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  • Lenz

    y e s

  • I guess not stream to Discord, but embed stream from other services, e.g. Twitch player or YouTube player or Mixer embed...


  • austin

    Discord streaming would be great? It’ll have more active viewers and users due to streamers possibly converting from YouTube, twitch or even steam to discord...

    It would also be a great competitor to the steam streaming service that hasn’t quiet popped of yet

  • Drezkil

    it would be great because discord has the potential of not having a great latency

    but there's a problem: streamers itself's 

    We need to regulate the consomation and make stop a stream that have been run more than 3 hours

    and even not recording the sound in game.

  • danyooo

    Hey, it seems like they might be planning on adding streaming to Discord, I came across this feature but only on this one server im on. And then it just stays liek this

  • Armblessed

    Two days ago I successfully streamed a VR session with Elite Dangerous in Discord using what you just posted. Literally just clicked the button and it streamed a lag free super smooth live session. My server mates who saw it said it looked amazing. Last night, tried to do the same and all everyone got was a black screen.  Can't find anything to troubleshoot it. I realize it's in Beta and looks really new. Don't know why it stopped working but when it worked, it was easy and spectacular.

  • Hey, just get notification from this. Actually there already work solution on that. I'm on testing server for Bug Hunters and already tested this new feature. It work on Canary and update may be passed on Stable as well (can't confirm) and it not on many servers right now (some devs servers for tests plus some random servers with less than 50 members are chosen).
    At this moment they polishing overlay as it looks like.

    @danyooo if you want to know more details, you may contact to me in Discord.

    ╳(͜͡𝓪𝓷𝓖 ⑆#5512
  • CrackRockChris

    streaming on discord would be the new era.

  • Sloppy

    I tried to use the streaming thing on discord where you go live for a channel however all it says is RTC connecting and it doesnt load.

  • Daniel C

    Hello everyone! This feature is currently being rolled out slowly to servers. Please be patient :)

    (Please note I'm not staff)

  • Nani!?

    one day discord gonna take over the internet with more and more features and it's growing popularity.

  • I'm having the Issue of not seeing the Streaming Options on the Bottom
    My Picture

    Friends Picture

  • Abura

    Umm @Sheriff, I hope you are not a real Sheriff lol.. At least you ain't an investigator.. 2 posts above yours it's stated it's slowly being rolled out to all servers. Just be patient, it'll show up! :)

  • Sadly not a Sheriff but a Graphics Web Designer


  • Joyverse

    Any news on when this becomes a feature on the Mac? Or will the support never come out? :(

  • Abura

    @Joyverse, it's not even fully live yet. Only certain servers have it now (I've seen server like Wowhead, Cities Skylines (big server) have it and those who got boosted) others will have to wait, and maybe then mac is next :) Or start a game and visit the servers in your lists, especially bigger ones, to see if they have it.

  • gacha life

    how do i go life


  • knig_fotlets

    So our Discord also has this feature, when one of my friends streams WoW Classic the stream is mostly fine, a few lags here and there. But if I'm streaming Witcher 3 they say that my stream is lagging a lot. My game plays fine at aroung 100 fps with no lags, only the stream itself is lagging.

    Since I can't change any settings I can't really say what could be causing this, but I'm guessing that it might be a downscaling issue from 1440p to 720p, while my boys only have to downscale from 1080p to 720p. Or it's just an encoding problem I don't know.

    Upload shouldn't be a problem since I have 40mbps (via FTTH) while the others have upload ranging from 1mbps to 5mbps and they don't have any lags.


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