of Discord as some people have been waiting for this feature for over 2 years - now that's a long time. I get that creating the perfect platform is not the easiest of things and I also get that Discord have a lot going on - but is it really too hard to create this? At it's simplest it could be done very quickly and still quench this ever growing first.

  • mosaicx

    This is a must. IMHO the most professional way would be to let people choose the way of grouping in Settings. So we can choose between groups, folders, stacks etc. PLUS the TAGS that I can pin to every server and than a quick search at the top to search by these tags. 

    This would be a dream

  • Tutsumi

    GUYS! IT'S COMING! It's currently on the Canary it seems:

  • benny

    @Randonx just an fyi nelly is discord and this is a repost from the old discord feedback site so the old op is no longer associated, which they should be tbh

  • LocalHyena

    Pls Discord, we're drowning in servers over here!

  • Goku

    This is what i need 

  • Unreal Black Barons

    Every time I join a new server I come here to see if they've planned this as a feature yet. No such luck.

  • Joshodude

    I really like the folder one. The reason stopping me from joining more servers is because I don't want it to be so unorganized and I don't want to scroll through a bunch of servers!

  • Indigo the Fox

    Please make this a thing, Discord! There are lots of people out there that have a hundred or more servers that will need to categorize them so that, for example, there is a folder for their role play servers, then there is one for their fan club servers, and another for their twitch streaming servers. That would be very helpful. Thanks for your time!

  • pelase do this i was just about to post befor i came across this thread, i have about 6 rust servers, 5 runescape servers, its horrible to scroll though them all !

  • chloroform chloe

    Or you can just you know...create a category?

  • Rix
    need this one quick
  • snip

    I think they mean to organize the servers in your server list, not the channels.  As far as i know categories only work on channels within a server not the servers i'm connected to.  For instance right now i'm in like 30 servers some of which i dont check often and it would be nice to group them and minimize the ones i dont check that often.


  • Sto1te

    This is what I need! COD Folder > Cod related channels - Overwatch Folder > Overwatch related channels - Friends > Friends channels... ect 

    W00T Discord #1

  • Tangent_Turner

    How in the world is this not a thing yet? Like its been on the request list for years!


  • Cort

    Quick Search and folders are the absolute minimum I feel like Discord desperately needs as the userbase grows, everyone and their mother has a discord channel nowadays.

  • Maika
    holy would this be nice
  • Blue

    I myself am in 55 servers and I can't afford to leave any of them to clear out the single column list of servers. It's an extreme pain to scroll through the sidebar for ten seconds every time I need to find a server that I'm in, because there's no way to organize them.

    Anyone who uses Discord hardcore is going to be in at least twenty servers I figure. I genuinely feel that this would be the most useful feature you could add that would appeal to the most amount of people on the platform. It would increase productivity for the hardcore users tenfold.

  • TheFox007

    Good Good 

  • Zep


  • Amirrora

    @T-20 I agree so much!
    I even sent them a direct contact via support.

    All they did was send an automated response asking if their support was good, and closed it.
    No response at all, a person didn't even look at it.

  • jaykstah

    I'm still surprised that this wasn't a feature already implemented earlier. For a long while I was only in a few servers but in the past year or so I've always looked at that overwhelming single column list with disdain. All I can hope is that more people drop some upvotes so this gets more priority. Once this is implemented it will be so much easier to check different types of content that I use Discord for rather than only ever checking a few servers and never seeing the ones towards the bottom that I have to scroll to get to. 

  • Wrexsoul

    Adding my voice to this: As an example I'm currently playing Smash Bros Ultimate. That game has (not counting clones) over 70 characters, and there's a character-specific Discord server for each and every one of them, as well as multiple local, regional and international servers for matchmaking, a plethora of tournament servers, etc. It's currently an absolute mess to keep track of, and a folder system would make it a ton more accessible. 

  • Black Oni

    We need this. I'm hoping Discord is paying attention to this thread.

  • bertisdirt

    Please add this, even if its a nitro feature I'm ok with it, I would be willing to extend my subscription just for that.

  • Lacrimula Falsa

    I'm a huge fan of the folders and collections concepts. I don't think the divider option is helpful because the sidebar would still be just as long with a large numbers of servers. Not a fan of the slider option because of ease of use and how it would probably look with long server names. The stackable groups option could potentially become very cluttered and badly visible with actual icons. A quick search option would be great.

    I do hope server folders get implemented. Collections would be the next best thing and stackable groups could be okay if designed right I think.

    Just my two cents.


  • SamEarl13

    I like all the others hope this becomes a thing, it becomes really awkward to order the many servers I'm in when you just have one long list. From youtuber servers, games servers, friends servers to servers for discord bots there is a lot for anyone that remotely uses Discord seriously.


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