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  • Rufkenze

    Discord, could you at least reply or something? 

  • Bryce

    How is this not added yet?

  • Hasansa

    Please add this

  • ICEknight

    I can't believe this hasn't been added yet, should have been a day-one thing.

  • Sir Pinecone

    Another +1.

    I don't want to delete some quality discussions just because they're done in the wrong channel. This would be really useful for moderation.

  • Oh Snap A Cupcake

    Please add this feature.....I would pay for Nitro just to use something like this lol

  • Rufkenze

    I'm posting again. Please add this feature!

  • Mich

    I'm very surprised that this hasn't been added.  Even moreso that it's been asked for for this long.  Just adding my vote.  Here because I just started my own discord and immediately needed this as a feature.

  • gingerbeardman

    Please add this feature!

  • Kendra

    If everyone commenting could also go on twitter, tweet @Discordapp and let them know we're still wanting this, still 3 years on - we may get some attention.

    Don't let them ignore you.

  • Beetle

    Please add this feature! We need it!

  • Parallax Abstraction

    Just throwing in my support for this. Nearly every major forum platform has the ability for moderators to relocate conversations that are off-topic or for whatever reason, should be somewhere else. It's ridiculous that a platform like Discord doesn't have this, as it's a daily problem in larger servers that I'm in.

  • Dzeno

    Yes @arpitthehero they asked to upvote here (this thread). Nonetheless seems like a bit of an empty Twitter comment as about 4 to 5 years ago this feature was already planned if I am believe the comments. The thread has at least been around for over 2 years now.

    Really hoping that discord employees would respond here or post their timeline or something. Just some clarification,
    They don't plan on implementing it ever
    They don't plan on implementing it now
    They plan on starting on it soon
    They have already completed it partway
    They are close to implementing it

    Why and what is up to them but I, personally, would love some clarification.

  • stackers

    I've promoted this link in my server, I highly suggest any server owners who want this do the same as the more votes the better. I also link it every time I wish I could move messages.

  • eried

    We need this! a way to split and move a conversation from 1 point


    -> move to #channel from here, and just leave a link:


    This conversation was moved to #channel.

  • Schimmel

    How has this not been implemented yet? I remember it being 1-2 years ago when I was looking for this feature the first time and this still hasn't been solved? people even came up with bots that have been even more complicated than to just copy paste, this is a proper shitshow

  • imouse1

    How is this post five years old and there's no movement on it?

  • -Grim-

    Dear Discord Trust & Safety Team, Dear Discord Development Team, Dear Discord, Dear God, Whoever needs to ear my message,




  • Ykd

    Bump, this is a years overdue basic moderation feature.

  • Oomek

    Spam your channels with this link and up vote the thread so it's at least in top 10. 1359 votes seems not enough for them to bother.

  • snake

    2020, we still asking for this simple feature that can be covered in 5 minutes by coding a bot. But that should be a in-built feature from discord!

  • munch

    Sure would love to have this feature..

  • Safallon

    ahhh pleeeeease discord! this would be so good. makes so much sense to have a permission type to do this!!!

  • Leah96xxx🌈

    Wow... This still hasn't been implemented yet? Unbelievable. This is a feature that we should have had from the start.

    It's so much hassle telling people to repost in the correct channel, especially since hardly anyone will. Adding a "Move Messages" permission for Mods and Admins would let us move stuff to the right channel without having to wait for the OP to repost. This would be especially useful in Music, Art or content promo servers where people need to post in the right channels to keep the peace and keep links/content in the right places.

    It may also be useful in servers that see a lot of memes and shitposts being posted outside of meme channels. Instead of just "being a bore" and deleting them, we could move them to the meme channel where they can still be enjoyed without clogging up #hangout.

  • jitspoe

    I would REALLY like to have this.

    A) People post in the wrong channels all the time, and it would be good to be able to move conversations to the correct location.

    B) When reorganizing channels, it would be nice to be able to merge the contents of different channels or split a large discussion about a topic into a new channel.

  • Oomek

    They're not gonna care until the vote count doesn't go up. Spam your servers with the link to this thread and upvote!

  • MoonlightCapital
    Would love it, as I currently use a bot with webhooks to simulate messages from the user. A thing I want to see is a something that tells you that the message has been moved (something like the edit tag), otherwise it will end up being abused.
  • GulliverBFG

    Add one more to the list requesting "Move Posts" be added as a Group permission. Default to Off. Then able to activate by server owner only then delegate to whatever groups or Members I deem appropriate to whom to give this permission. 

    If you want to go deluxe, you can leave a trailing "breadcrumb" post behind that lets the user know where the post was moved, But that is not necessary.

    I'd be happy just being able to move a post when members fail to recognize where they are and post in the wrong place. 


  • Kat21

    @Gehock .. That IS the same thread as this one............

  • joel 1er

    Please, please, please....



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