Making old direct messages accessible


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    100% speaking for me here. I would go further and say we should have organizers in the search thing so that we can find dms we have previously had, vs dms we have yet to open, as the search function displays literally anyone in any server you can talk to.

  • Vinsionary

    Dude, I closed this DM long ago and I wanted to peruse the messages again now, but I forgot the person's ID, never friended them and by now we're no longer server mutuals! This is beyond frustrating!!

    I know the DMs are safekept in there somewhere, I know they can be accessed, I just want the means to actually open that DM again!

    At least let me search individual direct messages through keywords or something, IDK

  • Lodorf

    God i really need something like that, after talking to half the people i see on discord it's impossible to go back to ones that I haven't friended but talked a lot in a short span of time and even got to know a lot, i want to say hi to them and ask how they've been, but they've changed their name and i don't have their ID

  • Esci

    One of my friends completely disappeared from discord and ive been trying to find the messages

    its very frustration not being able to reopen closed DMs

  • KaydeeBug

    Yessss, we need something to fix this problem

  • Gabrielius K

    Same We need to fix this

  • candytrip-Kurt

    Internal messages

  • eZo

    Something has to be done about this

  • Hawk

    the fact that we can't access old DMs like this is shamefully ridiculous. that said, given Discords track record, I can't say I'm surprised. for real this feature would be greatly appreciated.

  • Delta-kun

    Hear Hear. Maybe like a list of all the people you've sent DM's to?

  • Delta-kun

    Especially since usernames change,

  • I would indeed benifit from a similar feature.

  • Camel

    Totally helpful. I just needed it right now. Make a way to access your old messages guys!

  • MikeDesign

    Yes. I need this.

  • Andres Rojas S

    I'm new to discord and I'm actually surprised there isn't already a way to do that. That's one of the main features a social network should have.

  • Volksgrenadier

    ive been trying to find a converstion i had with a guy by the end of 2019, i was not friends with him, its impossible.

  • FoggyBM

    Bro that sucks, a friend group that I was in all split up and I wanna get back in touch yk. This is bullshit that you cant do that

  • Ekin

    This is a major issue. As a community manager it is so frustrating that you lose old dm conversations with members. Please fix this.


  • kuzyn

    I hope that somebody from Discord team will check this out.


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