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  • Northern
    Can you please elaborate on what you mean? I do not understand it
  • Warriorfoox
    They mean Guild (server) categories
  • LukeRDavis

    Alright, we're in! They asked that "server folders when" question. Let's forward our want for this by liking and retweeting this message:

  • ChildishGiant

    They started a twitter thread asking what new features they want so go request there:

  • LordofCandy

    20+ servers I sit on. I need folders. Please. Please.. PLEASE!

  • JumpSuit

    Folders, Collection, and Quick Search are my Top 3 to add for server organizing.

  • Saito

    Dude like everyone I know is a member of 30+ different servers. The current UX design works brilliantly for small server counts but scales VERY poorly.

  • Starki-sama

    Please oh please make this a thing. I'm in many servers all of which I'm not as active as I'd like to be because I have difficulty quickly accessing them when a discussion is happening or when I'm mentioned, I may not even see the mention because a server is so far down the list. 

  • mimi!

    i would literally never ask for any feature ever again if they implemented server folders.

  • RedDwarf

    I really need this feature.   I'm moderating 5 discords, and I've got at least 30-40 more that spam multiple games, areas of interest, etc.  =)

    The good news;  Discord is popular.

    The bad news:  We need a way to manage all these servers.  =P

  • H3XBØY

    this needs to be a thing

  • Rydian

    YEZ, PLIZ!

  • jennshine

    I'm sure you guys are working on it but I hate having to scroll down so far, I'm apart of a lot of servers so please make it easy enough where we can group them all well enough that it's not just endless scrolling still. Thank you! I'm not just apart of twitch discord, I'm apart of youtube discords and roleplaying discords so having folders will make it a lot easier! <3

  • Dae

    My friend just directed me to this post after he saw my servers in a video haha. For sure needs to be dividers but more visible than in the picture made by OP IMO.
    Currently this is what I am doing
    Its just servers with a picture of a line in the middle and background being as close to the discord layout color as possible. Just a quick thing made in paint.

  • Ness

    This would be a really neat idea and the "Collections" concept is best ngl 👌

  • Display1

    Custom self declared categories

  • Dabaron Da Vinci

    With folders I need it. With people like myself that like to keep it organized, it gets overwelming. 

    I staff on a garrys mod server so that is 5 discords





    And a rust discord


    I also am in discord for other games and groups, and having the ability to make folders and lets say put a picture on the folder would be the best thing in the world

  • Cassiopeia



    that is just really really bad server organisation from the garrys mod discord admins. They are aware they can grant roles to people and lock rooms, even categories, to roles, right? Even so that those rooms can not even be seen by other users.

    There's really no need to make it even harder than need be.

  • Lee

    Was thinking about this earlier and would love to see something like this implemented. I'm in quite a number of servers so being able to organise them would be neat!


    Got too many servers, tried to organize them from most used to least and thought grouping would be useful. Did a search, immediately landed here. So yeah, here's for hoping it gets implemented.

  • Ness
    this would be very neat, I would totally love to organize the servers I joined :)
  • SparkySynth

    came here googling for this feature. Looks amazing. Get on this Discord!


  • TelFiRE

    How is this still not a thing? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Menace.GIF


  • SoCalAcura

    Personally, I feel that a folder icon that opens sideways and gives a preview of the first 2-3 server icons would be good. It'd probably be even better if you can give the folder itself a name and/or an icon.

    Maybe it'd be possible to have multiple options for how to organize servers, and having checkboxes in settings to select which ones you want to use?

  • Applegate

    Why wont they do this already!?

  • FatalB

    Agreed. Especially useful for people who have lots of servers

  • Star

    Definitely need this feature! 

  • KamikazeCoPilot

    Unless this thread's concept is going to roll this idea into the same update, then @Discord is just placating us with this thread's idea.  These two concepts are NOT the same thing and shouldn't be lumped together.

    This thread's idea has NOTHING to do with sub-categories in the individual server.  The only official response was to "keep things tidy" by rolling sub-categories into the thread we're currently reading.

    Please, someone show me if I've missed something in this thread if there's an idea to work in sub-categories with this thread's idea of folders.

  • TelFiRE

    .. What? Did you read the OP? And look at the graphic? The entire concept of this thread is about organizing Discord servers within folders... Look at the picture.. it clearly has the ability to create categories and group them.


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