Overlay compatibility for macOS


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  • Harry

    Hamtaro some people don't want to upgrade to windows because they are fine with MacOSX

  • Senator

    I second this. Mac gaming is annoying enough, so I find not having features that Windows users have is just infuriating.

  • faedil

    We need overlay support for mac OS! It's been 6 months since your blog post about the overlay updates/new features. I realize us mac users are not as overwhelmingly common as windows users, but come on - macs are popular enough that it shouldn't take this long to give us overlay too.

  • Khrixuz

    Yeah, this feature would be really good to have!

  • texan78

    Agreed! Please allow Discord overlays for mac OS!

  • faedil

    Ramennoodle, since Discord fully supports Mac and iOS I don’t think it is unreasonable to think 6months is too long to wait for, at minimum, a beta overlay for Mac users. My other complaint is that they don’t mention the Mac incompatiblity issue until the very end of the blog post. So, they got their users all hyped up over a new feature that we can’t even use. Also, the lack of communication (even letting us know it was being worked on would be nice) makes a frustrating situation worse. You are right that the two systems are different enough to make cross-platform difficult BUT Mac computers have been pretty mainstream for awhile now. We shouldn’t need to wait this long for a feature implementation. My original post was 6 months after the original blog....now it’s been another 3.

  • faedil

    Also, I think adding extra features like the store or new things for mobile shouldn’t take precedence over giving an existing feature to Mac users.

  • Brightbrown

    I see this issue goes back at least 3 years. Sure they managed to get the app on iOS, but apparently we can suck wind on our computers. Think it’s patently obvious there is no plan or intention to get the overlay working on Macs. We’re apparently not even worthy of a mention as to any intent or why there isn’t even a desire or, god forbid, a plan... The GAME runs fine on Macs, all the add-in’s work fine, why not the overlay? I know Mumble had one working a while ago, so it can’t be that hard. Very disappointing and certainly makes me want to discourage the use of discord wherever I can.

  • noftaly

    I agree. I would love to also have the macOS overlay, and the discord team should, for the moment, focus on making features avalailble for everyone, instead of adding new features.

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Overlay for Mac OS, Yes please! Especially since eGPUs are now heavily supported with MAC OS, there should be absolutely no reason why Discord doesn't get on the ball and make this happen. Mac Gaming is becoming more of a thing than ever!

  • Assasingus14

    please add the overlay, it's been almost a year since the original request

  • Mainman_99

    So where are the old petitions/suggestions  for OSX Overlays?

    I know I signed one about 2 years ago.

    Removed and hope we forgotten??

  • Jasper

    "It has been a very long time since this has been addressed so the question is, is discord working on overlay for mac? and if so when are they expected to launch it?

  • Jupe

    I have a dream, that one day OS X will get Discord overlay!

  • Bail

    now that schools use discord for classes overlay would be even more appreciated... so we can play league instead of algebra 

  • Brightbrown

    I'd be glad to sign any petition along these lines although I seriously doubt it would have any impact. What I find galling is they don't just give us this typical line "Your market share is way too low for us to devote any resources to having too much parity with our M$ version." Thank god they have an "experimental" mode because without that, none of my choices for input or output work correctly. PLUS, as having a very heavy impact in the MMO game market, many find ourselves kinda forced into it... plus a LOT of support for third party enhancements to that genre of gaming has been slowly shifted over to Discord.

  • the.mando

    Has it been a year already and still no support with MacOS Overlay?

  • Parson

    I would also like to add a voice to the mac overlay request.

  • Eldritch_Press

    It is long overdue. My money smells the same as that of a windows user, yes?

  • xontik

    Hi, Mac & Windows user here, I'd love to have that feature on both platform 

  • Isaac

    A mac overlay would be very helpful for me and my friends.

  • MagePoweer

    I'm waiting for overlay in discord for Mac, just that... As a lot of peoples

    Plase I hope you think about that

  • cymru

    There definitely needs to be a Mac Overlay or there's no point in using discord ... seriously

  • Thaylen

    Please add overlay for MacOS! Or enable How many people need to request this for how many years until this is added?

    Most gamers that use Disc in large groups need this as a core feature, its integral to communication, so I can see quickly without being distracted by having to glance at a second screen to know who is speaking and lose focus.

  • dupablada

    Was looking for this as well. Bit annoying that the feature is missing I'm a wow player and had have beens since it was released all that time I've played on macOS without issue. Since most everyone has moved to discord it would be great to get this added. even an add-on that plugs into discord would do.

  • Norathryth / jsjessika


    Please add this for Mac.. I'd like to see who I'm talking to🙃 

  • ktbunny

    +1 this post

    The feature is really nice and Mac users would really appreciate it!

  • Phantom

    You know discordances developers it. would be nice to hear something...

  • Phantom

    Also, should we revive the petition and try to get enough signatures and show it to discord?


  • Woomitron

    I, not Giorno Giovanna, have a dream... and that's support for Mac Overlay.


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