Removing the locks on highest ranking roles.


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  • Purple_ Anachronism

    How do you add locks to roles

  • ケンジ

    You can't add locks, Discord adds them. What i'm trying to say is that if you have like the lowest role in the server you can't check the server settings unless that role gives you permission but if that role gives you permission you won't be abble to modify higher roles or give yourself those roles but you can give yourself roles and create rolesif of course that role allows you.

  • ExcessMana

    I think OP means:
    Remove locks from your highest role. 

    Being a super-admin or mega-mod (mod role made specifically for me) and i cant change my color for it, although on another server i managed it was possible. I think it's a setting somewhere but can't find it anywhere. Google led me here...

    EDIT: it looks like perms from that server changed too. I think Discord updated or something

    Resolution: Making mod/admin roles colorless and make color roles and it's done

  • Kiwis

    The whole purpose of that is so people can't just add ranks to them. Example:

    Wumpus is the Head Mod

    Wumpus wants to become admin.

    Wumpus adds himself as an admin.

    Wumpus destroys the server.

    That is what will happen, but in the current system, Wumpus needs to get someone higher than admin (usually owner) to add him to prevent this.


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