Do not grant the Mention Everyone permission to the everyone role by default when you first create a server


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  • InsideDev

    Yes, But the problem is Alfie; is that not everyone remembers to do that or knows how to disable @everyone in permissions.

  • index.ts

    Do you mean automatically enabled or disabled?

  • Frosty
    Isn't it possible ?
  • Everyone permission is off by default.
  • DownhillSign911

    I like the @everyone permission.


  • joshm

    I don't mean disable it, DownhillSign911 - I mean make it so that not everyone has the Mention Everyone permission on by default when a server is created.

  • Izzy

    Yes, I think having it toggled off by default is a great idea! As well as, when making new channels, have it off by default. There was a problem just recently in a server I'm in where they created a new channel and forgot to turn it off. Was discovered and abused with over 20 @everyone pings within the hour in a massive server. :P

  • Ronj

    Not agreeing to rules won't give you permission to our discord server. HOW? where Do  click?

  • Stuttero
    You could just disable it manually and double-check all permissions before opening a server up to the public...

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