Custom Game Names for Verified Games


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  • 3 Meow

    Agree. This is too poor idea for verified nox name but couldn't change to the application name you're playing.

    I don't know Is the programmer team have a brain or ever use a common sense to made this or not.

    Or this idea come from Internships or whoever. Do they have QA team or someone verified this idea before release.

    too bad for this discord. Only 1 thing I use Discord cuz it could show my application name to my friend which can help my friend awareness my playing game and let's them play 2gether.

  • Zebiano

    I'd love this feature to be implemented! Personally, I don't see the point in restricting it... It doesn't give any benefits to anyone, just a hassle to those who want to change it. So, can I kindly ask the Discord team to add this? 

    Thank you!

  • Tanryoku

    For the love of God change this already..

  • Panda °^°

    I've been browsing through the internet, I didn't know that changing verified game has been a topic for so long. Discord, please, CHANGE IT. We want that, you should know by now! It doesn't work a 100%, get it already! You meant good, but let us change it when it's wrong!
    I'm currently playing the visual novel Amnesia: Memories. But Discord tells everyone I'm playing a totally different game. Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And I can't even change that because the game is verified. It's not like it's a remastered edition or some DLC to it, it's a total different game. If the verification doesn't work, give us the chance to fix it manually, please.

  • Gogetters

    The whole uncustomizable verified thing is incredibly stupid. Does Discord even read anything on these forums because this has been requested for years now.

  • Volodesi

    Please give us the ability to change the name or disable Verified games from even showing. This "Our way" or nothing approach is annoying.

  • Tem

    Discord please change this! I want my friends to able to see what I'm playing on my emulator!

  • Orbacle

    Seriously. Discord for some out of the world reason is showing as a verified game and now every time Discord app is in focus, it switches to "playing Discord" instead of an actual unverified one that is not on the top.

  • GiraffeCubed

    If anyone wants to get around this until the locks are gone from game name changing, just rename the game or application's .exe file to something else, and Discord will no longer recognize it. You can then name it to what ever you like again in the Game Activity settings.

  • mugscraft

    Bump, back in my day we could change the name of any program we wanted to!

  • Misharu

    This needs to get changed so that you can change the name of a verified one. Not being able to rename it is dumb.

  • Aprillomat

    Annoyingly also, some titles that used to work have now been changed - Dark Souls: PtDE (the old Dark Souls) will now be displayed as "Dark Souls: REMASTERED", which is incredibly annoying, because appearing to play this piece of s*** remaster is actually kind of insulting.

    And since the game executable is also within the SteamApps folder called "Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition", there's really no good excuse for this behaviour.

  • Naesten

    @GiraffeCubed: So, wait, do they just go by the EXE filename? Besides being easily spoofed, there are a bunch of cases where two games just happen to use the same filename (perhaps they share initials), so that's a really strange way to do things ...

  • kaolincash

    I desperately need to be able to play "fish mining simulator" and not have it auto-detect as "RuneScape".

  • Poland

    Yes, we are and since I'm an intern I don't have control over this. Like seriously if one of the HR's do it I will be the first one changing my VSC2019 into "I'm coding a bot leave."

  • lemondrop

    There’s no point in keeping this kind of thing under lockdown, especially when it’s wrong. I have a game called “Amnesia: Memories”, and whenever I play it, discord says I’m playing “Amnesia: The Dark Decent”, which is very much a different game, and I can’t correct it because the latter is verified. I’d like to broadcast what I’m playing correctly, please.

  • Tevela

    I would really LOVE to be able to rename verified games again. My example is when playing Minecraft, I used to change the name to let people on my community know I was playing on the community MC server, to differentiate multiplayer from single player. It was something of an invite to get them to come hang out!

  • celestialgaze

    Discord pls.

  • strotlog

    @MeLlamanHokage , this request is about Verified games, which you cannot add manually. The user is given no control over them.

  • DJC00

    I wholeheartedly agree with allowing us to change the name of 'verified games' for ourselves, due to an evident number of misnamed games. I recently began playing Silent Hill 3 on PC, and for some odd reason, Discord identifies it as 'Silent Hunter 3'. I'm honestly pretty surprised that it even went that way; You'd think it would happen the other way around, considering the games in question.

  • Mocha

    @GiraffeCubed thanks so much for sharing that! Your suggestion did the trick! I can now show when I'm playing Melee or Project M instead of just "Dolphin".


    @Naesten yes it literally goes by filename, I went and renamed vlc.exe to dolphin.exe and it would show me as playing dolphin when I launch vlc.

  • Nes

    Please allow us to change the name of "verified" games. The current functionality is counter-intuitive.

  • EmeraldFishy

    I'd really like this. It'd be nice to set Chocobo World as a different name than Final Fantasy VIII, so people know I'm leaving it open and probably away, rather than ignoring them intentionally.

  • megukittie

    yes also if you change a non verified game name to a verified game for eg "Google Chrome to Fortnite" you cant change it back


  • 🌸Peachy

    PLease just implement this already 

  • Cojomo

    This post was made 3 years ago and this still hasn't been implemented


  • Gogetters

    This has been suggested many times over the years and Discord seems intent on ignoring it.

  • Vledermuis

    Please let us change this! For some reason Discord decided that Google Chrome was a verified game and named it Minecraft, and I can't change it because Discord is "100% correct" with their verified games! So now I'm pretty much always playing Minecraft (while not even owning the game). Great design! 

  • Zayne

    I want to be able to change the name to Hello or something instead of having it to say Fortnite or Roblox so that I won't get bullied or some shit please remove the verified logo and make us all be able to change name from any game!

  • Shiina

    Seriously discord are you even listening lmao


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