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  • Matthew

    This is already a feature, but it's only available to Nitro users and Discord partners. For example, my profile picture is a gif of a bongo cat.

  • Madi


    Here you go!

  • Alpha
    This is already a feature but it only comes with discord nitro. You can check out discord nitro here:
  • Lewis Este

    How to I set it as my pfp when it’s a gif?

  • Techtiger255

    to set it as your profile picture:

    1. become a discord nitro user
    2. go to user settings found here:
    3. Edit your profile
    4. click on your current profile pic, now wait for a file dialogue to appear and upload the .gif!

    The changes should take effect shortly, you may need to enter your password while on the edit account page.

  • kierby

    Do I need to pay a money just to get a profile GIFs ?



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