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  • Drako

    @mesub the feature is absolutely needed! even if you don't think so. specially if Discord wants to be an All in one place for Gamers to put their guilds, etc...

    It is used to post announcements and specific things to games you cant have a strategy channel and have users post a you tube video about a cat

  • Fia

    With mutliple channels on our Discord, people do sometimes post in the wrong one. It's okay but I would love to have the ability to move those messages instead of copying them or asking the member to move it.

  • AliCatGamer

    I would really love to be able to move conversations from one text chat to another. Makes it easier to prevent spoilers being posting in the wrong place. Or when they have conversation that gets heavy handed and should be moved to a different chat. I hate that the only option would be to delete the conversations to stop others getting upset. I refuse to delete them and so it's brought unease to the channel.

  • Iseult

    I am surprised that this isn't something we can do... I figured I was just being dense and couldn't find the command.  

    I do hope they put this in soon.  

  • Leveretry

    I cannot believe this is still not a feature. please guys, people have been asking for this for 3 years now

  • Bluecewe | Xterea

    'This is just asking for messages to be taken out of context and abused'

    This has been discussed before, and the concerns were addressed.

    First, the UI could indicate that the message has been moved.

    Second, the action could be recorded in the Audit Log.

    Third, any power can be abused. That's the fundamental nature of power. It must be placed in safe hands. Powers like moving, muting, kicking, and banning members could be said to be much more impactful than moving a message, especially if abused. If a community chooses to appoint and maintain abusive powerholders, that's the fault of the community, not the power itself.

  • AliCatGamer

    This has 351 up votes and was posted 6 months ago and still nothing has been done.

    Come on Discord! Add this feature! 

  • Flavien

    Dear developers,

    This move message feature is definitely something we need to solve posting mistakes as a moderator. This without having to tell every new member that fail to send to the good place how miserably they behaved.
    It would save us a lot of time and energy.
    Thank you

  • lulabyte

    We absolutely need this feature. How long, Discord? I'm sick of people posting the wrong thing in the wrong channels and me having to get all mama hen on 'em

  • appurist

    You know what, I posted a lengthy explanation of why this feature was the most important -- by far -- feature that I wanted to see on the Discord roadmap, because I have been passionate about the product and love it otherwise (with the two exceptions below). It is my preferred discussion product in discussions (at least where I do not need to moderate or administer the server). 

    However, where I do, or where I need to recommend a product for use by an organization, I just realized I must break with Discord over this issue and two others:

    1. Discord does not have the ability to for a server administrator to move a message from one channel to another.
    2. Discord has this weird auto-"Pending approval" trigger that I haven't been able to get an answer from them in the past or had control to disable it on my server, causing drama and censorship claims on my server.
    3. Discord developers or community staff have this "Feedback" area but even after years of active discussion on a feature cannot be bothered to indicate whether a request for a feature is even on their radar or publish a roadmap. Or explain this approval trigger or offer a way to disable it on my own server.

    This should be extremely embarrassing for any organization that takes pride in what it offers.

    What is the point of posting here, especially when I do take the time and it goes into "Pending approval" so that nobody can read it.  (Welcome to the drama we face as Discord server admins, Discord.) I'm done trying to explain why this (was) important. I'll find a product that serves my needs better, or I'll make my own.

  • Glenn McGrew

    I'd LOVE to be able to move messages to a more appropriate conversation!

  • appurist

    As I mentioned above:

    1. Discord has this weird auto-"Pending approval" trigger that I haven't been able to get an answer from them in the past or had control to disable it on my server, causing drama and censorship claims on my server.

    I took the time to post a lengthy explanation for why this moving messages issue was so important. But I see the other major problem with Discord has swallowed it. Perhaps for good.

    Discord requires manual intervention by moderators as part of normal operations. This should be unacceptable to administrators of discussion forums.  Combined with the inability to move things into the correct place, it means Discord is not appropriate for any serious uses involving customers and users of a product or forum members outside your organization.

    This also implies that nobody with any real impact is reading these messages.  Or as most of my users assume, that I am being censored.  This causes drama for me due to a "feature" that I cannot disable, and cannot get any feedback on from Discord.  Just like this discussion.  Perhaps we should protest the lack of message moves by posting something off-topic but useful in discussions Discord considers important (if there are any).

    I have realized that I must abandon Discord.  I won't post again here (unless my message pending approval gets finally seen by someone and approved).  Discord as an organization, and as a product, is not professional enough for my needs (which are pretty basic.)  I'm really disappointed, because I was such a proponent and supporter of Discord. They've really let us down.

  • Rufkenze

    Please add this feature. We need it so bad. It is such a pain that we can not move a message posted in the wrong channel.

  • Jaznime

    This would be super helpful, Ive had my messages deleted and then a mod type "move to #channel" (the correct chat I was supposed to be typing in) and I'd have to re-type my messages. Having this would be convenient for both mods and members of servers.

  • patach

    Agh, someone just did this on our channel, and now he's soldiering through it since the cat's already out of the bag.


    A simple move would've made this less awkward for everybody.

  • pTim

    Discord, please, a Move_Messages feature, similar to what Rakma imagined in their post. I'm adding myself to this long thread of comments in hopes that y'all'd see how much demand there is for this feature.

  • Fucsalot

    This function is much needed, especially with 1500+ active members and someone posts by mistake in the wrong channel, followed by several people responding.    

  • Driftage

    Can this pleaaaaaase be a feature already? It would be so handy for guild leadership moving messages to a channel so that they can be archived (i.e. accepted/denied applications, raid absences, etc.). 

  • NIGHTMARE(aka Crystal)

    This really needs to be done Discord.

  • kaosaxis

    Any update?

  • sightseeerAFK

    After a few months, an official answer would be nice. A bot can't solve this problem...

  • ByrdLeeV

    Figure I would add my voice and disbelief that after over a year of this thread being up there has been no response.

  • Elendrial

    Please add this feature, sure I can @ the user and ask them to move something, but that's hassle for me, for the person who messed up, and for anyone else who hasn't muted the channel.

    I get that maybe you'd worry about the timeline, like where would moved messages go? To the front of the new channel, or to the timestamp they were originally posted at? If the second then I can imagine that maybe you'd also worry about people splicing in comments midway through a conversation, shifting tone/blame/etc etc etc. But you could just have a "(moved)" flag, like the "(edited)" flag that currently exists. (and it's not as if the edit function can't already do this)

    So really, why isn't this a feature yet? Some features shouldn't be added until they're finished and fine tuned, this isn't one of them: even a half baked version would be 10x better than nothing .-.

  • energythief

    Has a company rep ever commented on this idea? Very much desired feature!

  • Seth

    We need more votes on this. I would very much like this feature.


    I just found this thread searching for why this isn't something we can do as Admins. The discord I Admin for has a "discussion" and a "complains" channel for a specific game. So we had someone ranting/complaining in the discussions channel and I wanted to move it to the complaints channel but can't. This is really odd I don't have the option to do so, only delete the message.

  • Bart•Infinity

    That is strange. I've asked Discord on Twitter and they replied that it would be useful and advised me to came here. However looks like here is already idea about it. Looks like hey never saw it.

  • Almos

    This would be a great addition!

  • Kendra

    RIP, need this.

  • stubbo66[49DIV]

    Channels are getting beyond intolerable abuse without this's needed NOW please.


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