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  • Hans

    If Discord want, they can really give Slack a run for it's money.
    What they need to do is to make a option when you make an account whether you want a Gaming interface or a Business interface. The business interface can be striped for some of the gaming features, and the gaming interface can keep all of the features.

    Discord is way smoother than Slack, and have som very crucial features that sets it apart. They have Voice Chat that is very handy, Conference Call with Screen Share, and the ability to add friends. You aren't locked to organisations. Discord is also much cheaper than Slack, which is very important for organisations, startups and people who are looking for a communication tool for their project.

    The main two important thing that they shouldn't do, is to force you to use two separate apps for business and personal use. You should be able to have work en personal life in one app. But they could add a way to tag all non work servers and people to (Personal), and all work servers to (Work). So you can choose to hide and mute all personal servers and friends during work time. 

  • Sinon

    I was just talking about this the other day, A duplicate of discord but meant more for business, In fact, I would be so glad if this came to discord. It would be amazing!

  • MrFancyPantz

    For me all Discord would have to do is offer a re-skinned version without all the gameriness. Just a simple clean look and feel. Very stock and boring skin. It would take a design person less than a week to re-skin it. Set aside a little real estate for ads to cover the revenue side of things and boom it's done.

  • rideh

    Bigger considerations for this to be taken seriously for business is data handling, residency, encryption, security. Who has access, change management processes, certifications/attestations, service level agreements, connection management (ip restriction, vpn requirements, SSO), etc.

  • pauloconnor

    A corporate version of Discord would be great. Literally just the ability to remove the game-based bits is all that'd be required. There's some functionality in there that I think would be a huge benefit to our business and where we are hoping to take some elements of our workflow. I've used Slack before but I really like Discord!

  • rideh

    Except o365 tools and teams sucks. What we're looking for is a voip chatroom version of slack with the same flexibility/capability with webhooks/chatbots.

  • TechDragon

    I was perfectly fine only using Slack at work, however Discord has successfully convinced a number of open source projects that it is the best tool for real time communications (https://discordapp.com/open-source) and in my particular case, the Ember.js community decided to move from Slack to Discord.  https://www.emberjs.com/blog/2018/07/13/the-ember-times-issue-55.html#toc_a-href-https-github-com-emberjs-rfcs-pull-345-rfc-goodbye-slack-hello-discord-a 

    As a consequence I was forced to decide between using Discord, and having real time communication with the rest of the open source community I was a participant in. So obviously I just decided to use Discord. While this is fine on my personal machines, the current Discord interface is bad from a professional perspective, and I dislike having it open on my work machine. I have no way to define a boundary between my work and my personal life. I don't want all my game servers open at work and discord gives me no control over this. Its mute and/or leave the server, or put up with having it on my sidebar at work.

    At the end of the day. I'd be happy to pay for a "work mode" because as a software developer I know features have maintenance costs, but the only thing Discord wants to let me pay for is gaming related features. 

    Edit: Fixed capitalisation, missing words, and removed some minor exaggeration. :-) 

  • Knight2050

    I also use Discord in a professional environment because it's so much better that Slack, Skype or anything else. The cherry on the cake would be a more "pro" theme for the UI and hide some gaming functionalities.

    I would have no problem paying for that either.

  • RazR

    Make a "Bizord" - Same basic functionality as Discord with all the great collaboration capabilities as we all love, but instead of all the gaming stuff and lingo make it aimed at businesses. 

    Quick ideas for functionality:

    Consultant / collaboration support between companies.

    File management.

    Live chat embedded on website (group and one-on-one)

    Ticket / support system.

    User rating.




    And yes, those could be community made instead of being native.

  • William

    I do not mind having a Discord version paid for a company. I would pay and it would be an evolution in Brazil, being able to work from home with the rest of the team. And when I say, the only thing that should be removed is the aspect of the game, because the rest of the Discord works very well. ;-)

    Discord Business now! We pay!

  • Boi_Play_With_Joy

    Dear Discord,


    I am writing this letter because I think discord could grow a lot in the future if servers had private(secured) options. Personally I use discord on the daily and I don't like using Skype for conferences calls or any other platforms instead. Discord is so easy to use and moderate for personal use it should be considerable for work. Due to the logo and the gaming status it has a bad name for work use. 

    to get people more users and get discord growing they should add/change the following: 

    -change logo

    -private and secured servers

    -servers being able to be run all over the globe for maximum communication(not in regions like Europe, America, etc)

    -advertisement for their new platform or changed platform, for a better name in the business world 

    -simple timers and planning systems programmed into the app

    -change of terms of use

    -connection to LinkedIn to attract more users and expand their platform to other users

    -friend system(maybe not that smart due to privacy policy... and reliability for big businesses) 


    So dear Discord, I don't know what your goals for usage are(gamers only or expanding to the workplace) but I would go for expanding to the business section!


    Thank you for your time and consideration.




    Roel Linde


  • rickersilva

    I have tested Tams and it really is not what I need. first of all it´s apps and web access are RAM eager and does not run smooth on all company stations; yes I know that may be our fault, but what can I do?

    A very important part I don{t like about teams is that it has no notifications for the chats. not even when I mention someone. If someone has the app up and running, everything is goo, but once it is closed or sgut down, there is no way you can keep track of your teams conversations.

    The mobile app is really eavy you feel it is consuming a lot anf running slow, which is not the case with discord or slack.

    Yes, disord or slack may not have all the integrations for microsot suite I desire, but for ommunications, discord seems to be a really useful piece of sotware.

    One thing I like about discord (besides all it´s group, bots and integrations, is the PTT button or the auto mic function. Here at work the ambient is really noisy, so it is good to have something to keep the mic off while I´m not speaking and keeping the conversation clear.

  • rideh

    we are heavy users of slack at work. We have a lot of automation, bots, log/news/update aggregations, integrations with client slacks, etc. Slack is great. However it doesn't have the persistent voice chat rooms with the push to talk / noise canceling at the same level of refinement as Discord. I suppose you can do a channel call every day and leave up a persistent group voip call but it is not as easily managed as simply having voice channels to join as first order members.  The auto afk, and some other behaviors are nice as well.  If slack added "voice channels" and push to talk and auto-afk then perhaps its a different topic.

  • nanitamenteana

    I great with you because my mother is a virtual teacher and thinks something similar. I wrote an entry with a similar idea: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360032427792-Professional-and-not-gamer-version-of-Discord

  • RGTube
    I'd hate to burst your bubble but the target audience vs whom uses Discord vary. The worlds largest most visited NSFW website has a discord server dedicated to it. Hint: it starts with a "P" and ends with "Hub"
  • L0rd

    Hello Lieuwe, 

    The Discord for Business that i made is only a design , and it is not possible to make with any "theme changer" as its not just a theme yet a whole new infrastructure .

    the product i 've shown is not for selling , and i have all the copyrights of the design and no one is trying to sell it,  I would be glad developping the UI for free if Discord wanted it otherwise it remains just a design.(im not looking for money or any benefit out of this) .

    as for your claims that you don't see any issues with using discord using to communicate as a company , well reasons are well explained , starting from the first response.

    I will try to reach out to Discord Management about the design and the UI which would be a whole new product not just a new "theme". 

    Design link : https://www.behance.net/gallery/100130269/Discord-Business-Design

    Thank you.


  • lieuwe_berg


    I really dislike WhatsApp for managing your groups and keeping stuff on-topic (one group for all :3). I'd rather have my entire school switch over to Discord so we can actually have things organized and not have important stuff drain in chat.


    A professional version would really only have to remove the game aspect of Discord. Basically remove everything with 'game' in the name. The store, the game detection, settings tabs.

    I'm aware this would take a lot of precious time that could be better contributed towards other stuff though. Some counterarguments:

    - The games and store tab are hidden, until you click their button. It's really not noticable if you don't use it.

    - If you don't game; you won't really notice any of Discord's gaming aspects. wait these arguments are basically the same.

  • Technomancer

    I was going to write a suggestion for this- but I found this suggestion so I'm tacking on:


    I think this is a really good idea- and I think Discord could make a lot of money with it. If "Discord Business" had it's own version of Discord Nitro which didn't include all the games + game perks, the price for Nitro would drop significantly. A lot of businesses are happy to pay a few dollars per month per employee buying the full version of everything they use as a matter of course, so if there was a Discord Business a much larger than normal portion of users would buy Nitro. This would make a lot of money for Discord, and provide a much needed service of a strong competitor for business facing chat programs. 

  • Snocember
    Yes, that would be a good idea. A "lite" version that surpresses game and fun content and only shows chat and voice things, so that it is suitable in a job.
  • Expurgated

    Love Discord.

    Hate Teams. it has lousy voice chat. weird UI. Extremely poor text chat.

    Don't like Slack. If you mention you are doing business with Iran you will be banned.

    Google Hangouts is not an alternative. Some of our personnel are not fond of Google ID which means Google tracking.

    Reskin "Discord for Business" and you'll have lots of paying customers like our company.
    Possibly sell a container as a server.

    Thank you Discord!

  • DreamQuest

    Yep, business version of Discord would be awesome!

    Do it DiscordAPP!! We business owners are ready to pay for it!

    (Slack suck in comparison to Discord in terms of features - and Microsoft just go home..)

  • Music4lity

    Hey Discord, I know you guys could make this a phenomenal tool for business. Skype is lame, Teams is slow, but Discord is fast, has a great UI, is so user friendly and so much more. Adding AD features would make user management simple and seamless.

  • Sammitch

    You guys have all the backing infrastructure and services ready to go, all you need to do is spin up a UI/brand that's business-friendly and price yourselves a dollar cheaper than Slack.

    In my experience The Business thinks that Slack is "too expensive! *gasp* Seven dollars a month!" and Technical Users are on the fence about changing jobs vs actually using MS Teams. Discord is always suggested as an option by the Technical side, but always rejected due to the gaming-centric branding/UI. I think that you could really carve off a tasty chunk of this market with a minimal amount of risk or effort.

    Sure seems like a better bet than hoping the VC cash never stops flowing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Xzila

    In terms of the "unprofessional" part of the logo. You can use a script to replace it, or an addblocker ( if you are using the webapp version)

    If you are annoyed by having game servers on your discord at work. Create a new account and don't join any other channel.

    For me the only thing I wish Discord moved into the main interface was direct messaging. Direct messaging is something by design on discord that is moved to the background to be done every once in a while. The searches are performed on a per person basis.

    Slack has more integration options which is pretty cool and all, but have of them wouldn't be necessary if ease of joining a "workplace" was lower. Making SMS, emails unnecessary internally. Slack's settings and permissions are annoying to change as you have to straddle between their website and the client / webapp. Discord allows you to do it on the fly from inside the app or client. Discord has better search operators within a server: "has:file" "from: Xzila#1234". Discord font sizes and colors are easier to read. HOWEVER slack allows for the starting of threads from posts within a channel which is a pretty cool feature.

  • L0rd

    Hello Guys, 

    i've made a design for the discord Business. 

    Design Link :  https://www.behance.net/gallery/100130269/Discord-Business-Design 



    You can see all the design UI and views Click Here  

    Help it reach out to Discord and please  suggest some ideas to add in the design.

    Thank you ! 

  • /usr/bin/dylan

    Likely not relevant now, but feel like I had to say that the "chat bot" that addressed your female employee as "love" was 100% not a targeted message. Discord's built-in welcomer just randomly selects a line of text to announce a member's join. It's almost laughable that a workplace would mistake that as a targeted, condescending message when Discord's registration process does not even ask for your gender -- it was by chance.

  • zhangweinnar

    I would like to see this feature as well, I would like to bring Discord for use with my boss at my company but they will dismiss it as a "gaming"...but also scared if they do make a business discord they will charge $10 / user / month or more like slack


  • Patrity

    "lite" may be a better way to sell this version, very true.

  • s̷͎̐ṱ͖u̴̽k̷

    Hey Discord team!

    Your app is awesome. My company switched from Skype to Teams and it's a PITA. Teams is slow and sucks and Discord has so much more to offer. Add PSTN support, AD support and remove all the gaming related stuff in another app.

  • zhangweinnar

    hello discord please make a business version, my company would use this and pay for it! 


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