Don't make users instantly join channels if they didn't "disconnect" upon turning off their computer. Teamspeak nor skype does this.

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    As a convenience we reconnect you to the channel you were last in if Discord launches again within 5 minutes of being quit without first disconnecting from a voice channel.

  • Kakashi

    This is great when you're traveling somewhere and connecting to multiple different places, or having network issues, it saves a lot of time.


    I agree.

  • hiuwo

    I agree with OP, and quite a number of people do.

    The function doesn't work consistently at all.

    Inconvenience > convenience, btw who would actually mind a manual reconnect, please add option or just remove function.

  • ナヅレ

    yeah, but why it's automatically leave while playing games in PC and i'm still chating on discord.

  • 64_Tesseract

    "When Discord closes"

    Why would it close while you're using it? I meant that once you close the app, it doesn't disconnect you from voice channels, which is confusing and annoying.

  • Pospesel

    Why are you trying to leave voice chats by closing Discord?

  • hiuwo

    @Pospesel I believe it is just easier to assume every app will terminate properly when you shut down.

    I could ask you the same, why are you trying to reconnect me to voice without an option or permission? Why do you think I need your help to automatically reconnect? 


    By the way 5 months and no update on this issue from discord. Please add option to turn off auto reconnect. Thanks


    Also I keep waking up my PC and see myself added in the same voice chat. I switched away another login position  last night for an hour. Came back this morning to the PC who had disconnected,  found that I was automatically joined. Your timer doesn't work consistently. Please fix everything. 

  • JWTech

    I just want to mention that, although I personally love this feature when it works as intended, it's potentially disastrous when it fails to work correctly.

    I was in a private call on my desktop, internet cut out for maintenance so I turned off the desktop and switched to laptop to finish the call and went to sleep. The next day when I went back on my desktop the call ended up getting restored.

    And I mean completely restored... All the sudden both of us were back in the call we had finished a day earlier without having pressed anything. Worse yet, his client didn't show that he was in the call at all.

  • Shouhei

    okay sure it can be a “convenience“ when it works properly and when you’re in the certain situations where you want it to work.

    my internet cut out for a few hours one day so i shut off my computer and then when i was able to log back on, as soon as i opened discord, it automatically joined me in a call when i did not want to join one.

    i am 100% certain there are many instances like this that happened to others. my internet cut out again when i was in a call and now i have to worry about rebooting my pc and everyone in the call hearing the things going on in my house.

    also, if you are really calling it a feature out of convenience, why not just make it an option to turn it on or off? i dont really see a problem with making an option that gives people the freedom of whether they want this so called “convenience” or not.


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