Overlay for 4k resolution


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  • Dimas008

    Yes, please. I play games in WQHD resolution and I have the same problem.


    I also play at 2560x1440, I don't see any problems, or do I miss things that I don't know about which are visible when you use 1920x1080 resolution? :S

  • Heather

    Support told me that the overlay is currently capped at 1920x1080 and to upvote feedback to have this implemented.

  • Roekan Avallach

    Playing in 4K with overlay but limited to it's placement to the top left corner of my screen and very small. I too would like to see 4K support added.

    Thank you.

  • nicholas1513

    Please add support for 4k! I'm not even using the overlay right now, and the app is almost completely unresponsive.  The only thing that I have changed is I purchased and set up a 4k monitor.


  • McGarnagle

    Even when my games are running at 1920x1080 my overlay still runs at 3000x2000 native

  • Simp City

    2k player here, i need my scaling discord


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