Add Right to Left (RTL) support to Discord


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    السلام عليكم يخوان عندي مشاكله حسابي تسكر وما بدو يفتح لو في حل يفتح 

    يجيلي علامه تاكيد وانا اصلا مش ماكدو بي جميل كيف يجيلي علامه جميل يعني شوفو حل يخوان لو سحمتو 

  • Ashenguard

    It's 2020 and no RTL added yet


  • Eyad

    wtf... still no RTL even in the amidst of the crona virus.. every one is switching to online apps. and when i confidently said you can use discord. for my surprise i find it still don't SUPPORT RTL YET!!!

    that's really EMBARRASSING apocalypse has come and you still don't add RTL... looks like we are going back to slack or skype!

  • Gandalf

    Please add RTL support !

  • chv

    please can you think about us? this is basicly neccessary!

  • Notice My uwu

    we need it really badly

  • imminiman

    Discord is rebranding.

    "Your place to talk"

    "In listening to your feedback, we heard that you want Discord to be … more inclusive …"


    How is it then that there's still no support for RTL languages? I hope you can be a little more inclusive.


    @jasoncitron @svishnevskiy @discord

  • Fares

    do it

  • OofByChips

    100%! I have made a discord server for my class and cant for the love of god get why hebrew rtl is not supported yet!

    DO IT!

  • Karam

    I don't think there is anything wrong with focusing on monetization, especially for content/platform creators. However, it is definitely a huge letdown and a major symbol of exclusion to not take into consideration and acknowledge other languages and their characteristic linguistics- for sure! Upvoted*

  • Sabre Runner

    Yes, please! This is pretty much the only thing preventing me moving all my socials over to Discord.

  • Argamate

    How is this still not a thing, it's such a simple and obvious thing to add, it makes absolutely no sense to me why they are ignoring this post 


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