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  • TrueGuardian32

    This would be useful. 

  • Dexanth

    I'm in something like 60 servers now, and I would throw down $100 tonight on unlocking either Collections or Folders (Or ideally, both!) as features.


    Please implement one of them, it would make me so so SO happy <3

  • Cerwym

    Please this.

  • Got Milk?

    This would be one of the most helpful things, ever.


  • Gamingboy177

    We 100% need this.

  • MagDown

    I would love server folders like this, hopefully the Discord devs see how wanted this is and adds it soon.

  • Konii

    I am totally for this. It's so hard to manage 50+ groups you're in.


  • LukeRDavis

    Let's get this suggestion to 10,000 upvotes!

  • Da Bald Eagul

    People please realize that servers aren't servers....
    Server is a group of channels, a channel is a place where you can chat.

  • psychic_ash

    i like the folders or collections. Looking forward to it, no matter which option!!!

  • n0rt0x

    We.     Need.      this.

  • Matt

    I'd really appreciate if we could find servers by name, similar to a Ctrl + F. I keep quitting servers because it gets very confusing to find the one I want at the moment.

  • Kozmo

    love the folders and search idea. 

  • Phlimy

    I don't understand how we still don't have this. This is a much needed feature to improve user experience and so many designs have been proposed to implement it

  • Polyhex

    Seriously, where is this feature?

  • Discordia

    Is the answer posted somewhere?  It'd be nice to know what that answer is. :D

  • TheShip

    For us Discord junkies, we have reached the 100 guild limit multiple times. We organize our list to make it understandable, however it's still difficult to navigate. 

    Is there any way to create a feature that would allow us to organize discord servers into categories that also display notifications?

    Maybe have an icon like a regular server but with an arrow or something on the front? That way when its pressed the arrow turns down and a drop down menu of a tad bit smaller discord server icons appear. These icons could function the same way that the ones now do, just smaller. Also maybe allow us to name this category?

    The application to such changes:
    I am in a game called Dual Universe. We regularly have multiple if not over hundreds of discords. To say it's difficult to stay updated with all of the community is an understatement. My clan specifically can not keep up with the facets of itself. 
    Dual Universe is like a civilization sim where people form into groups/communities that then take on the functions of a squadron, government, or pretty much anything really.
    My government is the Terran Union. As it currently stands we have about 7 ministries and 20~ departments. Each ministry has its own discord, as well a department might also. The important parts of government do as well. Currently this totals to around 35~ discords in all.
    This change/addition would prevent some breakdowns over the sheer abundance of discord servers.

    - ShaylixLinx (TheShip)

  • Alerius

    If I was providing your tech support, I'd tell you you're doing it wrong. The Terrran Union should be a discord server, the ministries should be categories in that server and the departments should be channels in the appropriate category - but that's just me.  

  • Barricuda

    I'm dying without this.


    please help I need to join ~400 new servers just to network between guilds in a single game. This scroll bar is overwhelming.

  • LiveStepFreak

    I see this has been suggested more than 4 months ago by several people... why don't we have this implemented yet?

  • bradley0130

    Can I see this like now Kappa

  • StrawberryForest

    I really really need this
    Im a part of a lot of competitive smash or smash- related servers, so I was in multiple of the servers of the same character

    At one point, i was in 4 servers for the same character in different versions/ mods of the game, and i was relatively hard to not mistake/ be in the wrong discord, even when i tried to be aware

  • rushly

    We really need this ASAP... that would be more convenient for people who have the maximum amount of servers.


  • Anjalia

    This option would be amazing! I am on so many discords that it takes awhile to find the one that I really want. I would like to be able to categorize them. I like collections the most or the folders.

  • Razzle Dazzle

    Yeah this could be amazing. There is a plugin for better discord that allows you to do this but it would be amazing if this was an in-app feature.

  • Sage

    I like the folders a lot. 

    I'd also like to see something similar for friends, maybe the ability to make groups of friends for people you have added for different purposes. 

    (like friends, writing partners, server staff, etc) instead of one long list of everyone.

  • Frosty
    Amazing idea
  • ChildishGiant

    This is the only reason I'm using a discord addon thing.


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