Force disable invisible status in server settings


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  • Kiljaeden

    :D Sentences start with capital letters oh educated one.
    Stop being so precious, you don't have to join my server. Go be invisible somewhere else.
    Freedom of choice

    Roles and permissions are not the issue here.

  • onethesigma

    Now, now, this thread has become quite lively and spammed my mailbox since i ticked the "follow" box last year, lol.

    Originally I'm not exactly pro-offline or against it, what we asked (a guild of stupid android game called golfstar) is that discord can be more versatile about offline/online status.

    We have special channel called "admin-room" where we make most of our guild decision, and we don't want people that we chose and agreed to be appointed as admins to be showed as offline at that channel while they are actually online since we need them at most of the time. Of course they can be offline at every other channels that involved the majority of guild members.

    Other non-admins can freely stays as offline as they like and I wouldn't care less, but if admin do so, and i found them to be acting so (especially if there's a voting or some decision need their input) i would call them out and i have kick some out. But it would make me appointing admins to be useless, isn't? I could handle the server just by myself and be a dictator? No, I cannot. No one would be a member of my guild if I do so.

    So therefore, I'm just really really unhappy with current "versatility" of Discord's offline/online status. Why don't you just put busy instead of adding offline? That way I'll know you're online but don't want to be disturbed, and you can easily ignore me if i talk to you while you're in busy status (even if i get mad or something, i will be the stupid one, since of course i know you are busy).

    Why did discord allow a status that is a lie (online but showed as offline)? I will repeat my last year principle, "privacy that violates other's right should not be tolerated"

  • Muse

    @Dr Beesu
    You can bet I was called to wrestle lol. I confess that I was under no obligation to accept that invitation, though. I just can't abide by overbearing, oppressive personalities, and it sometimes brings out a less pretty side of my own personality.

    Misa compulsively insults and demeans discord users here who have said ne'er a harsh word aimed at her. She parroted where others claimed that asking visitors/members to be sociable and visible in the communities they join was a "privacy violation". Nobody asked her to change clothes with the door open, merely to NOT take up space in perpetual 24/7 Invisible Mode.

    If someone is constantly invisible, I think it's fair to suggest that they're not making very good choices with th company they keep, and they may have no idea how the built-in Privacy settings work, and are 100% content never learning how to get better...and be 100% content never learning HOW to show the common decency server owners are saying IN PLAIN VIEW they would like to see from people who join their communities. The entitlement in those rebuttals, criticizing server owners for wanting members who are PRESENT and INVOLVED, is hella thick.

    If you need privacy from all of discord, maybe...don't log into discord, or select Do Not Disturb. If people don't respect boundaries, instead of disrespecting server owners, UNFRIEND or BLOCK the offending parties, if they won't listen. 100% logical reaction.


    She keeps saying "majority" this, and "majority" that, yet stomps all over the actual majority of people who hit this page and upvotes in agreement that people hiding in perpetual Invisibility is rude. 


    Did I mention that editing posts, merely to correct typos and broken formatting,made was also made (by Misa) into another excuse for her to react in a toxic manner towards me? An edit. Because of a typo. Distorted, twisted and spun out of context into a fictitious scenario she could make more nasty remarks about?

    I never said people who disagree are dumb; in fact, I clearly stated that "dumb" is arguing for the sake of arguing, and stating "facts" that are actually opinions or impressions. Yet Misa hops back in and goes "U CALL EVERY1 WHO DISAGREEZ 'DUMB'", when everybody with eyes saw the opposite happen.

    That behavior is trademark of unhealthy people.

  • Muse

    I'd love to know what discord server some of you are from. Most people don't subscribe to the comments here (understandably), and most of the contrary responses seem to orbit around one specific person, as if they're ranting about us, and inviting others to "see for yourselves" without context.


    I'm sure not everyone here has servers in common, but I'd be willing to bet some of the spammy upvoting/downvoting of specific users' every post (in numbers of 3-4 within 3 minutes of each other) are no coincidence. 

  • Muse

    People objecting are still maintaining the trend of crying "privacy violation" instead of posing any logical objections.

    Invisible Mode is used in a way that enables antisocial behavior, as most people (as you can see in the Comments) don't always have the social graces to adhere to proper etiquette. These are people who join and leave dozens of servers a day within the span of 5 minutes, who lurk in someone's server, saying nothing, failing to introduce themselves and contributing nothing to the communities; they're just taking up space. 

    If you want to be socially awkward, FINE, but at least make some attempt at Netiquette while you're at it, and be PRESENT, be VISIBLE and INTERACT or else get out and stick to places you'll invest in.

    Maybe someone can make a Voyeur Instant Messenger where nobody can see anybody else, and they just skulk around invisibly while fancying themselves the cleverest of devils, and can occasionally pop into chat rooms invisibly and breathe heavily while staring at other people being sociable.

  • Muse

    @Misa nice to know when somebody is a pro at word salad arguments.

    I don't recall sending out any advertisements that invited sketchy perverts to skulk around my servers invisibly. There HAS to be a better place for that. I'm sure KIK or some other sketch platform has more people like you, and you can all hide from each other and pretend you're offline when you're not.

  • Muse

    Adding to the list:

    - delusions of grandeur ("you must care SO MUCH-")
    - ageist (inaccurate) remarks about anyone who disagrees. ("Kiddos")
    - More demeaning language ("pathetic", "butthurt", "idiotic")

    -Subscribed to a Suggestion just to flame people who upvotes the suggestion.
    - Refers to self as "majority"

    - obsessively and compulsively downvotes any posts made by specific person(s), even those conceding a point the narc made.

  • krommeknie

    I agree with the opp. Actually I think its kinda weird that players hide at all: you want to submit or not. Same for friends on Discord: be friends or not but don't hide. Dnd is loud en clear. And if someone does not respect that, than delete or block him/her!

  • Muse

    There's a reason "E"RP has an "E" before "RP"; that isn't the same thing as RP.

    As I said above, this isn't about forcing people to show as Online; it's about knowing who is actually invested in the communities we run, and who just intends to lurk or take up space. Server Owners enjoy having an ACCURATE count of who is interested in the community, and who isn't. You're not entitled to come and lurk on our servers, THEY'RE OUR SERVERS! If you don't like that we want an accurate inventory of interested members, don't join.

  • 👋 Adam. 👋

    yes people shouldnt be on server if want to be invivisible they are just lurking watching and they can always just leave server and come back if dont want to show online should be servers option on this to show who is online in there server

  • Muse

    It's dishonest and discourteous for someone to use discord invisibly. Server staff benefit from knowing who of their staff and members is online, and when they're online. Role-play has been blossoming on Discord, and we who own those Servers dislike people being dishonest about when they're offline or online.

    If Discord needs to roll out a feature that auto-denies calls and the like, so be it. I'm just left with little recourse when people are part of a server that is highly participatory, and they want to hide their presence from everybody. It's super sketchy, and there has to be a better way for people to express that they want left alone than to run around Discord with a glorified Invisibility Cloak on at all times, and some don't have the presence of mind to distinguish between is and when ISN'T an appropriate time to use it.


    PS: Notice how people who can rationally and logically defend this feature/option are being downvoted. This is what I mean when I say that many users aren't trying to learn how to be courteous to server owners/staff, it's all about "MUH FREEDOMZ", nothing exists in their perception but their own wants and conveniences, even if it makes the jobs of Server staff more difficult. Some of these users may be so young that they are violating Discord's Terms of Use just by using the app.

    Besides; this feature suggested that we just know when someone is online/offline, for users who maybe aren't clever enough to toggle their status when appropriate; we aren't suggesting that server owners forcibly disable a user's ability to auto-decline invasive calls or group DMs.

  • Tuvok

    This chat application is predominantly for games and as such, there are games where people infiltrate and hide under their invisible status on enemy discord servers. 

    Normally I would advocate for respecting peoples privacy but in the gaming world full of spies it's worthwhile being able to dictate how you want your server run.

  • Sculacciapapere
    The possibility of being invisible should be given to the server owner.
    In servers where you play with deadlines or appointments many are invisible in order to specifically avoid some opponents and this is not right!
    If someone does not want to appear, just do not enter the server, if they do not want to be disturbed, they can use the "do not disturb" status.
    I ask you to add the functionality to let the owners choose whether they can be invisible on their servers
  • onethesigma

    Like I just said, it was only an example. If the channel have an enforced online status enabled, discord can also notify any user that reading it. So they could be aware of it. As said before again, discord can be more versatile.

    Not every discord server is created with such freedom of privacy in mind. Many games require activity of its players. Being invisible is the opposite of it. Having too much privacy will harm the other players in the server. Why would you be a silent reader in a server that was designed for you to be active and communicate? That is selfish in my opinion. Privacy that violate other's right should not permitted.

  • Matthew

    Please add this

  • onethesigma

    Privacy isn't always something that need to be respected, especially for server owner. Being invisible could be a violation of other privacy too. I think discord could be more versatile about this.

    For example:

    I have a channel that have specific roles on it, and I as the server owner, wants everyone that are reading that channel to be always seen as online. Being invisible, makes me unable to check whether that person is reading the channel or not. If i confront that person, he could easily say he hasn't read it, while he in fact has, but lied. Let's just say it was and admin room in a voting session if it would be easier to understand. Here, the online status enforcing is only for that channel, he could be invisible elsewhere.


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