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  • keng15

    Can there be an update to where we can change our Game activity on mobile? Thanks.

  • DiabolicallyRandom

    Yes, they need a way to block EXE's from even being looked at.

    I submitted a bug report on Synergy myself today, but they definitely should just have a way to block certain exe's.


    I want it to show when im playing destiny so my friends know they can join me, but i don't want it to show me playing a game while im at work using synergy.



  • Sixie™

    tbh I would be happy if the Devs add a way to Exclude Games from being shown "Playing" I know Discord auto detects all the EXE on its list that it thinks are games, thats fine and all, But I would like a function where you can exclude or disable specific games/exe from being show that your playing or open.


    as in, I would like to get seen im playing say... Counter Strike, but I dont want being seen playing EVE Online...  

  • Brady

    I fully agree with this suggestion.

    It is also very annoying that there is no prioritization for showing games.

  • Supersniper98™

    For me, there are some old games which Discord doesn't detect by default and I want them to be shown, so I added their .exe manually in Game Activity... However,  even though after restarting Discord I saw that their .exe is stored in Game Activity (with a text for example saying "Last played 1 hour ago"), Discord just doesn't show them (and doesn't update the "Last played 1 hour ago" text) despite me starting the game again. Then, there was a game which I added manually and even in the beginning it didn't show up. Both of these issues occured after the new "Game Library" addition, so I think that they are linked to it (before, these old games were showing as a status message every time, regardless of restarting Discord or no).

    (Also i checked every time, "Display currently running game as a status message" was on)

  • Aeon1704

    I must say... i really disappointed in Discord Developer Team. Apparently they are merging my thread with much more better explanation about what we want, with this thread, that explains nothing, therefore closing one with better explanation, suggestions, higher upvote count and older creation date.

    I am starting to feel that you deliberately trying to avoid discussion about this for unknown reason. This is copy of my post, it was closed and deleted.
    We've been asking about this for ages. Can you atleast give us straight answer Why we don't ( can't ) have it?

  • Aeon1704

    Make it happen...

  • Smidgens

    This is a second attempt at a comment. My last one got thrown into "pending approval" before being deleted. In which I criticized Discord, and compare it to spyware due to its scanning behaviour. It was a pretty fair observation considering you can't turn it off, and Discord seemingly allows itself the freedom to scan arbitrarily. Until Discord adds an option to disable said behaviour, I recommend to anyone using it: install it in a sandbox, use the web app, or don't use it at all if you can.

    To the reviewing moderators, if this comment won't see the light of day either: if you deem what I'm saying as having cause for removal, you're ignoring the dragon growing in your living room. You can't ignore this being an issue to people. If you delete complaints here, they'll just resurface and sprout discussions in other places like Reddit.

  • brody

    I have the same complaint as others in here. I understand some people want to show off when they are working, but I don't. An example is the writer's app, Scrivener. It shows on my "Game Activity" (why? it is not a game) when I am on my PC writing. I have had more than a few people DM me asking me what game I'm playing when they see Scrivener open. Now I also have the Go Live pop up appearing as well, even with "Show Game Activity" toggled off:

    Screen sharing and streaming is a great feature, but I don't want to see this while I'm working.

    Unfortunately, I am going to disable "Show Game Activity" until this is addressed. I'm tired of having to toggle it on and off when switching between gaming and working. Please allow us to disable these features for certain apps, because I like showing my gaming activity when I'm actually gaming!

  • Lifell

    I agree with "Aeon1704" and "Smidgens". It's as a feature already annoying that it lacks the most basic options. But also the fact that it scans everything and information like what we play and our playtime is stored on your servers (without any option to turn it off) is something that is insane. Nobody of my friends play Warframe on Discord. But it is shown on the Warframe store page on Discord that a shitton of people play it. I know they do and it seem Discord knows as well.

    I have no idea what more is being scanned and we can't know. It might be exaggerating to say that Discord is turning into Facebook for gamers. Privacy hoarding. If I see "login with Discord" in a year or so I won't be surprised. For anyone unaware, even if you don't have a facebook account you will still be monitored by facebook. One of the things is the "login with facebook" on quite a lot of websites. Even if you don't use that option, you're still being logged.

    A lot of people seem to choose to not care but it needs to stop before Discord turns into something horrible. It's mostly good now, although it can of course be a lot better with some work.

    But as "Smidgens" says, it scans your system without an option to turn it off and hoards info from people their systems. That's NOT acceptable.

  • Sean

    There does need to be an option to fully disable the scanning of any running process.

    I prefer Discord as a chat client, I don't need (or want) the excess stuff that only bogs it down.

  • Aeon1704

    I really really really really really really really really really don't understand this!!!
    When we have accounts connected to Discord, there is a switch in connection settings, that determines whatever that account is shown for your friends or not.

    Why we can't have the same for games?
    What you want us to do, so we will be able to have such a simple option?

  • penguinairlines


    I'm having the exact same problem with Synergy.  I'm looking everywhere to find a solution and no valid recommendations on forums, twitter, FAQ, etc. 

    I have gone to my settings > Game Activity and found "Synergy" under "ADDED GAMES", used the x to remove it, but it still says that I am playing Synergy, even after a restart of my PC.  My game activity currently says "No game detected" but still my status in servers says I am playing Synergy.  Definitely some kind of continuity error here.

    After this, I have tried launching a different game, verified that the server showed I was playing the new game, closed the game, and it still reverts to showing Synergy.  

    Please, we really need some way to remove automatically detected executables from this game detection feature.  For now I just have to turn it off, defeating the point of this direction that discord is trying to move into.

  • Lifell

    I totally agree. This concerns me though:

    "Even if 'Display current running game...' is disabled, Discord still scans all exe files for something that Discord thinks is 'Game Activity'. Many apps, not even a games, are registered by Discord as Games."

    That part might be great for them. If that info is send to their servers they would have a list of what games are installed for people and what they play. It has been years and stuff is getting added constantly. But not this. There was 1 other feedback thread here that had 500+ upvotes.

    If you make a "appear what you're playing" feature it's very obvious that you get this added from the start. It's really, really a thing that should be already there when you introduce this feature.

  • ΠσyχAtomik

    This seems like an obvious example of "What the heck is Discord doing here?" LibreOffice isn't even a game.

  • _Syzygy_

    I find it more than disappointing that Discord is lumping a request to disable monitoring with this post which does not mention such. This poor community management is a detriment to the development of Discord as software.

  • Crazierinzane

    Very annoying that I can't turn it off or switch "games" on a case by case basis.


    Can we please address this? I am not playing synergy and do not want to stream it.

  • Aeon1704

    Maybe on reddit they will listen to this plea...

  • xTrolu ❤

    About which appears first, it could first be a game with Rich Presence, next a verified game, then Spotify and then custom status.

  • NorthernTempest

    Having the same problems! I wish there was a fix for this! Glasswire (a background app that alerts you about dangerous network activity) is registering as a game, and that means I'm "playing" glasswire 24/7! Now my friends will never know what I'm actually up to because I've had to turn the whole game activity status off!

  • Grady Vuckovic


    Come on devs where are you? I basically have Game Activity disabled permanently entirely because of this. I would *like* to enable it, but I won't when Discord adds basically every single bloody application I use to the list of activity. I don't need Discord to share 'Playing Firefox' or 'Playing Wine' or 'Playing Photoshop'. Just give me the option to disable the automatic detection and I will happily add the handful of games or applications that I actually want my friends to see if I'm playing/using or not.

    Come on people have been begging for this for years, it can't be that hard. Simple checkbox:

    "Disable Automatic Detection: [ x ]"

    That's literally all we need.

  • Smidgens

    Just to expand a bit on my comment in lieu of Lifell's which I strongly agree with it, and which is more thoroughly directed at the problem than mine. I did go into similar detail about my complaints in the original comment that got deleted which I regret not having repeated in the second.

    I am pretty flabbergasted that people aren't making a bigger deal of this than they are. Discord actively monitors your executables, but the larger concern for people now seems to be its inaccuracy in identifying them as games. As if to say "make it better at identifying games" instead of "stop scanning my programs".
    The support team even went so far as to close a thread that was opened to criticize this directly, and they claimed it was the same issue that the current thread was opened with, which is far removed from the other thread in direction. This one began by basically asking for an option to tweak what to show publicly to other users, while the poster of the thread that got closed was criticizing the monitoring in general. And they merge the threads claiming they're the same issue, and opt to keep the one that's more innocuous towards them? That doesn't sit right.

    Discord is free, so screaming about the removal of what presumably weighs into their revenue model might be a bit entitled on the part of us users, but this seems like a line crossed. I can live with ads being pushed in front of me. I don't like them, but I'm not paying for the service so it's a price I have to suck up (or pay premium). I don't have to buy into them (assuming they're reasonably placed) and presumably the ad partner gets paid either way. But to scan people's computer usage is like having the aforementioned figurative salesman that normally comes at you on the streets instead show up at your door, let himself in and tell you "oh, don't worry,  I don't need to sell you anything, I just like being in here, just do whatever you usually do" while he wanders the house at will. A bit of a wonky metaphor, but it's the overstepping of boundaries that's the point here.

    We don't know what Discord is logging. We don't even know what exactly it tracks with respect to games, which it claims to be the only thing of interest.

    They could be harvesting data about non-game related applications to get a better sense of what types of users are using Discord and how much they do, and this seems plausible for marketing reasons. I hadn't really thought they might become so bold to ever admit to something like that if they are doing it, but now I wonder if it isn't inevitable, and that if they aren't doing it, they will, and then proudly announce that it's a step towards "improving the user experience". The same form of self excusing statement we've seen Microsoft use to explain the extreme telemetry "features" in Windows. And that's a paid service to boot, making it even worse. It used to be that when companies went this far, they had to spend years pleading for users to trust them again. Nowadays, they announce it confidently and proudly, and people not only don't hold them accountable, they at times encourage the behaviour. This state of things isn't good.

  • Foo

    I agree, I genuinely feel violated if i remove EXEs, tell discord I am not interested in it scanning my games, and then two days later discord scans for all my game EXEs so I have to remove them again. 

  • Admiral Bahroo

    No I think multiple people think this would be a great addition as I do

  • Kid

    Even months later I still think this is a needed feature, we need the choice to manage what we show in the Game activity

  • mynnichi

    I didn't even realize this was a problem until yesterday. There has to be a way to turn off specific game activities, especially verified games that keep showing themselves even after being removed from added games. My reasoning is the same as OPs - I want my music to show up, not whatever verified program I have opened that I'm not using.

  • Aeon1704

  • ZambiblasianOgre

    I also often simultaneously game and listen to Spotify, this would be a nice feature.

  • ekko

    I'm having the exact same problem. Right now the only fix I found is to rename synergy.exe to something else but that causes problems when its time to update so then I need to change the name back. 


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