Increase max file size for free accounts


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  • ΛΔ

    I see a lot of discord apologists here saying “just get nitro” or “cloud storage isn’t free.”

    However this issue can be very easily solved simply by having the client compress the image before uploading it. This solution would not burden Discord’s servers with any additional compute, bandwidth, or storage demands whatsoever. There is absolutely no excuse for why this problem exists.

  • ShintyShinto

    Should be 20MB imo, enough for a couple seconds of good quality video.

  • ΛΔ

    I think it’s absolutely unacceptable to ask users to pay for the ability to seamlessly upload screenshots taken on the same device that the discord app runs on.

    If you don’t want to increase bandwidth costs, fine, have the client compress the images before uploading them. iPhones have very fast SoCs these days, put them to use.

  • HypeZ

    this is very problematic for sharing screenshot from iPad Pro 10.5 or larger, they exceed 8mb so i usually have to compress it sending the same screenshot to myself in Telegram, saving it again and sharing.


    Another solution could be automatic screenshot compression when > limit (8mb for free, 50mb for nitro users)

  • Sakuya Izayoi

    Instead of asking discord to increase the upload limit, discord could try to implement compression for the image if the image is larger than the intended file size. Or provide user difference setting between low, medium and high preset of the compression 

  • metaprogram

    Honestly, simply upping the limit to 8.5MB would probably be sufficient to alleviate the problem for most users.  With an iPhone, you only need to crop a few pixels off of any dimension to get under the 8MB limit, so it is already very close.  But given that this is such an extremely common use case, "buy a premium account in order to upload anything from your phone" is not that compelling of an answer.


    Alternatively, you could have the server down-res the image slightly to get it under the limit.

  • PuckerFactor

    50mb isn't worth paying for, 500mb would be worth it to me.

  • dreamup

    It's close to the year 2020, these upload limits need to be updated. A 50mb limit for a paying user is ridiculous. I've tried nitro for a month and I'm not renewing because of issues like these. Stop investing in shallow PR moves and marketing, please develop a better basic service.

  • Considering the world of HQ Screenshots, videos and file formats, 8MB has very little hold for most small captures on PC. This also carries over to audio remixes that you have made yourself. I myself have made my own boosted versions of songs and have been unable to send them afterwards due to the file limit. While Discord was meant for GIFs and other image formats, new downloadable formats of images and videos make this limit have no fit. This also includes older formats too with how updates change the functionality of these file types and size requirements. Telling someone to pay for something that is a standard of most other messaging apps is like trying to sell the IPhone 8 for the price of the IPhone X.

  • Vile

    20 second clip? HAH Cute. I just tried to send a 5 second clip off an iPhone 6 and it said WOAHHHH NELLY! Them files is too strong pardner! -__- it's 2020 and I can't sent a 5 second video to a friend.  Nitro? Why, I send videos and pictures of infrequently a monthly fee for a 'maybe' is ridiculous.

  • Devoldo

    Agreed the upload size for non-nitro users is way too minuscule. Can't upload a simple photo from my phone without jumping through hoops to decrease it's size. I was a nitro subscriber for over a year and canceled since I don't use it enough to be worth it. One photo and I have this app that I supported screaming at me because I wanted to send one simple picture to a chat...

  • JohannLau

    File size limit for different chat apps

    Telegram: 2 GB

    Gmail: 15 GB virtually (if it exceeds 25 MB it will auto-upload it to google drive)

    Skype: 300 MB

    WhatsApp: 100 MB

    Discord: 8 MB only ~ WTF?!

  • Maverick Wolfe

    Must be idiots with Nitro Negating my comment..... so here again.... NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD NITRO....those of you with NITRO that are DOWNVOTING what I say are SNOBS. Snobs don't belong here. Upvote because What I say is right.... Nitro is discriminatory.... They got the increase and they promised an overall increase in file size and didn't do it..... GET RID OF THE NITRO PERK OR CHANGE IT WITH AN INCREASE IN FILE SIZE FOR THEM AND INCREASE THE AMOUNT THEY HAVE TO PAY PER MONTH!

  • cayneh

    I agree.

  • Nikolay Megdanov

    I have trouble promoting discord to friends, because of this. When they see that they can't even share a picture or a video, they are directly turned off and go back to Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. Today's phones generate pretty big files and these limitations will prevent Discord from winning some new clients.

  • matuka123

    Yep. Now in 2020, the file size limit is too low. Difficult to upload multiple pictures. It doesn't have to be super high but come on. It's 2020.

  • iko

    Please increase the file size. 

    I can't even post an photograph from my smartphone without taking a screenshot of it before posting .... 

  • novice

    So today was the last day I was chatting in Skype with my last friend who was still using it, I managed to move all my friends from Skype to Discord now and that is fantastic, HOWEVER when my last friend joined Discord he tried to send me a video that was recorder with newest iPhone and he was not able to send me that video because obviously the file was larger than 8MB.

    That was kinda disappointing to my friend, he thought he will be able to send almost any video/photo just like in Skype..

    8MB in 2020 is a joke, please increase it to 40-50MB for non nitro users (if that is too much maybe make that limit ONLY for mobile devices)

  • ░ Colomanse ░

    I think they should make it 500mb if its going to compete with other gaming sites they might as well do it

  • Thalleous Sendaris

    They should increase the file size limit. Like, for example:

    For non-Nitro users: 8mb > 25mb

    Nitro Classic: 50mb > 100mb

    Nitro Full: 100mb > 250mb


    The perks when you boost the server is okay though, and I don't think it should be increased much more because there's a lot of members that would use it. (still Level 2: 50mb, and Level 3: 100mb).


    Discord probably already can do this, many people are already supporting this platform, and Telegram's limits (which is totally free) is actually better than Discord.

  • Anunnaki

    I am not running  nitro on my account. and I am trying to put a file that is under 35kb and discord is is saying its over 8mb. what is going on?


  • reshi ❀

    I agree. I have a 4k laptop and I can't send screenshots at all since they exceed 8MB. It's really annoying having to constantly go on image sharing sites, and shady resizing websites every time I want to share any sort of screenshot to my friends. Sometimes even pictures I take from my phone is too big to be sent on discord, and it can be very irritating.

    I am a full time student, and can't afford nitro all year (which is nearly $70 per year for me, even without the gaming version of it) so even discord compressing images to 8MB for free users would be fine, as long as my friends can see my screenshot without going out of my way to make it smaller.

    I do understand this may cause issues with storage and bandwidth, but it is something that I feel like the team should at least keep in the back of their mind.

  • skidoLLaZ

    When I take screenshots with my iPhone XS Max the file size is over 8mb....can't even send screenshots in discord.  I am so close to getting my buddies group chat to discord, raise it to like 15!! :) thanks, love the program.

  • imex99 (Josh)

    Agreed, this is ridiculous that nearly any photo I take on my s10+ won't upload to share on discord, very frustrating!

  • Lottery248

    it should be at least 32MB like Grabilla.

    edit: even as a full Nitro member, 8MB for free users ar simply too low, despite you can do it infinitely. they really need a change this point.

  • molitar

    Nitro is a damn scam!  It costs more then a full service online backup per year!  Unlimited Backup $50 a year but they damn well want $9.99/month for Nitro just so you can upload larger files.. That is a damn RIPOFF scam!

  • winner00


    That limit really needs to be increased by at least a few megabytes. If a simple screenshot from a iPhone XS can't be uploaded because it's too big then there's a problem. My friend group has been trying to find a replacement for Hangouts since it'll be shutting down this year and this is something some of them probably don't want to deal with.

  • e-them

    To the people saying "just buy nitro", most of us aren't trying to send huge files 100mb or more. It'd just be nice to be able to record a phone video that's longer than 20 seconds without the upload limit being reached. Of course discord isn't a file hosting service, but 8 mb is laughable in 2020. I shouldn't have to go through a 15+ minute editing and cropping and compressing routine just to show my friends like, 50 seconds of something i'm recording on an iphone. ffs. 

  • Lottery248

    neon7 sure it does need to make money, but look at the price of Nitro (Classic) first. it is already 2020, the cost of storage has significantly decreased over last year. your speech of disagreement is equivalent to "free users are not entitled to suggest for more". if you think a better service should be paid "just because they need money", then it is harder to gather more when people don't know what is inside.

    while rejecting to enhance their basic service, there are simply less users.

  • Maroxy

    Agreed when i record a short 20 second video on pc it already reaches 2mb and on phone an 40 second video is 5mb


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