[FEATURE] Hiding Specific Roles


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  • Neon

    I'd suggest to make the following selectable, so you can choose:

    • Hide this role from all user popups and context menus (except for users who can assign roles)
    • Hide all users of this role from the channels user list
    • Can see hidden users

    This would help to reduce clutter if users have many roles (some may only be for one specific permission or even just color).
    Secondly, and more importantly, it would enable to have truly inivisble mods, bots or maintenance users for specific or all channels.

    The third option is necessary, so certain roles still can see hidden users. Otherwise only the server owner would (must) see them, which would be really unflexible.

  • Mochnant

    Hidden roles is very useful.  +1!

  • Fidoze

    I mean, for example:
    someone did something bad (break rule maybe) so we admins can tag him with hidden role as "bad guy" and he cant see it.

    And yeah, that one with moderator who doesnt want everyone to know too.

  • jedi3
    That makes sense, and would be useful.
  • MeadowLark

    This would defiantly be useful! I would be able to maybe hide the bots role so my server member list would look much cleaner. I would love this feature! Does discord even read these?

  • Zryanpower

    @discord plz add this

  • Blk07ShelbyGT

    I love this idea. It would be good for those who own popular game servers. Daily we are banning people who come in and go through the member list to send them either spam or they are trying to advertise to get members.

  • ThePenguinLord

    I've made a Werewolf Discord Server for my friends at school. This feature would be especially useful for things like making people the werewolves and the rest of the village couldn't see what they were.


  • davidkabom

    Yes. I've thought about this multiple times. A role which gives just specific permissions to a specific chat etc and not appear as being a "Staff role"

  • austin

    i +1 this, its a must needed feature for certain servers.

  • Levy

    +1 very needed for closed server who do not want to show any users.

  • ncode

    Any news on this?

  • Evil Morty

    it's awesome idea. it would be lovely to have option to hide role from specific users, rly useful. I wish discord devs do it, and I can't wait. sooner or later it will be probably a feature on discord.

  • Sbubby

    How did you make them? Im curious as i want to do so in one of my servers.

  • Acid_Burn9

    I need to hide test-twink on my server, while leaving for him all his permissions.

  • DeadInside

    I personally make 2 roles. One with normal user permissions. Then another with permissions for moderating (same color, same name etc. and just give them both the roles) make sure that the 2nd "mod" role doesn't have the uhm... the distinguish from other roles or whatever. I forget aha.

    but it's always an option :)

  • FrenzyPenguin

    Especially bots requiring administration rights are a pain in the butt as they show up in EVERY CHANNEL, even those it has nothing to do.

  • Jacinth the Cool

    Oh come on pls someone Take a look on this..or tell us why it wont be possible...


  • Blu

    I want to be able to hide my admin roles and bot roles from being visible to users as they hover over people. I want admins to be able to see hidden roles. 

    Another nice thing would be a permission for members of a hidden role to see other members with the same role. So, if I have a mods group, I want each mod to be able to realize they are looking at another mod. I don't want everyone else to see they are a mod though. 

  • meddlinkids

    Or be able to give people specific perms and control over roles. Basically hidden roles but you wouldn't have to deal with an unnecessary amount of roles being added.

  • FoxPulse

    Great idea, fully agree

  • Zacatero
    I like this idea
  • Tiger
    This would be such a great feature if discord added it
  • Exeat

    I want this to

  • Torbjörn

    Could be useful but in most cases you can limit per-user permissions by category and channel. Personally I have roles with vague descriptions if I want them to apply permissions secretly.

  • ||Jojo||
    I like the detailed suggestion by Neon!
  • PrivateersAlliance


  • Schwahn

    Gonna just add another voice alongside my upvote to please include this in a future update.

  • Spud
    I like this idea. It could be used if you just want a role to hoisted but not visible.
  • GrifGrif
    it's useful to hide Admins to detect Ads

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