Please add "add ownership" to the option "transfer ownership"


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  • enkiel
    I personally see no reason for server co-ownership. Just use admin priviledges. Stuff locked behind the server owner 'role' has a good reason to be locked behind it
  • Twilight Sparkle

    enkiel has a point, Someone has to be responsible of the server and it might as well be a single person


  • JumpSuit
    I see this being useful to an extent, especially if a Verified Game Studio would like more overall control with certain more staff accessing Discord Owner Capabilities more widely for more than one person. Entity wise anyway this would prove VERY useful.
  • Hellcat007

    This would really help in my situation with a close friend and we’re both managing a server.

    It’s not quite fair that all you can do so far is add a “Co-Owner” role because in the end, it’s just another role and still one owner.

    If you want to make (a) co-owner(s) feel somewhat higher than any roles would be to implement an “Add a co-owner” option to “Transfer Ownership”.

  • Mr Minecraft

    That would be very good

  • Snaipe

    Not having this caused massive headaches for our server where the effective admins could not change their own permissions or the ranking of bot roles above them.

  • Emily
  • Error'41


  • Adqm


  • Nour Halawa

    Good idea , yes!

  • DzikaKielbasa

    You lost me at owner and Co Owner but 'an additional layer of security' sounds good 

  • Meowonnis

    Just yes. Yes and yes. We need this! As long as there is a confirmation thing for deleting the server.

  • Spack_YT

    As one of the fellow answerers stated... You could add 2fa to your account and server and the main owner if he wants to enable it he must add a 2fa password...

    Another thing... You could have layers of owners.. example: { Server owner, council owner, (community manager) e.t.c.}

  • Tropy

    Hello, Discord is not adding that feature, Because many people can abuse it etc... Also its very bad for proxy server to have 2 people as foundators/founders.


    this would be amazing! please add this.


  • cark

    Some huge servers and partnered servers have multiple owners, would be really cool for it to be an actual feature. This is pretty much this topic though


  • craftmygames

    Oh, I suppose you're going for something like this... and then they could either do one of the options

    Resign Ownership is

    Delete Server is

    And to grant other people ownership is

    I'm pretty sure this is what you are trying to do.

  • EpicPix

    discord go for it!

  • Sklaxtik

    iiELiTeRBX this is exactly what I'm going for

  • craftmygames


  • Aquila

    Also to give them ability to apply for discord-partner (since only the server owner can do that atm).

  • Derrios
    Very good idea, it is not uncommon to see co-owners create another account to share the crown. This often creates stories from elsewhere...
  • DoubleCool

    No. You only can send your ownership to another person. If you want to make role with the same permissions, just make two adm-roles and give to other person role, that is prioritized above. It will give him all permissions on the server (including adding and removing admins). But noone another (excluding you) can't take from him adm-role, add or remove another admins.

  • hiimmilan

    I Agree. This shuld be a feature

  • I also support this idea. If you don't like the idea, then you don't have to use the feature, its that easy. It irritating when you help create a group, help grow the population, and then because of a disagreement you get kicked from the group. Having two owners would prevent premature kicking, and make owners work out disagreements.

  • Kuraiai

    This would be a very nice feature my best friend and I use a server to keep track of so many different stories and the ideas that go with them keeps them organized it's just us and we use roles for fun little thing but because i'm the owner they can't give me any roles which kinda takes some of the fun out of it so if they we're co-owner and could do that and have all the power I have would be awesome

  • brittgull

    I think that multi ownership should be available if you have the needs for it. There are different ways you can handle how owners are beeing assigned and also removed. Like if you are in a board you need votes to get some things through. Same thing should be on discord. If you have more then one owner you need the other members approval and you need the majority of the votes.


    Last night our discord got deleted cause of a childish move of the discord owner since he didn't want to transfer his ownership to the new guild master (world of warcraft). I think this happens all over, how frequiently I don't know.


    If this feature would have been there we wouldn't have this issue right now. Creating and setting up a new discord is not that much of a work but it takes time. Also what if we would have payed for some boosts? All that would have been gone. I'm almost 100% sure we could have gotten those things back after opening a case with Discord support but still. Much more work then have to be done!

  • DriftTheCat

    100% agree. This would solve far more problems than it would cause.
    The amount of owners a server may have could be based on a curved falloff percentage of how many members said server has. Something like 1-2 Members = 100%, 2-10 = 75%, 11-25 = 50%, 26-50 = 33%, 51-75 = 25%, 76-99 = 15%, >100 = 10% (so 10 possible Owners in a 100 member server), etc.
    The amount of server owners a server could have may also tie into how many Boosts said server has somehow.

  • Sparky

    Me and my Friends have a Server with over 100 members. We are 3 people who are the owners, but when I want to use Bots that are strictly meant to be used by the "Real Owner", it frustrates us so much. There are multiple other things that are not possible without having the Ownership badge. Please add this feature.

    Edit : Also there are many Servers out their owned by more than one person and also they should add the ability to apply for verification and partner.

  • XjeaxaxX

    For all the people who say there should only be one owner, and things locked behind "ownership" are locked for a reason.... what happens when an owner dies?

    If there are no co-owners... the top level roles cannot be adjusted / added to, etc.  Having co-owners can really help in the event of unexpected (real world) death.


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