A /roll command.


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  • M3rlin
    There are bots that can do this for you!
  • CptTwinkie

    /roll would be perfect

    bots are not helpful at all in DM's and on other servers. Being able to just type "/roll 1d20+2" and get "1d20 + 2 = 12" would be the special sauce that completes my chat burger.

  • Wozla

    This isn't a feature with a general purpose. You can get this with bots.

  • 9610

    It would be very handy to be able to do this in DMs and is really fairly general purpose.

  • devnuhl

    It's general enough purpose that most messaging platforms support it, and when you use discord and find (or forget) it's not present, it can be frustrating.

    One could also argue that many of the things that result in bots may be better suited as built-in functionality, especially when it is very specific and simple functionality.

    You shouldn't need to rely on a bot's network connection to get a random result that is readily shared with a channel/individual.

  • NatSock

    There are a million uses for /roll

    Rolling for waifus
    Playing tabletop games
    Playing Farkle
    Settling disputes in an impartial manner
    It’s just fun to roll dice

  • Aokuang

    I second this. /roll in DMs would be great.

  • ShooShoSha

    Although I'd like it for a specific purpose for rolling multi-sided dice, I believe there's an innate human desire to roll dice. It's one of those social ways we can handle disputes or pass the time. Sometimes we just compete over anything and there's this desire to use luck as the impartial arbiter.

    Plus it's fun. IRL I carry a set of dice with me almost always. I'll find myself inadvertently rolling or spinning a die. I've even let a die roll decide lunch and other inconsequential decisions.

  • Simone


    Dude, this is DISCORD we're talkin' about.


    Excuse the serious bump, but /roll would be awesome.

  • Revil

    +1 /roll would be REALLY awewome

  • kaosaxis

    UM why is this already not a thing!!!

    Discord get this put in!


    /roll 100

    /roll 1000

    /roll 2019

  • Sheepie

    Sorry for the bump but I still think it would be really useful. I just tried to find the /roll command and was pretty sad that there wasn't one. 

  • Pholco Mereprine

    are you serious ?
    I am on discord for 5 days and I already found DICEGOLEM, DICE, DICEMAIDEN et DICESPARSER.

    just google it.


  • Sheepie

    Y u heff to be mad?

    I wasn't talking about a dice rolling bot. I wanted to use a roll command in a DM. I don't feel like I should have to use a bot for rolling a dice. Even a coin flip command would be nice.

    I mean I would like /roll, is that so wrong? :p

  • 9610

    You have either misunderstood the request or how Discord works, Pholco, and responded with misplaced rudeness.  Those are all bot commands, which are not the same as Discord commands.

  • Ricardo Paixão

    I also agree. Even with the bots, its not possible to roll on a video chat. Its such a simple feature that a Dev could implement it in a day or two.
    I find it disturbing that its not already there from the start

  • NYPD

    yoooo /roll came out


  • CptTwinkie

    It's not available for me. Are you sure it's not a bot you're rolling with?

  • NYPD


  • MrXarous


    I am on the build from March 10th and don't see a changelog since. Maybe your server has a bot or Better Discord type addon?

  • Asmo

    It was added to Canary for about a day before being removed again

  • Pospesel

    Bumping this because it's somehow still not there. I'm a GM that could really benefit from this in DMs.

  • Anders Molin

    Bumping and adding my vote to the request for a basic dice roller command outside of bots.

  • daniel.langey

    I'm a new DM, but have been in servers that use bots. I would definitely prefer a /roll command and I'm sure the others in those servers would, too. Bots makes it so you have to know all the different formulas depending on the server you're in. It also means you need a server to even roll at all when you could simply be playing a roleplaying game with 1 other friend.
    It also could make Discord more of the ideal spot for online roleplaying than it already is. I've seen apps with random number generators for no reason. This is something calculated with purpose. Maybe keep it simple so users will need to get bots for complex commands for, say, warhammer (vs D&D). Discord allows bots to stay and we simple DMs get /roll.

  • theoreticalfunk

    We've had Covid for eight months now.  We're approaching winter.  Things are going to get extra dark for people mentally very soon.  Being able to easily organize a board game night over Discord would be very beneficial and a built in /roll function would help folks out who may not understand how to implement a bot.  Please consider this.


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