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  • boilol

    cool dude

  • Budgetarybeef



  • すきくん~


  • BrickyPL

    Yes, it is very great.. But the big question is: When it will be added? maybe over 2/3 years? or more? or less? 

  • Chuckles the Enchilada

    To those saying use Better Discord: That's against the ToS. If it wasn't I'm sure no one would ask for it officially and just use Better Discord.

  • EVAN
    Hey! Next time, could you please use the search box before posting your idea? It'll save times for both the custodians and you.
  • CamTheHelpDesk
    Like, a custom theme?
  • Def

    please do 

  • Fussl

    I really just came here because i had a similar idea. On my server we kind of have a structure that the rooms etc are called like buildings and so on. for example a "Cinema" for Watch2Gether sessions and so on. it would be cool if you could put some kind of backround on that, making the server look more structured and like a building or a more real place instead of just these names of rooms listed there. It just would be a nice feature to be able to further more customize your server by creating visual structure.

  • Vittorio

    Please do

  • Kaia

    This sounds like it could be a variation of

    Nelly touched on this idea and its heavily up-voted, its not exactly customizable backgrounds that could be used client-side globally across Discord, but its pretty close.

  • Patience ♡

    I think themes would be great for Discord. Then you can add stuff like your favorite cat to your background of Discord.

    Themes Used :

    Please friend me Zencha (Patience#1238)

  • i need this since better discord is againts tos

  • anand

    I really really like the idea. Major +1

  • Lt. Col. Soundboard

    Thanks! @Wiz_Techno

  • Proudmuslim

    Yeah, all we need is a CSS editor and a toggle so members can use what they prefer

  • Lengo
    Oh, by the way, to make this more safe, there would be only some libraries available.
  • zt

    Big no-no, running any kind of JavaScript can be extremely dangerous to both Discord and the client.

  • Ahuman
    It could be a potential Nitro boost server perk.
  • Divergent

    This can be added to the server boosting

  • HeavyBlurrySoul
    I don't see that happening ever tbh
  • SnowFlake_Buster

    I Agree with the post so i gave it a thumb up!

    Also Better discord doesn't do any stuff like what all of these people said!...

    Just know exactly what are you downloading, using, AND doing.

  • Kaia

    Buddy, BetterDiscord is against the Discord ToS. ANY Third-party clients for Discord violate the ToS and discord has publicly said if you get your account compromised while on a third-party client, they won't offer support. But yeah, lets suggest using a third-party client on the thread of a discord staff member.

  • i would really love this


  • Ben!

    It's a security measure, if BetterDiscord was allowed, so would selfbots and spambots.

  • moss-

    Same, I just installed wallpaper engine and seeing as my discord is on 99% of the time, this would be a really nice feature

  • MeLlamanHokage
  • senpaibrad

    Selfbots and Spambots are totally different to betterdiscord. BetterDiscord allows for theme changes via CSS which is all cosmetic. It's something they can easily implement but for some reason haven't and discord has been around for a fair bit of time.


    I get banning selfbots and spambots is a good idea but banning something that literally changes the cosmetics of discord should not be banned...


    Simply put it does not inject to discord servers meaning it does not increase the load for discord to handle. It does not have affects on discord directly unless they make it something for Discord Nitro users or something that you must pay for. Since this does not exist it should not be banned.


    Better discord is literally something that allows the user to have something more appealing to look at while chatting to friends and since it's a platform built for gamers like how they advertise they must realize that gamers like to modify things especially games like Borderlands 2 for example or any other game you can mod weapons or levels on and that's not all but you get the point WE as gamers enjoy modding things from time to time and this is simply the best cosmetic modification discord has ever seen. A bunch of amazing minds working together to make themes in CSS not only is this great for discord since it's getting people to use their software but it also allows the users to make money by selling their custom themes on to others so it's a win win. Of course discord could have their own market for this and take 5% of the earnings but as you can see there is so much potential with this and discord is simply ignoring it. Honestly I hope they wake up a little and realize what they are doing to the community. By shutting down someones genius idea and making it a reality is not only upsetting but it makes me feel like maybe discord isn't for me if it doesn't listen to it's own user base.


    As someone who pays for discord nitro and pays for that server booster thing they just added. I expect a little more out of the company I choose to support. By putting people down on an idea that literally doesn't affect discord at all. If there is a security hole then hey just say if you use 3rd party apps we are no way shape or form reliable for what may happen and you're fine. Make a disclaimer. Maybe give users a bit of insight to what the dangers are and if they wish to ignore the dangers and go ahead with a simple cosmetic change then I believe they should be able to do that.

  • undermaster
    Modifying other app's files are not allowed so why Discord would implement this. This is so unlikely to happen
  • Aeywoo

    Discord over radicalizes BetterDiscord. It's nothing but appearance and usability for the person using it. You want a plugin to show who the server owner is, It's cosmetic. Want to have custom Discord Rich Presence, Totally cosmetic. This should be implemented as it is an amazing thing. Also BetterDiscord will never go away as Discord can't do a DMCA takedown on it.


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