Potential improvements to Discords built in game detection


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  • Franz Renatus

    I've been running into the same exact issue with Synergy! It's nice to not be alone in this regard. (And for a MOD to be getting this type of treatment even.)


    A blacklist for paths or to clear a false-positive seems like exactly the sort of feature that should be easy to add in. We can customize what an app says already. Why can we just not...have it display? 

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  • Olezhka

    Guys, also just started using Synergy and noticed that if you rename the executable from synergy.exe to smth else (I used nostalgy.exe on Windows, just because it sounds similar, hah) - Discord drops it. 

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  • Saebri

    yes this. Please let us select which game we want to display if we have more than one game running.

    or let us blacklist a game so the wrong game doesnt keep showing. I want people to know what game im actually playing, not just decide to show the wrong game i have on in the background.

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