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  • VictorGamerLOL_YT


  • chloroform chloe

    Discord is a chat app for gamers, mostly for gaming. Most PCs are for gaming, so I'm gonna out-right say a majority of the users on Discord will be using PC. And keep in mind mobile has more hardware limitations and UI edits that need to be accounted for to maintain stability. Discord cannot just add something in ezpz.

  • Snowstud Drenciouz

    Well, atleast for minor but stressful problems as emojis management. Honestly, it's a hell of an time to do it manually (Setting the Google to desktop ver) and the lag to do it is awful.

  • end intersex surgery
    you can change your tag in the latest android update and can also manage emoji (note: as far as I know only android has this)
  • Spud
    for bots you can just use the dev portal and the other things can be changed in the settings. i don't see this feature is needed.
  • ByIkersGames

    No es justo que los de PC sean más avanzados que los de mobil, ¡ Si queremos igualdad, en Discord también!

  • Psyco

    Like 2 years and this Is not on mobile


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