Add an option to copy someone's DiscordTag


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  • Permanently deleted user
    You can on mobile (android, idk about ios), click on a user's name, and it will automatically mention them in your message. You could copy it there from your keyboard then. On desktop, you can right click a user, right under profile, you should see Mention. You can click on that, and then copy it. That is close to what you are asking. If I read your suggestion right.
  • Alex1304

    Yeah but for this to work you need to find a message in chat sent by the person before tapping Mention. With a native copy option, as long as you find his profile in Member list or in Friend list for example, you can copy the tag. And note that this suggestion is posted on Mobile section. On Desktop you can just highlight the DiscordTag with your mouse and do Ctrl+C.


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