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  • MaerkStrongrock

    I need this ASAP. I don't wanna bother peoples with reposting their stuffs on other channel and I don't want to delete their messages either!

  • charitwo
    Yes, please
  • Night

    I really need this on my server. So many times when I gotta tell people to please re-post something in the right category...

    It would be pretty helpful!

  • Bartibus

    how can this not already be a feature? This is the first thing any mod should be able to do to keep things clean. A no-brainer in my humble oppinion

  • No1cares

    Its 2020 now and still nothing done with this.

    Do they actually read these suggestions/idea's?

  • ┴∀ʞ707

    This would do wonders for organisingy rp server.

  • Bart•Infinity

    Hmm your is from 2019. I recently noticed that they are more active on Twitter. Or maybe I just mentioned them and also left #discord tag. Anyway I hope they will consider this option in next update. I really like what they are doing however I personally would like them to focus on improve what we already have instead making huge updates with new stuff that no one need like game library etc. 

  • SK¥Ξ_X

    My need for this feature has greatly increased lately. A lot of my communities are very active and constantly acquiring new members who are either new to Discord or unfamiliar with channels, so things will often be posted in the wrong places. When some channels are used for very specific things, this can get very cumbersome to deal with, as I have to tell each person individually to delete and repost their message in the correct channel.


    As a solution to users being confused about where their messages went, a customizable automatic direct message and/or an option to leave a message in place of the previous one would be great. I would prefer the former, as the latter will still push the signal : noise ratio of a given channel in the wrong direction.

  • Darr247

    Also, discord - FIX THIS WEBSITE - when you follow a link to a thread, then sign in so you can post, it should return you to the thread/page WHERE YOU WERE, not the front page.

    Still can't believe there is no discord support server... that's like microsoft only providing phone support.

  • Skeletorus_G

    I love the second point. not only does it tell someone you have moved the post but also educates them in putting future posts in the right place

  • CaptKreis

    Probably won't be adding anything that hasn't been said before, but seriously, all admins and moderators need this feature! It's not even a "nice to have" or "kinda need". It's a "we REALLY need this feature now!" kind of thing. Every web forum has the ability to move messages. Discord servers need it too.

    Also, the "Manage Messages" permission should be sufficient, without the need to create a new permission, don't you think? That can be set on a channel-by-channel basis, but provided a user has the permission for both the channel moving from and the channel moving to, that would work.

  • Andrew_DE (formerly UK)

    I'm following this thread. We have a user who is often posting in the wrong channel. He posts "Other Games Chat" in the "Introductions Thread"


    I'd like to be able to move his messages.

  • YakuzaCrow

    This option is very necessary, to have a clean and orderly channel

  • ⦕Q⦖

    This is a basic function of any online forum. I can't understand why Discord does not have it ... and a lot of other simple, basic functions. I joined not too long ago, and am wondering if it's worth staying, as I keep banging my head against the wall looking for basic features and finding out that they do not exist!

  • shazzy

    why is this not a feature yet. do we need to start a petition to get it implemented?

  • dreamup

    If moving a post is too complicated, at least implement Slack's share feature. Some solution is better than no solution. Please invest more in basic features, otherwise I can't consider going Nitro.

  • countofcounts

    I agree with this as a feature.  In its most basic form, there should be a permission to move a message to a new channel.  When the message is moved, it would have a moved tag added to it; or ideally, change the tag to say, moved by @user on mm/dd/yyyy next to the message's original post date.  That basic functionality would be tremendous.    

    However, there is one hurdle that I don't think people have considered yet.  At its core, Discord has separate permissions for each channel.  This kind of permission is cross-channel.  Like what happens when a user has permissions to post in #channel-1, but not in #channel-2 ?  Similarly, what happens if you have the MOVE_MESSAGES permission for one channel but not another? 

    The overly cautious and safe solution would be to demand a user have the MOVE_MESSAGES permission for both #channel-1 AND #channel-2, and also the user who posted the message must have permission to post that message in both channels as well.  With more discussion, this system could be made better.  But I'd be happy with just this.

  • appurist

    @countofcounts raised a good point about permissions being per-channel (or category), but I think the answer is relatively straight-forward: if the Manage Messages permission allows message deletion and pinning, it's the one to allow message moves.  Now obviously the channel to check on the move (out) is the source channel, but ideally it should also check that the mover has Manage Messages permission on the destination channel too. 

    And yes it is important to preserve the original message integrity (attribution, date/time, contents), etc.

    Similarly, I don't see any need to check if the original sender has Message Post permission in the destination channel; if a moderator of a channel chooses to place a message in a channel, it should just be allowed.  e.g. if I have a read-only #announcements channel, I should be able to move a user message in there rather than copying it and pasting it and losing the message metadata (original attribution, timestamp, etc).


  • appurist

    @countofcounts I don't consider moving the location of a message to be more powerful than deleting a message, especially when there is no existing "delete message" permission, there is only "Manage Messages" permission which happens to currently include the delete operation.  It should be fairly obvious that if a move operation currently existed for messages, that it would be governed by the same Manage Messages permission that allows the delete. From my perspective, the only issue is that this permission only has a single specific scope, while move requires two.

    I guess my question then is what do you suggest as an alternative? Separate Manage Messages and Move Messages permissions?  I think that would be very confusing to end users given the general nature of "Manage".

    I don't follow the bot concern at all. How can a move be more destructive than the deletes currently allowed on this permission?

  • standardcombo

    I agree with @appurist that removing a message from a channel is very similar to deleting it from that channel and as long as you have the right to manage and add messages in the destination channel, then you should be able to move there. Keyword "manage" here. While more granular permissions give servers more power, less total permissions lower the complexity which leads to better quality servers. I would prefer no new permission on my server. I don't see any risk. If you give someone the power to delete, moving elsewhere is not a big deal and actually seems less powerful.

  • Essentiality

    Throwing my hat into the ring. This is a must-have feature!

  • Somna

    I would rather "moderate" than "censor", so the moderate position on a post is to move it to somewhere more appropriate. Censoring would be deleting and should only be reserved for something that is so egregious that we might consider kicking the person as well. My peeps make mistakes like anyone. I'd rather just move the message from the ultra important scheduling events channel to the memes channel.

  • RelmDrifter

    Much needed feature, long over due. Please add message management of moving posts between channels.

  • Gwels

    please, we need this feature!

  • Apocist

    Why has it taken so long to get this feature?

    It's no wonder the demand for this is so high, otherwise the only other option to to just delete posts (which could be considered unacceptable)

  • Jimtanis

    Move message would be a great addition!

  • XLO

    Several months (years) later, and it's still not an available feature for use.

  • -5150-BIG Jerm

    I've needed this feature for the entire time I've moderated servers since joining Discord. Make it rain text channel messages where they need to go!

  • jonnydeathstar

    I've been a moderator in a Discord for less than 10 minutes and I've already discovered that this feature is both needed and missing. Would be great to have something like this Discord developers! 

  • D3V1L0M3N

    I can understand why they don't want to implement such a feature. My assumption is that it would be API heavy. However the fact that there has been ZERO response on this topic is quite frustrating. They need to at the very least acknowledge this feature request that would be, with no doubt, an extremely useful function for moderators.


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