Please add "add ownership" to the option "transfer ownership"


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  • EpicPix

    discord go for it!

  • Aquila

    Also to give them ability to apply for discord-partner (since only the server owner can do that atm).

  • Derrios
    Very good idea, it is not uncommon to see co-owners create another account to share the crown. This often creates stories from elsewhere...
  • HiImMilan

    I Agree. This shuld be a feature

  • dweller

    This is a really smart idea, because unless you use better discord there is no way to tell admins apart, also I like the crown idea, I always struggle with multiple owners

  • hasankayra04

    that would be nice

  • Philip™
    That would be great!
  • JumpSuit
    I see this being useful to an extent, especially if a Verified Game Studio would like more overall control with certain more staff accessing Discord Owner Capabilities more widely for more than one person. Entity wise anyway this would prove VERY useful.
  • Hellcat007

    This would really help in my situation with a close friend and we’re both managing a server.

    It’s not quite fair that all you can do so far is add a “Co-Owner” role because in the end, it’s just another role and still one owner.

    If you want to make (a) co-owner(s) feel somewhat higher than any roles would be to implement an “Add a co-owner” option to “Transfer Ownership”.

  • Mr Minecraft

    That would be very good

  • Snaipe

    Not having this caused massive headaches for our server where the effective admins could not change their own permissions or the ranking of bot roles above them.

  • craftmygames

    Oh, I suppose you're going for something like this... and then they could either do one of the options

    Resign Ownership is

    Delete Server is

    And to grant other people ownership is

    I'm pretty sure this is what you are trying to do.

  • Sklaxtik

    iiELiTeRBX this is exactly what I'm going for

  • DriftTheCat

    100% agree. This would solve far more problems than it would cause.
    The amount of owners a server may have could be based on a curved falloff percentage of how many members said server has. Something like 1-2 Members = 100%, 2-10 = 75%, 11-25 = 50%, 26-50 = 33%, 51-75 = 25%, 76-99 = 15%, >100 = 10% (so 10 possible Owners in a 100 member server), etc.
    The amount of server owners a server could have may also tie into how many Boosts said server has somehow.

  • Sparky

    Me and my Friends have a Server with over 100 members. We are 3 people who are the owners, but when I want to use Bots that are strictly meant to be used by the "Real Owner", it frustrates us so much. There are multiple other things that are not possible without having the Ownership badge. Please add this feature.

    Edit : Also there are many Servers out their owned by more than one person and also they should add the ability to apply for verification and partner.

  • SandersXL

    As an admin trying to help a new owner with bots and such, this should absolutely be a feature!

  • SilentOne

    Or incase an event occurs where the owner can nolonger be reached or even deleted their discord having someone that can "take over" that the "Owner" has pre-authorized... Ideally a hidden administator role at the top of the roles accomplishes this well but it'd be nice to see something akin to a "Co-Owner" flag the "Owner" sets that can inherit Owner status after a length of Owner not signed on/inactive *ie 90+days or Owner account deletion.

    This could even potentially be used to have a single ghost admin/owner/silent partner as others have requested (other topics) for better moderation and a failsafe backup owner in active/large communities.

    I know this is like asking for linux to have multiple Root accounts ie* by design not intended nor logical and even may possibly add a potential security risk however making it an implicit action like how you already transfer ownership in order to add the status/flag to their account should make it a risk the owner chooses and imposes of their own accord to someone they implicitly trust...

  • Karlos


    Ownership being tied to one person is fine in smaller communities, but for more organized groups it's a real problem if the Discord suddenly loses contact with the owner and can force people to abandon a server to create a new one, which wouldn't be ideal.

    I think this feature would be very welcome.

  • Unaco

    Multiple ownership would be an absolut bless for democratic communities, it would be really cool to have this feature !!

    It is really a problem when we have to give the ownership to a common account instead of being able to use our own account as owner :( The idea of vote in case someone wants to delete the server is also really cool and it could be great to have the same system when someone is add to ownership

  • Ben!
    what would they be able to do that they couldn’t do with Administrator?
  • TheCac


    Forgot to include importnant tihnfs


  • Potzerus

    what is impossible to do with a top level co owner role that would be possible with this feature?

  • craftmygames


  • Stivens

    I agree, add this feature! If you don't like this feature, just don't use it. Period.

  • getstoopid

    Second this request too - as it seems an admin is not able to give admin permissions to other people.

    So an admin is not even technically the same as an owner.

  • andreyrd

    we need dis

  • fapret

    cmon discord, ADD THIS!

  • JasonAHobson

    what is the status, even just a is it being considered by the discord devs would be helpful. I personally am editing roles on a server i am helping to create before adding people in it and cant do anything because i am not owner even though i created the server and passed over the ownership role to another developer. please this would really help


  • Differ

    This needs to be added.

  • DocHoliday

    This should 100% be added as a feature. I am a co-owner of a discord with 3000+ members and a massive community that produces money. But at any time, the owner of the discord could nuke it or kick me from it without warning or anything I can do despite being the co-owner. Many other discord servers are in this situation too. Multi-person ownership works as a check and balance so that one person doesn't dictate what happens to a community other people have built too. The system as is, is just a system that creates animosity and distrust when you're talking super-sized communities with massive followings and real money involved. 


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