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  • Mayuulin

    It's such a bummer not to have this feature.

    Of course I can make some rules and scold people who deliberately do not follow those but sometimes it's not about disobeying the rules, it's tired people who just accidentally missed the channel. I don't really want to bother them with reposting and I don't like repost it myself because of two reasons - first of all, that would kind of show off their failure, and second, I'm not always able to do it right away. Also moving a big conversation by myself would look poor.

  • bastet_of_orion
    I think so long as the original channels shows some sort of notice that a message was moved, and possibly also to what channel, it would alleviate any potential confusion in both channels.
  • Kenakai

    This really is a no-brainer, I know it's been said already but, PLEASE implement a move message function! Please? For me? For them? For US?

  • Anon User

    Please make this a feature! Users will always make mistakes and only by seeing the post has moved will they learn!

  • ArieKlerk

    Here also is a group that MUST have this feature! Why doesn't anybody respond???


  • Eve

    This would only "lead to ... being able to post on other users' behalf" if it were very poorly implemented. The intent here is to make this an entirely new (to Discord) feature that would actually move the original post, without changing what it says, to a different channel. So by itself, the only risk there would be making it look like the user posted it in a different channel than they originally did. And that would also be avoided by just including a basic note on the post in any of various forms that indicates the post was moved from this channel to that one (and maybe by whom).

  • Big Bone Babaxiang

    If your administrators and mods currently abuse their privileges it seems like that's the issue.


    I don't see how not adding new features will make this any better.

  • lightskinwasp

    I'm subscribed to all new comments in this thread and have been for a year. This feature deserves a lot more attention than the ineffective streaming platform that is replicating the supersaturation of TV streaming platforms. We deserve this feature! It dispels anything that could be seen as passive aggressive, doesn't put a spotlight on someone who has made a mistake, and saves admins and moderators the time of deleting and moving messages.

    I will continue commenting and sharing this post until we are addressed with a ticket number and timeline for feature implementation.

  • appurist

    @mesub wrote: "I personally think that it isn't a massive necessity, after all the user can just re-post in a different channel"

    I just wanted to add that this wasn't thought through all the way. User A posts something in the wrong place. User B replies with their own off-topic thoughts. User C replies to point out it's off-topic. User B then replies that A started it.

    Then the moderator comes along and either needs to delete 4 messages (censorship! drama!), or move 4 messages (not possible to moderate with Discord), or ask each of the users to move their message to the correct place.  In a specific order. Get 3 users to move 4 messages.  And the second user needs to do it only after the first, then wait again for the third before moving the fourth message.

    It means that with Discord you can only really choose between leaving it all in the wrong place, polluting the focus of a channel, taking discussions off-topic, OR you can delete it all, creating potential censorship and butthurt drama, and possibly lose good posts that contribute something, just because it's in the wrong place.  With move, of course, you retain everything, with attribution, in order, but in the desired channel.

    The permissions UI is not my major concern here, although I don't see it as a problem.  My concern is that the status quo fails completely in this regard, and it's enough that I consider it a showstopper problem if I'm the one who needs to moderate a server, and I'll need to look for alternatives to Discord if this isn't resolved.  (And I love Discord otherwise, and hate Slack.)

  • SouprGrrl

    @discordapp Now that you guys have expanded, can you please add a feature where mods could move messages from one channel to another? I see myriad people have asked for this over the past six months at least. As a new mod I am dismayed that I cannot do this very basic function. We often have crosstalk and it drives me insane. I just need the ability to keep everyone on track.

  • fireundubh

    > There is too many avenues to people feel they are being censored.

    Censorship would involve deleting posts and banning users, which is what we can already do now.

    > People may be less likely to contribute ("i don't do it the right way")

    <sarcasm> Because the current procedure doesn't cause users to feel that way, right?

    In order to "move" posts now, here's what you have to do:

    1. Instruct the user to post in the right channel.
    2. Hope they repost in the right channel.
    3. Regardless of whether they do, delete their post.

    <sarcasm> Yeah, that's so much better than moving a post to the right channel so they don't have to put any effort into navigating to the right channel and reposting what they just wrote.

    <sarcasm> Yeah, that's so much better than moving a post and the system automatically leaving a link behind to where the post was removed so all users have to do is click to be in the right channel.

    > or less likely to try to do things right ("someone else can fix it")

    And that's where rules, administrators, and moderators come into play. Problem solved.

  • HatTrickPatrick

    Sheesh, this is such a no-brainer. Come on Discord! How difficult would this possibly be

  • Dzeno

    Upvoting this as it's super useful, I would like to see this.
    This is already possible in other chat applications (telegram for sure)

  • erik.nicholas

    I'm a channel moderator. Which means I need to moderate the channel and keep it on topic and well pruned.

    I frequently have new students asking "What IDE should I use?" on the "#Term Project" landing channel, when there is a perfectly good "#general chat" channel suited for that.

    I hate policing after the "Discord amateurs" (a dozen every new semester) with what seems like a digital "harsh slap on the knuckles", when there COULD be a digital "hand-holding guidance to the proper room." Example:

    if( origPoster ) echo "<a href="/channels/...">Your messages were moved to #general</a>."
    +"Reason: You will receive a better discussion in #general for this question." ;

    I give a relaxed "No Bad Questions" policy at the beginning of each semester, but then here I am deleting their valid questions (and any others' valid answers that may have cropped up; keeping things "well-pruned"), publicly shaming them with the post "Please post general questions in the general channel", which to them sounds like I'm a snooty nun saying "Please, ask *those* sorts of questions *over there*... in *that* corner... wear that cone hat while your over there too..."

    And deleting others' answers is the worst. This either means the helper has to retype their whole response in the other room, or worse still, the asker returns after a day of waiting to an empty chat room without their question answered. What the heck?

    Stop making me sound like an [redacted] and add the [redacted] feature already.

  • Oh Snap A Cupcake

    EatThatPie, not everyone wants their discord server to look like an unorganized shit hole. Admins should absolutely be able to move messages. The fact that you would rather have an admin delete your post versus moving it to a proper place is a bit strange. Just my opinion.

  • Crissa

    I'd like to be able to move/resend messages to another channel or friend or friend group chat!  Especially ones with discord links in them.

  • ab⚙n🅶r1p

    guys tweet at them maybe then it will will more visible i`m tired of more emoji and gif support

  • DonatoHD

    in what way do you abuse? It has as I said a permission

  • Bluecewe | Xterea

    Indeed, Eve. This proposal is only to allow messages to be moved. The content of messages would be unchanged. Further, the UI could include a clear yet subtle indicator in both the original and new channels. If it were implemented in this way, it would be clear that a message has been moved by an admin.

  • RetroDateNight

    PLEEEAAASE add this! 

  • appurist

    Any "abuse" is a lesser problem than the current need to delete messages in order to keep a channel focused on topic. As I pointed out in my comment on page 3, this leads to cries of censorship (when all you wanted to do was move it to the correct place) and all the drama that this can cause. And:

    "It means that with Discord you can only really choose between leaving it all in the wrong place, polluting the focus of a channel, taking discussions off-topic, OR you can delete it all, creating potential censorship and butthurt drama, and possibly lose good posts that contribute something, just because it's in the wrong place.  With move, of course, you retain everything, with attribution, in order, but in the desired channel."


  • D3V1L0M3N

    Move Message feature needs to be implemented into Discord.

    For moderation purposes, I should be able to move a message that a member accidentally put into the incorrect channel - instead of deleting and forcing them to re-post.

  • Bluecewe | Xterea


    'My assumption is that it would be API heavy.'

    I'd be curious to know whether there are any database challenges. The messages table might be designed in such a way that the channel ID is simply stored in a field which could be easily updated with a new channel ID. However, in the past, Discord have said that they have had to engage in creative database design to scale the platform. It might be the case that the channel ID is difficult to update as part of that design. Either way, it'd be great to hear from Discord themselves as to whether this feature would be technically challenging to implement or not.

  • Hoofdcoach

    Would love to have this feature. I have a lot of "new" users during COVID-19 that have never used apps like discord to communicate. Having to copy paste and delete messages that are wrongly put in channels is a nightmare for me and the moderators. 

  • Sambobo

    Whatever technical challenges, diagreements with implementation etc...the sheer lack of any repsonse is disappointing and what I find the most staggering.

  • NamOcaw

    Holy Carp <><  This suggestion is like 2 years old, and is such a basic feature that everyone needs... With Discord trying to improve it's image and move to a less gamer - more business enterprise solution, this kind of thing should be their TOP priority!!!

  • Sam

    /move <message id> to <channel id/name> because <move reason>

    right click, move message > to > choose channel
    a little input field to write the reason

    disgourd pls

  • Feedback

    @Zacatero Well, it would be a tool that would be meant for use by upper-level moderators and admins, so hopefully abuse of it in that fashion would be minimal at-most. If that sort of abuse were ingrained enough to be done by admins on a given server, then I'd say that's an issue with that server's management being terrible more than anything else.

  • H4lden

    We need this. Not quite sure why people here are thinking it would be abused. We are talking permissions, right?
    Any permissions can be abused. So, just add some restrictions.
    Why not add a little line with "moved by {user}" or something like that.
    That way anyone knows who moved the comment.
    Again, this is something we need.

  • ShowtimeJosh

    Please add this feature... Ideally you could just drag a message to the appropriate thread and it would place it in line chronologically.


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