Bulk Order Nitro Gifts


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  • Xenthys


    Communities benefit from this feature a lot, yet it's still a hassle if you want to do a large giveaway.

  • PewDiePie

    I agree

  • Tyler_Law

    Same,because it is obviously stupid to get terminated while buying a lot of nitro gifts for giveaways, i respect that discord thinks that a hacker might be using the account but there has to be something done on this

  • AliimranD.

    İ Agree.

  • [J]ackSparrow

    I agree

  • TheRacerYouNeed

    yes, I agreeeeee

  • HecklerCorleone


  • I agree

  • NotUldyn

    I agree

  • Dojnaz

    Not only would this save time for the users, but it would also benefit Discord. They pay less transaction fees to PayPal

  • Chr0meiCe2

    This needs to be implemented... I spend THOUSANDS of dollars on stupid single "nitro classic" transactions and manually copying and pasting codes for ZERO reason... this SUCKS for various reasons...

    1) bank sees repeat transactions as fraud sometimes...

    2) no way to just get a bulk text file with ALL the codes generated at ONCE

    3) I need to click ONE button and get all the codes for 100 Nitro classics or whatever at once, should be easy...

    I am a software engineer for 20+ years, and this is so frustrating I am debating writing my own program in C to automate clicking the buttons in the Discord app with WinAPI to do everything for me LMAO..  I can't stand wasting hours a day manually clicking and copying and pasting to do stuff that should take 10 seconds...

    Please fix this... it should be possible to bulk purchase a huge amount of nitro codes for both types of nitro and auto generate all the codes into a nice spreadsheet or text file for easy copying and pasting... If you are worried about fraud or something, only let the person do it if they have 2 factor auth enabled on the account..

    -Avery Tarasov

    Senior Mgr, Security Engineering & Threat Ops


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