A permission that allows user to bypass slowmode without delete others message permission


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  • Death Kitten ☣

    I def want the ability to control how slow mode affects different roles. Unless it's changed since I last looked at it, if I turn slow mode on in a channel, the only way to opt a role out of it is give them the manage messages permission. I have people I trust enough not to enforce slow mode on, but I don't want to also give them manage messages permission.

    For example? I have a small server. My @everyone permissions are pretty restrictive because I'm listed in a directory and put a permanent invite link on our website and twitter in an effort to gain more members... but I don't want to get raided. I would love to be able to put at least a little bit of a slow mode delay on that role, but I have a role that unlocks basic features like off-server emoji, changing nick, url preview, etc that I give once someone has talked enough to show us they're not here to raid us, and I would like to be able to turn slow mode off for those people.

  • Ethan Murdoc

    Great suggestion

  • Fyfe McAbel

    I defo need it, my server has a "ON THIN ICE" role and it'd be nice to give them a 20 min cooldown, so they can only make the occasional suggestion and not overwhelm the convos.

  • Miss Buzz

    I'd love this! In a server I moderate for, it's relatively small, but we have a couple of members that just can't resist
    Sending Messages
    Like this
    Sending it in one post, so it'd be super useful to help them calm down. Plus, to stop spams and raids, we have a role just for newbies that haven't been verified, so it'd be nice to include slowmode for them.

  • MeLlamanHokage
    This could be amazing for shutting down new user server spam
  • Leviathan

    This feature would be super helpful!

  • Nanami

    I support this and I believe it should be easy to implant
    Please add it discord! 

  • soulctcher

    How isn't this already a thing, Discord?

    +1 here.

  • Dãvid

    Already a thing, just need to give the role. Manage messages. 

  • Angius

    "just need to give the role. Manage messages"

    Ah, sure, let me give the permission to manage messages to a random role on my server, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Angius

    A necessary thing, IMHO.

    You could put @everyone under slow mode and add a role that has more permissions after 10-20 messages or so. Would make moderating brand new users much, much easier.

  • jemand2001

    i really want this. a server I'm in recently got much busier so the owner implemented slow mode in the general chat. it's set to 5 seconds but still so annoying that many older members (including me) asked for the ability to bypass it, which the owner has no problem in principle but it's currently not possible without a more powerful permission that normal members shouldn't have. I honestly don't get why that is, and I'd really like to keep my usual message style in that server. please add this, discord!

  • Desi

    Everyone would love this feature myself included. :)

  • Fire Phantom®

    Yes! vry nice 

  • xXSB101Xx

    This would actually be a really helpful feature, it's not desirable to have no way to not be affected by slowmode except if you actually are able to manage the channel itself. This would be a lot better to have if we want to have certain users unaffected by the slowmode, yet not have mod level perms.


  • Snake

    I would definitely appreciate this feature. For all the people saying "bots can do this", what bots have this feature?

    @Discord please implement this feature!

  • 🌜Luna🌛

    How the smeg is this over a year old and still not implemented?! This is such an obviously needed permission.

  • kieranthedev

    I would like this to go one step further, I would like the ability to add different slow modes to different roles, as well as have a permission to give immunity from it which you can give to any role.

  • [TMG]Vexbane

    1 year ago... was about to make a reddit post about this. 

    come on discord. people need this shit. and coding wouldnt even be that troublesome. its literally already in there. just apply it to a role. oh wait. it is. manage message....so split that code. and make it a new role. 


  • ScarVite

    would be amazing to have something like this

  • Alespren

    I really hope this is added. I want Boosters to be able to bypass any slow modes I have on the server without giving them the power to delete channels or manage messages.

  • Connorbrow

    It's been 2 years, please can this be added! :cry: 

  • !techdude1610

    I agree! Please add a perm for that!

  • Sarco (Irenus)

    I'm baffled that this wasn't already something that existed... I was sure it was

    Please please please please add this!!

  • Tarvu



    It would be a nice option, surprised it can't be made to work already without giving out admin powers.

  • +1 - not all roles need admin powers, but some do need to be able to avoid slow mode!

  • LasTimelord

    This isn't a want, this is a need. 

  • Crakzeno

    Really really want this, useful as a way of offering bonuses to prestige roles and good for larger servers as a moderation tool.

  • spin~

    yes, please add this discord! im in a large server and we have slowmode on very frequently. we have a level system and having the higher, more "trusted" members being able to bypass slowmode will be very helpful and a good benefit of being a long time server member

  • Rayz9989

    This is something we really need because it would be a great way to reward members who boost, or do anything else deserving of special perms, we might be able to allow them to have no slowmode in like advertisement channels. So this would be a great way to reward members without worrying about them breaking everything


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