Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.


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  • AngelMcCoy

    Yes, please! 

  • timsmart

    We are using this bot to do this:

  • Yami

    Please make this suggestion hapen!

  • zircxes

    This seems like a basic feature. I can do role/permission based invites with most of my other software online (DropBox, Box, Google, ...). I wish I didn't have to mess with a bot to run my classroom. If we expect admins to be super users we likely won't get the wider audience adoption and I definitely wouldn't be able to get many other professors to set it up (or they are going to make me do it ugh).

  • axi92

    Bots are nice but some ppl dont get the reaction role or some other stuff what to do with bots. This would be a great feature pls add this =)

  • RayXu

    I think this is a very important function.

  • nathanmaingard


  • MattNeary

    Bump - Discord admins please add this feature!


    In the meantime, there is the ARISE Invite Bot which seems to achieve this quite reliably.

  • mitnikdk

    I just found a bot, that does this.
    Thought I'd share it because it took so long for me to find :)

    The same way there are bots that track invites, you can check the use count of the invite code every time a new user joins, and give the role to the user if the use count went up by 1 the same moment he joined

    The name of the bot is "Invite-Role Bot" you can find it here:

  • JKybett

    These bots have been discussed in these comments before. Since these bots rely on timing, they can't be fully trusted since they can't recover properly from any downtime and there's the possibility of race-condition issues.

    I actually stopped using the very bot you linked because it kept having these issues where it would go down and I wouldn't be aware that a bunch of people hadn't been given roles in my server. In fact, I'm surprised it's still around as I thought it had been permanently taken down.

    To be honest, I'd be satisfied with Discord storing the invite used to join a server and allowing bots to access that variable through API since, THEN, a bot could be trusted to do this job. Hell, I could write that bot in a couple minutes and implement it in my server if they had that API available.

  • Deeptanil

    Would love for this to be added!


  • Spankey

    This thread exists 3 years already, how is it that discord staff still didn’t make this happen, invite link with auto role assignment per link, people obviously want this and the bots are wonky at best…

  • Nidhi

    MUCH Needed! 


  • Dana

    I wonder how many piles of shame like this exist on Discord's forum. Do they have "ignore" tag for threads Discord staff want to forget about? :D

    I do observe the thread for about 2yrs now!

  • John

    I so much need this : a invitation link which grant you a role, regardless if you're already on the server or not.
    My use case is, I have a website where I sell "treasure hunts". My discord is public, about "treasure hunts", enigmas, puzzles... And there is a specific private chan (and a specific role) for every hunt I sell. I need an invitation link which grant the specific role, so I can (for example) made my website send the link on the command confirmation email. So each time someone but a hunt, he automatically get the link which grant him the access to the specific chan.

    And as a lot of people have said, there is no bot doing that. Also, I tried "invite role bot", but it is not working if the person is already on the server.


  • Toniopixy

    That'd be great. For example i would need it for my TTRPG discord where i manage muliple tables, you can directly have a link to invite players to your table and they have access to only channels for their game without having them on a waiting channel before the admin give them the role. Same issue for organizing event where you could invite volunteer and they have directly the role volunteer to access organizations channels. This feature would be really useful !

  • pigeonwarp

    Please!!  I just want a simple, easy, non-bot option for members to bring a +1 to movie night or something and just invite them directly to the restricted guest role 


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