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  • Kaia

    This is a good suggestion. It would make organizing our servers a lot easier, I'm personally not in a million servers, however I have buddies who are in 100+ servers and spend a solid minute looking through it for a specific server. 

    +1 from me.


  • Matsuri

    Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Give us the ability to group servers into folders or groups.  This would be SO handy for people who use Discord for multiple things like Games, Guilds, Twitch Channels, Artists, or whatever other things they might follow!  Having a OMFG huge list along the side of the page is such a hassle when you have 50+ discord servers you're a part of.

  • George Ross of Kildary

    Why is this not yet a thing?! It's been on here for so long, and by the amount of posts linking to this one it should be clear that this is something alot of people want. Sifting through all the servers I have now is becoming more and more annoying bc of the mass of servers I'm in. We have the quick switch, but if you're in more than 20 servers, it's not that quick anymore...

  • cjrrrr

    I feel as if the folder concept would work best as some of us have 10 or more servers for the save game and i would like to collapse then into one game style folder.

  • Is Shoo

    I don't get it. Teamspeak and other systems have no problem with having a sub category .. 7 months down the road and still no result on this? If you want discord to be the mass program to use ( which you guys went for ) .. then why not put the work and time in it to get this done since so many people of your community is requesting?

    Discord might look different but it is still the same piece of scripting wheither it be SsH Ventrilo Mumble Teamspeak or any other voice program. So what's keeping?

  • Volyz

    This is one of the best suggestions ever and i think the most important quality of life improvement for Discord ! Make it possible please !

  • Cole | Coral Ferrinas

    Why is this not implented yet!? I saw people have been asking for this two years ago! This is a must have feature. I'm angry at this point. For every games, each guild has it's own server for crying out loud!

  • Karate Wumpus
    Yeah, this would be useful for people like me that is is in Many bot server for example, then have a folder Called bots. Hope this gets implemented
  • Haunter

    PLEEEEASE we need this asap

  • abstracta

    Server folders is a sorely needed feature and seriously needs to be prioritized. I'm a member of 80+ servers and keeping track of them all is a chore. Please work on this ASAP.

  • NoMercies
    great idea and the concept art looks great
  • O5ighter

    Exactly something i've been thinking about for months now. This needs to happen.

  • carefreebomb

    Hi, we still need this more than anything.

  • Luigi Sekuiya

    I'm not sure what the best feature would be for this, but wanted to join my voice to the others.

    Something is needed, we're getting more and more servers and being able to simply jump or having to scroll them all is not effective to check for new messages and what not. Something is needed to more easily glance at all the servers we have.

  • Maynard

    I think the dividers are the best option, collections gives me anxiety just looking at it, too clustered. Dividers that are collapsible is a simple solution that doesn't require changing the way it looks too much.

  • CuriousCat33

    Folders and Collections, with a few basic options, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
    Collapsible Server Category Names would work well, too.
    Quick Search could be useful, but ONLY in conjunction with these other options.

    My favourite idea is Folders, where when you click on the Folder, the space that usually has the server's channels and/or chat fills with the servers that are inside that folder, to click on which server you want to go to.

    Collapsible Server Category Names would probably be my 2nd choice.

    I also agree with having an option to cache/suspend servers, to limit resources used by the client, until you visit that server again. 
    Provided you can still get notifications from them, in the meantime.
    Maybe a slider or typed number setting which will do this for all OR for checkbox-enabled-for servers, after a certain number of hours/days since you last visited that server.

  • KatKilmowski

    yes! like the channel categories. You can close them up, open them, drag them, move them, name them. Please!

    I do not require the server image icons, so if we had the option of naming the servers and showing that under the icon or in lieu of. Because most of those icons tell me absolutely nothing about what the server is.


  • Aenima72826

    in response to this comment 

    I think your using the wrong terms for the wrong things, you're calling "servers" channels, we all agree that we need server categories because we already have channel categories. My comment was more about me stating that i hope it would take the form of categories similar to channel categories (dividers), instead of something overly complex looking like collections or doing something that might lead to another screen to select a server (like i imagine folders would do) literally i just want to click on the category and have my servers drop down. Another important thing to mention is i wouldn't want the collapsed servers to pop up if there are new messages in that server and you have the category collapsed, i want the category to stay collapsed until you open it with a number indicator on it showing how many pings you have for all servers in that category.

  • I have used up the entire 100 server limit, This is troubling for organization to say the least.
    I like the Folders and Collections the best. Stackable groups are also good.

  • MrBearLoL

    Yes! We need this!

  • etzy

    With the amount of servers I'm in, this would be an amazing feature.

    Personally, Folders and Collections would be the best for the type of servers I usually join, a main hub server with multiple sub-servers. This would be a fantastic addition for someone like me.

  • Asatic

    Im a bit confused, how this is not already in the app!? With up to 100 Servers it is quite impossible to have a decent Overview (Personally I only got 12 Servers and loosing control already). This is an absolutely must have not only for Dischord but for every similar application, doesn't matter if it's on PC or any mobile device. Please give this basic option to us!!!!

  • cannon



    No, actually, +999999999. Please implement this feature yesterday. I want to be able to categorize the servers of which I am a member into groups such as, "Research", "Personal", "Dev", "Streamer", etc.

  • Solarius

    You know is realy important for people like me x)


  • JamesTheWolf

    This is an amazing idea. I can never easily navigate between the 25 servers that I have. This would make it much easier to navigate my servers.

  • Fizzelo


  • MooningSpartan

    as of right now I am in 44 servers and counting

    this needs to be a feature

  • voovoo

    server folders because they are NEEDED.


    here are two concepts. 

    This is what i mocked up. i think it would be implemented the easiest! click cluster to expand. once another cluster is clicked, it will expand and the previous cluster will collapse. or there will be +/- symbols to expand or collapse at your hearts content. i feel this would also work very well with mobile as youre not adding many extra elements to the screen. 

    Here is one my friend Wonder made! very clean and attractive. i dont know all the in's and outs of their idea, but i feel by the image itself, it is very self explanatory! 


    please send your feedback, or maybe your own conceptual drawings and such! 


    @discord, please consider this!

  • MoonlightCapital
    No thanks, it would make "dead" servers worse
  • McoreD

    I would love this. Ablity to categorise them with labels would be superb. 


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