Discord app should be on Amazons store!


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  • Nafryti

    For anyone interested, this worked for me on latest Fire OS, though i have installed many apps already, i have not tested Discord, but this is one way to do it.


    I have Amazon Fire HD 10 7th Gen

  • staticgerbil

    Hi there,

    Not sure if this will make it through, I've tried posting a couple of times but it never seems to go live.

    Similar to Nafryti's solution, I had success using applications like Aurora Store

    The reason I use something like that rather than sites like APK Mirror is that the tools are open source and directly pull apk files from the Google Play Store using the play store APIs, so I know my app is up to date and I can be (blindly) confident that nothing malicious is going on with anything I'm installing.
    You can also use Aurora anonymously (you don't have to setup or even have a Google account) to get free apps, however you will need to log in to get paid apps.

    Perhaps APK sites have ways to verify their downloads haven't been tampered with?  I'm not sure, not saying Aurora is better, just a similar solution which might fit some people better.

    Enjoy :)


    Looks like my other post did eventually go through, I watched it for a couple of weeks and gave up.  It was on a different thread though.

  • Nafryti

    @staticgerbil Alternatively, you can do as mentioned in my link above and grab the Play Store APK Installers (four in total) directly from Google and install them with a bit more knowhow of Linux CMD's.

    HOWEVER, after installing the Play Store this way, it prompts you to update it, and it does that on its own, so, now my apps update automatically.


    That being said, Discord is a bit wonkey on the FireOS, like, the pop ups for joining channels are anchored at the bottom in portrait mode, and if you're in landscape mode you'll never see them.  And there are graphical artifacts when navigating channels, otherwise, a Beta experience indeed.

  • Rimedra Veltziona

    I agree with Moonlight Capital, but they accepted netflix, and they have some rated R films. If they accepted netflix, they should accept Discord. Not to mention the fact that it would stop SOME rooters of the kindle fire which they also HATE.

  • Rimedra Veltziona

    Also, I forgot to mention, Fire OS is Android 5. It's lollipop. I've run discord on a fire 7 5th gen kids edition and it works perfectly. Some call problems since the tablet isn't built for VOIP and VOIP calls make some androids overheat (fellow Galaxy S9+ owners beware!). It would be insanely easy to port discord to Fire OS as the APK file can be read and installed on it's clone-counterpart android. The only problem is Amazon. If they don't like it then fire owners are out of luck and doomed to use an APK that is not optimized for their system, but still never the less WORKS.


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