Please add "add ownership" to the option "transfer ownership"


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  • MatizZ

    Add this feature that will be useful

  • Epignosis21

    I think there are a lot of practical use cases for this when 2 (or more) people have partnered to create a server (especially community servers) and have decided to have equal "say" in the server. Both people should have the same rights and protections and not just the person who happened to create the server.

    Can anyone from Discord comment on the likelihood this may be included in some future update?

  • Spack_YT

    As one of the fellow answerers stated... You could add 2fa to your account and server and the main owner if he wants to enable it he must add a 2fa password...

    Another thing... You could have layers of owners.. example: { Server owner, council owner, (community manager) e.t.c.}

  • Multiple ownership is a good and a bad ideea. Good ideea because if you are going somewhere and you can't access discord and you need a owner to solve problems in server, you will have one, two, I don't know how many you want. But the bad ideea is that you won't be able to remove it's owner (probably) and if it's owner and he/she doesn't like you, they may delete your server.
  • Twilight Sparkle

    enkiel has a point, Someone has to be responsible of the server and it might as well be a single person


  • Emily
  • Tropy

    Hello, Discord is not adding that feature, Because many people can abuse it etc... Also its very bad for proxy server to have 2 people as foundators/founders.

  • DoubleCool

    No. You only can send your ownership to another person. If you want to make role with the same permissions, just make two adm-roles and give to other person role, that is prioritized above. It will give him all permissions on the server (including adding and removing admins). But noone another (excluding you) can't take from him adm-role, add or remove another admins.

  • enkiel
    I personally see no reason for server co-ownership. Just use admin priviledges. Stuff locked behind the server owner 'role' has a good reason to be locked behind it

    I know where you are coming from, but admin roles are fine in my opnion. :)

  • Da Bald Eagul

    give other owners all the permissions in existance with a role, and its the same as being a owner.


    transer of ownership already exists.

  • kyoko

    you can add bots if you have the "manage server" permission or the "administrator" permission. Also two people shouldn't be the OWNER. the owner bypasses everything and can't be banned no matter what. if your friend doesn't use it much, he can either transfer ownership to you or tick the "administrator" permission on your role.

  • Alexandra ×

    Only one account can be the owner. Multiple owners don't make sense in terms of hierachy. Consider making a new account which both of the owners have access to, and make that account the owner. The Coding Den has done it like that.


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