Discord needs a LITE version!


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  • Jon Grah

    Does discord use user's computers as "nodes"? Where it shares the user's computing power with other users?  This is the only rational explanation for the bloat that i can come up with.

  • Haywire

    Yes please. I just uninstalled Discord from my computer cause it makes every game I play lag a bit, and make all voices robotic and impossible to understand.

  • aidan
  • naphy

    Yes, I need it!

  • rad

    THIS. RAM usage ir annoying

  • Unactive

    This isn't possible with the way Discord works. Discord is built with Electron, they sacrifice CPU and RAM in order to have a consistent app on browser, Linux, Mac, Windows... emulating the whole chromium.

    Also, "This would be good for people that just uses discord to do calls, chat, and get news from their favourite discord servers." this is literally the most "expensive" parts of Discord, developers aren't magicians.

    At least not all of them.

  • BigO

    Compare discord and telegram.
    Tg client uses 10x less Ram and much less Cpu time.

    So yeah, we need discord lite!

  • Yes, it will be great for Low end pc or Laptop device someone doesnt have much money to upgrade his pc.

  • Nun (눈)

     I'd love to get one, it was so great to use when it was new on the market. Was pretty simple and direct, barely used any RAM so I instantly swapped to it from my old Skype. As the time passed it got so many new stuff, of course it is awesome and great and it works fine but for a second plan software isn't worth for me, even though I don't use any of it, dispite it being optional it still made the soft runs slow, I have friends that need to close discord and use in-game voice-chat cuz of FPS problems :/ 

  • Lemaaa
    just a button for disable animation can be cool
  • Carocrazy132

    I came here from https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360032332111-Discord-LITE where discord staff were very assuring, as on here, that discord NEEDS to use the amount of RAM it's using. That is just not true. 

    See here 


    Discord is using 475,688K RAM, as much as a last-generation 3D game. I'm not in a voice or video call, discord is pulled up to an inactive chat I was having with someone yesterday. That's way too much, discord sitting idle should not be the most memory intensive program on my computer. Please focus on resolving the memory usage in discord, for now i'm going to have to close discord whenever I'm doing something memory intensive.

  • thetechguy
    just use your browser
  • Atomic

    Good idea, upvote

  • Dojnaz

    Or call it a performance saver or something, because discord is not at all just for gaming

  • Thebuzting

    Yes please a lite version

  • acrisis 🇧🇪

    Just checked on my laptop ... discord = 599 MB of RAM ?! 

    No chats, no game, no extra app goodies, nada ...

    For the a modern version of MIRC back in the day, where you can click servers, hop into channels, ... and it is one TEXT channel at a time, with maybe one or two pictures in the view port at a time.

    Why is this taking so much RAM? 

  • Batlh

    same for me i didn't do anything but discord uses alone 800mb of ram.
    i disabled now the game activity tab and the feed just to get a smoother experience....
    also why discord not use a 64 bit client is still out of my mind -.-*

  • Yaixs

    actually discord has some minimal requirements and i dont think very low end pcs can run it so idk

  • zt

    Personally, I NEED this feature, I dev bots, but I use a Raspberry Pi, so I need a small program that allows me to use Discord without taking 10 minutes to load.

  • Cypher

    If discord wants to rise funds for keeping up the servers we gladly watch the ad for it but if its gonna ruin our gaming and make it lag then... at least make a pro version so we could buy or a lite version so we could play without lags

  • GeneX

    Good idea.

  • ☩☩ÖLÜM☩☩

    Its a really good idea, i like it.

  • Ghostwolf
    It would be awesome to have this feature!
  • Ironman

    Please, i had to uninstall Discord and use Discord on google chrome or any browser
    because i can't use browser with having discord running in background
    CPU reachs 70% and my CPU Fan starts screaming

  • Erika Asuna

    I pretty much run Discord on the browser, Discord was turned into bloatware the moment they started adding all that store nonsense.

    I doubt they care and will ever release a light version.

  • Nun (눈)

    Same here, I just launch the desktop version whenever I need to get into a call, sadly all my friends keep using it. 
    Pretty sad, used to be an amazing software since it was really light to run and more comfy than teamspeak for example.

  • Wolfie

    I want one too There is sooooo much garbage this app does not need.

  • Ilaks

    I have bad PC and i need LITE Discord!!!

  • Vanacutt

    I have a dual core processor, and noticed that in mid 2018 discord started to consume more resources, and I barely hear what the people are talking.
    Discord definitely needs a LITE version.

  • Pentaly

    i definitely need this, my laptop only have a dual core cpu and discord took almost 30% cpu usage when connected to a voice channel


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